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Tama Tonga Addresses The Elite Leaving NJPW, Says He’s Locked Into NJPW for a Long Time

February 12, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
NJPW Tama Tonga

WrestlingInc.com recently interviewed Tama Tonga for its podcast. Below are some highlights from the interview

Tama Tonga on what it’s like for the Bullet Club without the Elite stars: “It’s the same as before as they weren’t really here much before. They showed up pretty much not on an everyday basis unlike me, my brother and father. We’re on every tour, every month. They come in sporadically. Guys leave and we just fill the spot and move forward.”

Tama Tonga on how they had an idea the Elite talent would be leaving: “We kinda knew ever since All In – we just kinda had an idea. We knew their contracts were up and The Bucks are business guys. Cody’s a smart guy and they like things on their own terms.”

Tonga on being locked in with NJPW: “No, no. I’m locked here in New Japan for a very long time. I see there’s two common denominators in all eras of Bullet Club. That’s Fale and I. They call us the heart and soul of Bullet Club. We keep it pumping, bring in guys that The Club needs and unselfishly step aside to make this whole thing work.”

Tonga on being a pillar of the Bullet Club: “I’m a good… support system. There you go! You gotta know your strengths and I think of myself as a pillar that holds this all up.”