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Tessa Blanchard Doesn’t Think She Is The Type of Talent For Infidelity Storyline

January 20, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Tessa Champion Impact Hard to KIll

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Tessa Blanchard spoke about the possibility of taking part in an infidelity storyline with her fiancee DAGA and said she wouldn’t. Here are highlights:

On her friendship with Jordynne Grace: “We’ve gotten placed together on a few loops or we’ve driven or roomed together and we bonded. We have very similar mindsets as we wanna wake up, lift and eat clean on our loops. Not everyone is like that but we have similar mindsets so it helps keep you accountable. We stay on track with our workouts and clean eating. Also, we have a lot in common in life with our views and morals. It’s cool when you find a friend where it’s not about drama or talking bad. It’s genuinely a person that pushes you to be a better version of yourself.”

On her fiancee DAGA: “The pros are very apparent because it’s so important in our line of work, or any line of work, to keep a balance. When you get money or fame it tends to take some people and carry them away. They can forget who they are when all that stuff happens. I think it’s important to keep that balance and not get caught up in that lifestyle.”

On if she’d work an infidelity storyline with DAGA: “Our relationship isn’t something we’ve had in any storyline as it just hasn’t been necessary and I don’t think I’m the type of talent that needs to go in that route.”

On dream matches she wants: “I’d love to wrestle everyone just to say that I did. I’d love to wrestle Rosemary because we’ve never shared a ring before. I’d love to wrestle Eddie Edwards because I think he’s so talented. I feel everyone in our locker room is so talented even someone like Amazing Red – he’s not in our locker room but I’d love to share a ring with him.”

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