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Tama Tonga Discusses WWE Talents He’d Like to Join the Bullet Club, Says The Revival Has Piqued Their Interest

February 5, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
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WrestlingInc.com recently interviewed NJPW talent Tama Tonga for its podcast. During the interview, Tama Tonga talked about WWE talents he’d like to join the Bullet Club. He mentioned The Revival by name and said the team had “piqued an interest.” As previously reported, The Revival are rumored to have asked for their releases from WWE. The rumor was even referenced on last night’s edition of Raw. Below are some highlights from WrestlingInc.

Tama Tonga on if there are any WWE talents he wants to join the Bullet Club: “There’s a lot of talent, especially ones making a splash. Guys are wanting to leave certain companies… The Revival – those guys have piqued an interest. Those guys are great workers and I always watch their stuff… There’s a lot of indie promotions we look at, especially in Australia and England. But that’s pretty much under wraps for now.”

Tama Tonga on wrestlers having options: “I think the market is a good time for guys to grab work elsewhere. You can get more eyes on you maybe… Guys are thinking there’s maybe greener pastures out there. So, there’s options. It makes wrestlers think, ‘Hey, if I’m not being utilized here, then I can go out and be utilized somewhere else.'”

Tama Tonga on sending messages to former Bullet Club members: “I’ve sent messages to [AJ Styles and Finn Balor]. I’ve sent messages to Karl, Doc Gallows. Those are our friends. Those are our brothers. We see what they’re doing and we wish them well. Always love there.”

Tama Tonga on why WWE never tried to make their own Bullet Club faction: “I don’t know. They tried a couple of times with The Club thing. Did it go over well? I wasn’t paying attention at that time. Maybe they don’t wanna go back to something that was done before, especially somewhere else. From my understanding, WWE likes to do things on their own.”