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Tama Tonga Says Bullet Club Block Party Isn’t a WrestleMania Invasion

March 8, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
NJPW Tama Tonga

– Tama Tonga spoke with Sports Illustrated for a new interview promoting the NJPW/ROH G1 Supercard and Bullet Club Block Party. Highlights are below:

On the Bullet Club rebuilding following the Elite’s departure: “We always rebound bigger and badder than before. Jay White is our new guy, and we have now entered a new era, the ‘Cut Throat Era.’ When Devitt [Finn Balor] left, they said we were dead. When AJ, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson left, they said we were dead. When The Elite left, they said we were dead again—but we keep proving everyone wrong.”

On working Madison Square Garden: “This is monumental, this is a dream come true. I had two places in mind set as my goals when I started wrestling; one was Tokyo Dome and the other was Madison Square Garden. We’re hitting new ground with New Japan. We’re hitting uncharted ground, and I’m just super proud of how I started in New Japan and where we are today.”

On being a Bullet Club original along with Bad Luck Fale: “Fale and I are the whole heart and soul of Bullet Club. We’re the glue keeping this all together, helping everybody understand what the hell Bullet Club is.”

On taking place right near WrestleMania: “We came up with the concept [of the Bullet Club Block Party] last summer, and since we’re having the show at Madison Square Garden, this is the perfect time to give something back to the fans who have been riding with us. Jimmy’s Seafood has been a big supporter of Bullet Club, and that’s why I’m always rocking their gear. We’ve seen what [Jimmy’s Seafood owner] John Minadakis has done with the NFL tailgating, and this is going to be perfect. We’re only a block away from WrestleMania, but this ain’t no invasion. We’re paying our respect, having some fun. This is all legit, we ain’t trying to cross no lines.”