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Tessa Blanchard Thinks She Can Realistically Compete With Men

September 6, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Tessa Blanchard WOW

In an interview with TVInsider, Tessa Blanchard spoke about competing in intergender matches and spoke about her belief that she can realistically compete with men. Here are highlights:

On WOW season two: “The characters and wrestling have evolved. There are some new faces, so it adds a new dynamic to WOW and in-ring performances. I think there are a lot of surprises that people are in store for compared to Season 1. A lot of people are seeing characters and performers that maybe they haven’t seen in the wrestling world before. They are new to WOW. They have a lot to prove as well.”

On competing against men: “I think women are some of the greatest athletes. I think that for instance, I worked really hard to be where I am right now. To be even have the opportunity to be in the ring with some people who I consider being the best in the world such as AR Fox, Brian Cage, David Starr, Tracy Williams, Scorpio Sky, Sami Callihan, Sawyer Fulton, both Crist brothers. To have a match and go out there and tear the house down and it not get looked at as a man versus a woman but two professional wrestlers out there killing it, it’s something that is cool to me. And I worked so hard to be placed in that position. I don’t think there needs to be a definitive title. As a woman, I think you can go out there and compete realistically against other male competitors and go after a title in that way.”

On if Tully may have been inspired by her to sign with AEW: “Maybe so. To have my dad more involved is just a huge blessing for professional wrestling in general because, all biased aside, he is one of the most brilliant minds in wrestling. He is someone, all biased aside again, someone I would watch to make my wrestling more realistic. In a world where you have people ask if wrestling is fake, but back in the day if you watched Wahoo McDaniel and Johnny Valentine, you said nah that is real. If you watch the Road Warriors versus the Brain Busters, nah that is real. If you saw Tully Blanchard versus Magnum T.A., nah that’s real. That’s something that I want in my matches. I want people to say, ‘Tessa Blanchard, that was real.’ I would watch a lot of old school wrestling with my father and stepfather to help learn and hone my craft and get that across in my own wrestling. So, to see him come back in today’s day of wrestling and help some of the younger minds, it’s a cool thing to watch. They are very fortunate to have his mind.”

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