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TCW 14-2 Review and Recap

January 16, 2014 | Posted by Jesse Nguyen
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TCW 14-2 Review and Recap  

TCW Jr. Heavyweight Championship: Americos (c) vs. Kincaid
Kincaid pushes Americos off the apron right at the start. Kincaid shoves Americos into the steel railing before sending him back in. Kincaid goes to the top, but Americos quickly recovers and tosses him into the ring. Americos goes for an armdrag, but Kincaid stops it and locks in a cross arm breaker. Kincaid releases the hold and stomps Americos’ head. Americos is sent to the ropes, and he uses a wheel barrow armdrag to counter. Kincaid recovers with a knee to the gut. Kincaid tries to whip Americos, but he counters and sends Kincaid to the floor. Americos fakes a plancha and catches Kincaid with a head scissors into the guardrail! Americos gets back in the ring and charges for a dive, but Kincaid leaps on the apron and kicks Americos right in the face. Kincaid sends Americos to the corner and charges with a forearm smash. Kincaid turns Americos around and spears him in the back. Kincaid follows with a backbreaker and keeps Americos over his knee in a submission. Americos knees his way out and gets to his feet. The two trade strikes until Kincaid goes for a neckbreaker, but he twists Americos to knee him in the face. Kincaid hits the ropes, but Americos counters with a forearm. Americos follows it with a boot to the face and a unique twisting trip. Americos tries to whip Kincaid, but he stops it short and picks up Americos. Kincaid hits his rebound Falcon Arrow, the JK-47! 1…2…Americos kicks out! Kincaid is obviously frustrated at this point. Kincaid waits in the corner as Americos gets up. Kincaid charges, but Americos counters with a Japanese armdrag into the corner!

Back from a break and Americos is hung in a tree of woe. Kincaid climbs up top, but Americos recovers and hits a spider German suplex! Americos turns around and salutes the crowd before flying with a swanton. Kincaid gets the knees up! Kincaid signals for the end and hits Grave of the Fireflies! (Kneeling Rolling Cutter) 1…2…Americos kicks out again! Americos rolls to the apron. Kincaid leaps off the second rope for a kick, but Americos dodges. Both on the apron. Americos charges and slams Kincaid’s face against the steel steps! Americos salutes the crowd and hits a swanton on the floor! Both wrestlers are on the floor as the ref makes the count. Americos rolls Kincaid in and goes for a cover. 1…2…no! They trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Americos goes for another, but Kincaid catches it and decapitates Americos with a shotgun lariat! 1…2…Americos kicks out! Kincaid grabs the ref and distracts him. Boyd Bradford climbs the ropes and hits a beautiful flying elbow drop! 1…2…still not enough! Kincaid even more frustrated as he picks up Americos and turns in an airplane spin. Kincaid sits out with it in a Michinoku Driver! 1…2…Americos gets out again! Kincaid goes to the top rope, but Americos hits him with a forearm to crotch him on the top. Americos goes for a superplex, but Kincaid reverses and slams him to the mat face first. Americos on his hands and knees, but Kincaid flies and hits Death from Above to Americos’ back! 1…2…3!
Winner, and new TCW Jr. Heavyweight Champion (via Death from Above): Kincaid
In my opinion, this is the best match in TCW history. To see two of the best wrestlers on the roster give it their all in pursuit of the championship is a pleasure. Kincaid even busted out some of his finishers he’s never used in TCW (to my recent memory). This match kept me glued to the screen the entire time. I was lucky enough to see it live, but I enjoyed it just as much watching it on Youtube that I did live. Watch this match.

TCW Tag Team Championship: Hounds of Hell (c) vs. Genetic Perfection
To win this match, you must put the opponents’ manager through a table. Both teams are brawling before the camera can roll. Alan Steel grabs Bradford and attempts a powerbomb through a table, but Roosevelt saves with an axe handle. Roosevelt hits a snapmare and kicks Steel in the back. Cerebus is tagged in. Cerebus hits a knee drop and picks up Steel. Steel is whipped to the ropes and knocked down with a back elbow. Steel down in the corner, and Cerebus chokes him with his boot. Roosevelt tagged in the the Hounds hit a double chop. Roosevelt hits a belly to belly takedown and tags in Bradford. Bradford kicks Steel and tags in Cerebus. Roosevelt comes in and hits a vertical suplex on Steel.

Back from a break and Roosevelt and Steel take each other down with a double clothesline. Rich Rude and Bradford are the only ones on their feet now. Rude blocks a right and nails some of his own. Roosevelt picks up Rude, but Steel saves him. Barry tries to spear Roosevelt through a table, but the table does not break. Rude smashes a briefcase over Bradford’s head and lays him on a table. Steel goes up top, but Cerebus follows. Rude throws powder into Cerebus’ face. Cerebus is shoved off and lands on a table, which also does not break. Steel flies off the top and lands on Bradford, breaking the table!
Winners and new TCW Tag Champions: Genetic Perfection
It is really hard to enjoy a match when it meets the level of Vince Russo style booking. This match was a complete mess and a sad way to end the feud between these two. Very short and not much to say in the positive sense. Two tables did not break, which led to Cerebus being carried out (I was there live, and it seems Cerebus was legit injured). When Bradford went through the table, you can clearly see him pat Steel’s head as if to say ‘I’m okay’. I do not like being this negative about a match, but it was just such a awful way to follow up the previous match. It seems this match went to the opposite spectrum and became one of TCW’s worst matches.

Super quick cut to Parker’s Posse. Tommy Dreamer hypes up his team. Dreamer drops a lot of big names in his promo.

8-Man Elimination Match for control of TCW: The Empire (Tim Storm, Greg Anthony, Steve Anthony, and Matt Riviera) vs. Parker’s Posse (Scott Phoenix, Americos, Shane Williams, and Tommy Dreamer)
No entrances for either team. Greg and Americos are first in. Greg tries to lift Americos up, but he counter by sitting down on him.Williams gets tagged in and nails an axe handle to Greg’s wrist. Dreamer is tagged in. Williams hits a drop toe hold and Dreamer follows with a elbow drop. Williams tagged in again, who hits another double axe handle. Greg hits a eye poke and tags in Steve. Williams catches Steve with an armdrag. Steve gets out and points to Dreamer. Dreamer is tagged in and stares Steve down. The two lock up and Dreamer gets a wristlock. Steve uses his agility to counter. Dreamer tries an armdrag, but Steve counters with a right and nails a scoop slam. Steve taunts before going for an elbow, but Dreamer rolls out of the way. Dreamer hits an armdrag and follows with a bionic elbow. Dreamer hits the ropes, but Storm attacks from the outside, giving Steve a chance to tag out. Storm pushes Dreamer into the corner and stomps him down before pulling him in the air leg first, letting him fall to the mat. Riviera is tagged in and jabs at Dreamer in the corner. Greg is tagged in, who slams Dreamer’s head in the corner. Dreamer attacks back with jabs, but Greg manages to knock him down. Greg hits a knee drop. Storm gets tagged in. Dreamer knocked down with a back elbow. Steve is tagged in and he nails a forearm. Steve locks in a headlock, but Dreamer gets to his feet and hits some elbows. Dreamer with a sunset flip, but Steve kicks out and hits a clothesline. Greg tags in and goes to the top. He tries for an elbow drop , but Dreamer rolls away. Dreamer tags in Americos. He takes down Steve with a leg lariat before hitting a double dropkick on Steve and Greg. Steve charges, but Americos gets the boot up. Americos goes to the top, but Storm pushes him off to the mat. Steve hits a necktie Northern Lights bomb. 1…2…3. Americos is eliminated.

Phoenix gets into the ring and strikes at Steve. Steve counters with a boot to the gut. Steve tries to whip Phoenix, but he counters with a neckbreaker. Phoenix goes for Phoenix Rising, but Steve ducks and nails a spear. The wrestlers all start to brawl (except Riviera). Storm stomps Williams in the corner. Steve slams Phoenix and goes to the top rope, signaling for the 450. Phoenix gets up and climbs to the top. All the wrestlers go to the corner, and the Tower of Doom falls! Riviera on the outside looking worried. Back from a commercial and Phoenix nails Steve with Phoenix Rising! 1…2…3. Steve Anthony is eliminated.

Storm comes in and hits some forearms. Phoenix counters with kicks and goes for Phoenix Rising again, but Storm ducks and hits the Perfect Storm! 1…2…3. Scott Phoenix is eliminated. Dreamer comes in and clothesline Storm to the outside. Dreamer follows and picks up Storm. Storm counters and crotches Dreamer on the guardrail. Storm steps through the ropes, but Williams kicks the second rope into his groin. Williams hits the piledriver! 1…2…3. Tim Storm is eliminated. Greg sends Williams into the steel post shoulder first and pulls him back to the mat with a cover.1…2…3. Shane Williams is eliminated.

Riviera holds Dreamer and Greg nails him with a hard punch. Greg goes to the outside and finds a steel chair. The set of the steel chair breaks off. Riviera continues to stomp Dreamer as Greg goes to find another weapon. Greg find another chair that has a nice, soft cushion on it. Greg puts it into the corner. The Empire send Dreamer back first into the chair. Greg whips Riviera into Dreamer and hits a clothesline. Riviera whips Greg, but Dreamer recovers and sends Greg to the outside. Riveria tries to attack, but Dreamer easily counters. Greg comes back in and is hit with a Dreamer DDT! 1…2…3. Greg Anthony is eliminated.

Dreamer and Riviera are alone. Dreamer sends Riviera to the outside. Dreamer spits water in Riviera’s face and smashes the water bottle against his face. Dreamer finds a cooking sheet and smashes it against Riviera’s head. Dreamer gets the cooking sheet against and once against smashes Riviera’s head. Dreamer has a fan hold the cooking sheet and sends Riviera into it. Dreamer finds a trash can and puts it into the ring. Riviera’s head is sent to the steel steps. A fan hands Dreamer a replica belt, and Dreamer uses it. An elder fan hands Dreamer a cane, and Riviera gets it in the groin. Storm is still laying on the outside. Dreamer holds Riviera and lets a fan chop him. Dreamer lets Tom Simon get a chop in. Dreamer takes Riviera to some younger fans, one who slaps the tastes out of Riviera’s mouth. Dreamer grabs the ring bell and uses it to attack Riviera’s groin. Dreamer tosses chairs into the ring and finds a chain. Dreamer grinds the chain against Riviera’s forehead. Dreamer lifts Riviera to the top rope. Dreamer signals for the ends and appears to be going for the Dreamer Driver from the top. The lights go out! A hooded figure is in the ring and hits Blackout on Dreamer. Riviera pins Dreamer. 1…2…3!
Winners: The Empire, Matt Riviera is the only survivor
Fun match between the two teams. Felt like the elimination were coming a little too quickly between each other. None of the wrestlers really got to shine during the match, but over all, I enjoyed it. The end with Dreamer and Riviera was fun to watch, even if it went just a bit too long.
The hooded figure is Lance Hoyt.

The Future of TCW
There are still no upcoming shows on the TCW Website, and to my knowledge, the Last Stand match was the last one filmed. I’m not sure if TCW will post anything next week, but I hope they continue as a company.

Learn more about TCW here:

The 411: Everyone should watch this show just for the Americos/Kincaid match. That said, the tag team title match is terrible and should be skipped. The main event sits as a decent. It feels weird having to rate the show as a whole, as I want to tell everyone to watch for one match. Being that it is only an hour in full length, I would recommend everyone watch it just to get TCW's best match.
Final Score:  8.0   [ Very Good ]  legend

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