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Tammy Sytch Argues With Fans & Jordynne Grace Over Calling Rioters ‘Animals’

June 3, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Sunny Tammy Sytch

WWE Hall of Famer Tammy Sytch is at it again, arguing with fans (and with Jordynne Grace) on Twitter — this time over riots and racism. Sytch garnered criticism online after she posted a picture (now deleted) of rioters, predominently black, and calling them “animals.” The post levied accusations of racism and Sytch began arguing back that she wasn’t specifically referring to black looters and rioters, but looters in general.

Among the gems she posted as she went back and forth with fans was the assertion that she’s not a criminal because “A DUI doesn’t make you a criminal,” teasing the use of the N-word in rebuttal to someone insulting her, and later admitting that she’s only responding because “I’m bored” and “they get worked up so easy.”

Eventually Jordynne Grace chimed in, saying, “In a world full of Sunnys, be a Kevin Nash” in reference to the fact that Nash often addresses and speaks out about injustice. That started a back and forth with Sytch in which Grace, while defending Sytch’s sex work such as her OnlyFans account and cam work, saying, “Okay to be fair, we don’t shame sex workers. Shame the racist part.” Sytch then began to unload on Grace, taking shots at Impact and calling Grace a “short, fat, ugly non-knockout” which even got Noelle Foley involved.

Since the spat, Sytch appears to have taken her Twitter account private.