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Taya Valkyrie On Adapting To the NWA, Importance Of NWA Women’s Title

August 9, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Taya Valkyrie Impact Wrestling Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

Taya Valkyrie is set to compete against Kamille at NWA 74 for the Women’s World Championship, and she recently discussed adapting to the company and more. Valkyrie spoke with Spencer Love for a new interview promoting the August 27th and 28th event, and Love sent along some highlights. You can check them out below:

On adapting to the NWA: “I’ve been adapting well. I think I thrive in any environment that challenges me and this was just a different style or a different look, and just different overall. I think that that’s exciting. I’m just happy to be bringing my Taya Valkyrie flair and flamboyancy and fabulousness to the NWA and I’ll continue to do that at NWA 74. I mean, it’s me versus Kamille. Kamille and I have wrestled before in XPW here on the west coast, so I know what I’m up against. I’m very excited to be wrestling someone who really challenges me and is physically – she just is tall. She’s strong. She’s extremely talented. She’s been holding this championship for a long time. So me, as the modern day – I don’t want to say belt collector. I’m just gonna say multi time champion. I just want to add the NWA Women’s [Championship], the Burke, to my collection. I’m excited for NWA 74 on August 27th and 28th. I will be wrestling on the 27th, though, at the Chase in St. Louis.”

On comparing the NWA Women’s Championship to other championships: “I would compare it to when I challenged for the first time for example, for the Reina de Reinas Championship in AAA, which now am the Reina de Reina’s Champion. It’s my fourth title reign as champion. It carries a lot of legacy and a lot of history. The top women in this sport have held it. So people who have paved the way so for me, I have so much respect for the work and I just know that I’m going in there ready to kick some ass and you know, become I mean, has there ever been an NWA Women’s Champion who’s Canadian? … We’ll do a quick Google search! But you know, I just would love to be the winner of the NWA Women’s Championship. I think I’d serve it. I think I’ve proven myself over and over again, over my 12 year career that I am a champion, and I will do that on August 27th.”

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