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Taylor Williamson Talks Helping WWE Legends Write Joke For Roast Events

July 22, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
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– Comedian Taylor Willamson joined Wrestling INC’s WINCLY podcast to discuss writing jokes for WWE legends and more.

On His Friendship With Colt Cabana: “Colt Cabana was my first wrestling friend; I love that dude. He’s a comedy wrestler but he’s also a great wrestler who does comedy in the ring. I met him on MySpace like 12 years ago because I was Comedian of the Week or something. It’s special to see how he’s changed the podcast game and comedy game. I look at him when I think of merch and I look to pattern myself after some of the stuff he’s done. Some of the old-school guys are not into comedians coming into their world. I get it but they are real, serious wrestlers.

On WWE 24/7 Title: “I think it’s great even though people were hating on it when it first came out. It sounds like I’m giving PC answers but I love seeing people get opportunities. Like R-Truth isn’t on TV a lot and Drake Maverick hasn’t been getting to wrestle, but these guys on YouTube are getting more views than anything else. Wrestling is sports entertainment and they are making sketches that aren’t too long and are interesting and goofy and weird. I like it and it’s different and a joke but it’s funny. So, is it bad if it’s a joke in wrestling if it’s actually entertaining? I wonder if the people at top care the least about it so they have more freedom to be creative maybe? It’s less micro-managed and they can do ridiculous, goofy stuff. …I hope they can take that kind of idea for [other storylines].”

On Writing Jokes With WWE Legends For Bruce Prichard Roast: “I got there early and was walking the halls when I saw Bruce and helped him right some jokes. Then X-Pac came in there and he didn’t have anything written. It ended up with me hanging out with X-Pac, Bruce, Gerald Brisco, Pat Patterson and Jeff Jarrett. I was helping all of these people write jokes because no one had anything prepared yet. It was such a joy hanging out with these guys because they were not like, ‘Who are you?’ They almost respected us too much honestly. They didn’t know who we were but they treated us like we were equals. That was nice but too much honestly.”

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