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Tama Tonga Says The Good Brothers Can No Longer Lay Claim to Bullet Club, Doesn’t Care If They Use ‘Too Sweet’

January 20, 2021 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Bullet Club AEW Dynamite Kenny Omega, The Elite Good Brothers Young Bucks

– During a recent edition of Tama’s Island, NJPW wrestler Tama discussed former Bullet Club member Kenny Omega teaming with other former members The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows) at Impact Wrestling Hard to Kill. As previously noted, Omega wore a Bullet Club shirt during his entrance for the match. Below are some highlights (via Fightful).

Tama Tonga on Gallows and Anderson not having any say in the Bullet Club anymore: “I’m gonna correct everybody that’s been saying, ‘He’s an OG, he still has say.’ Are ya’ll f***ing crazy? You haven’t been in the group for five years. You’ve gone on to ‘greener pastures.’ You don’t have no say in Bullet Club. You no longer claim Bullet Club. You were OC, Bullet Group, Bullet Brigade, Bullet Nobody Cares. How many times you gonna try? It’s not gonna work. I don’t care if you’re an OG. Prince Devitt [Finn Balor] has no say, AJ Styles has no say. Kenny Omega damn sure ain’t got no motherf***in’ say in nothing.”

His thoughts on Omega, Young Bucks, and Good Brothers using the “Too Sweet” gesture and AEW filing for a trademark on it: “‘The Too Sweet heard round the world,’ f*** all that nonsense. It’s wack, we’ve done moved on. I don’t care. We’re not using Too Sweet. By all means, take it. I would get the company to come in and cease and desist ya’ll, but I ain’t no snitch.”