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Teddy Long On Not Having a WWE Legends Deal, Issues With Former Talent Relations Head

May 25, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Teddy Long Image Credit: WWE

Teddy Long recently talked about not having a WWE Legends deal, and how he believes former Talent Relations head Mark Carrano was responsible. As reported last week, Long is not under such a deal and when Long approached Carrano about it at one point the now-former executive, who was responsible for those deals, said, “Oh, you don’t have one?”

Long spoke with Wrestling Inc about the situation and his issues with Carrano, and you can see some highlights below:

On not getting a Legends deal with WWE: “[With a legends deal, WWE will] give you a check every week, some of them are different, some of them maybe $1,000 a week, $500 a week, they’re different … Once you get one of those deals they still give you a check every week whether they use you or not. But the way that they got their money back is you didn’t get any royalties, they held all your royalty money and stuff, that way I guess that’s how they get their money back. Mark Carrano was the guy that was in charge of that stuff … He always would come to me with stuff and I would just look at him, and I never did smarten him up, I never did let him know I knew exactly what he was saying to me … If you smarten him up it won’t continue to happen and I wanted it to happen so I could see exactly how this man really felt about me.”

On Carrano changing after he became the head of Talent Relations: “So, Mark Carrano changed once he got that job in talent relations and took John Laurinaitis’ spot, he became worse than John Laurinaitis. I don’t know what happened to him, man, but he just started just screwing a lot of people around … He was treacherous.”

On his issues with Carrano: “I walked up to him, I said, ‘Carrano I just wanted to know, do I qualify, do I get a Legends deal?’ He looks at me and he says, ‘you don’t have one?’ He’s the guy that does this, he’s part of the Legends deal, he has to take this to Vince for Vince to approve it, he knows the whole deal about the Legends deal. He thought that I was just that dumb, that I didn’t know that he was the guy that was part of that, and that he was the guy that was keeping me from ever getting one.”