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The 10th Day News Report for 8.22.07

August 22, 2007 | Posted by Leonard Hayhurst

My friend Dan and I went to a small indy show in Moundsville, West Virginia last Sunday. It was under the banner of XWF. The Honky Tonk Man and Demolition Ax were supposed to be there, but bailed. Now we did hear that Ax was only contracted for the Saturday show. Kip James was only supposed to make an appearance, but worked a tag match due to Honky and Ax not being there. I would like to thank James for his class, professionalism and appreciation of the fans. I have a new respect for him. New Jack was also there and set up a streetfight with Red for their next show. At one point we had to move because a guy tossed another wrestler into the seats. The wrestling wasn’t great, but I won’t knock anyone on that level who all try hard. However, a lot of gimmicks were rip-offs, including a Jake Roberts styled Snake Man and Triple R. It was an obvious comedy parody of Triple H, but doing something like that on such a small level just makes you look like a dork. They started the show with a boring angle where the Vince McMahon guy sold the company to the Stephanie McMahon character. C’mon, that stuff gets a boring chant when WWE does it. Just stick to matches, advance storylines through matches and give limited promo time to your big names who can talk and excite the fans. Both James and New Jack gave funny promos that energized the crowd. They announced that Lex Luger would be at their next show and Kevin Nash would appear before the end of the year. They don’t have a website at this time and I don’t know how to contact them, so don’t bug me about it.


I don’t think that made Punk look bad. They are working on making the Boogeyman a real threat, and intimidating, and it is working. I loved the springboard dropkick and he just stumbles and doesn’t fall. Punk told Morrison he would fold under the pressure of being the champ. The champ pressure, and nervousness of Boogeyman played out well. He was off his game, sloppy yet safe offense. Like he was messing up on purpose. Pinning Boogieman too close to the ropes, trying to pull on his leg, but Boogey just holding on to the ropes. The second rope twisting moonsault (which off the second rope is impressive), Boogey didn’t even roll away, John overshot him. To me it looks like his head isnt in the game, either the pressure or the Boogieman’s intimidation tactics.

I wouldn’t give WWE credit for such in depth storytelling, but I like your thinking. And I do think Morrison’s errors were accidental. Lame non-finishes make both guys look weak without putting anyone over. The SummerSlam match is Morrison vs. Punk, but they’re putting the focus on Big Daddy V and Boogeyman.


-In your online Heat report Johnny Jeter defeated Matt Anoai. Anoai is the former Rosey who is said to have lost a lot of weight from taking part in the series “Fat March.” Val Venis went over Charlie Haas. The Highlanders defeated David Owens and Brad Allen. Super Crazy jobbed Jay Bradley. Daivari stole a win over Jim Duggan by hooking the tights. John Cena defeated Randy Orton in a dark main event, giving us all little hope for SummerSlam and Orton’s triumphing. Credit: PWInsider.com

-RAW creative head Brian Gerwitz played the fan who talked with Santino Marella in the restaurant on RAW Monday. Chris Hamrick played the fake Triple H. I complain of a Triple H parody being lame that I saw in a garage in West Virginia and here WWE does the same thing the next night. Credit: PWInsider.com

-Two SummerSlam matches were added on RAW. A diva battle royal will have the winner facing Candice Michelle for the Women’s Title in the future. Umaga, Ken Kennedy and Carlito will fight for the IC Title in a triple threat. I’m pegging that Kane vs. Finlay gets added. Credit: WWE.com

-Saturday Night’s Main Event got a bump in the ratings for its last outing. It went from a 1.9 to a 2.5. Smackdown on Friday was a bit below that at 2.4. RAW on Monday got a 3.8 for the third straight week.
Credit: PWInsider.com

-A bit with Balls Mahoney as Vince McMahon’s possible son was cut due to time constraints and not “nobody gives a shit” constraints. Credit: PWInsider.com

-WWE diva Ashley Massaro will be competing on the next edition of “Survivor” set in China, rather than in Chyna. They can use her lip rings to make a fire with some flint. Stacy Keibler will also be on television this fall on the ABC series October Road. Credit: nydailynews.com, PWInsider.com

-Smackdown and ECW will tape at the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island on October 20th. October 10th will have them at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. Credit: PWInsider.com

– Circuit City is running a special at current selling a bundle of the past three SummerSlam shows for $14.99. That’s five dollars a DVD! That’s Walmart dump bin worthy. In other DVD news, FYE stores will have an exclusive special edition version of SummerSlam available upon it’s release, much as they did this year with Wrestlemania. Credit: PWInsider.com

-Tickets for WWE’s No Mercy will go on sale September 8th. The show is on October 7th at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois. Credit: PWInsider.com

-A memorial fund has been setup to aide the family of Brian Adams with expenses for his funeral and burial. Donations can be sent to:
Brian Adams Memorial and Family Fund
Bank of America
4918 Anniston Circle
Tampa , FL 33647

-The recently passed John Kronus was found to have an enlarged heart by the coroner resulting in his death. An enlarged heart can be caused for several reasons, including steroid abuse. Toxicology reports have not come back. Kronus’ wife has stated that she never saw her husband use steroids, but heart problems did run in his family.
Credit: www.citizen.com

-In a motion filed by the lawyer of Doctor Phil Astin, it is noted that Chris Benoit had a hormone disorder the doctor was treating him for. The amount of steroids prescribed by Dr. Astin and found in Benoit’s system and his home are not unusual for such a condition according to the motion. The motion goes on to ask for the suppression of evidence found due to federal agents not informing the judge of the legal use and prescription of steroids before he issued a search warrant. Credit: AP reports

-A jury trial date of November 4th has been set in the case of a woman suing WWE and the Sandman for allegedly assaulting her during his entrance during an ECW taping. All materials for the trial must be in by October 28th. Credit: PWInsider.com

-Nancy Grace will host a show on CNN Headline News on August 27th featuring Marc Mero, Joanie Laurer and other wrestlers with nothing else better to do in discussing the sport. Or yelling about it and making stuff, most likely. Credit: PWInsider.com

-Ring of Honor has announced their first few matches for their September 14th show in Detroit. Bryan Danielson and Austin Aries will take on the Briscoe Brothers for the tag team titles. Rocky Romero will face Jack Evans. Roderick Strong will battle Matt Cross. Credit: ROHWrestling.com

-As I correctly predicted months ago, Brent Albright vs. Bryan Danielson will be the final of the NWA World Title tournament. It will take place at the IWA show in Puerto Rico on September 1st. I believe I originally predicted Danielson going over. Credit: luchalibrieonline.com and prwrestling.com

-Recently released WWE superstar Rene Dupree is currently working for HUSTLE in Japan as Rene Bonaparte. When did Vince Russo start booking in Japan? Credit: PWInsider.com

-TNA is looking into holding a pay per view in New York next year. They will be making their debut in the Big Apple on September 2nd. Those on the card will be Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Christian Cage, Abyss, Tomko, AJ Styles, James Storm, Jackie Moore, Chris Harris, Triple X, LAX, Eric Young, Robert Roode, Ms. Brooks, Jay Lethal, Kaz, Sonjay Dutt, Chris Sabin, and Alex Shelley. Credit: PWInsider.com

-Slammiversay will be released on DVD next Tuesday, August 28th. Credit: PWInsider.com

-Tickets for Bound for Glory will go on sale September 7th. Credit: PWInsider.com

-TNA will be heavily promoting a music video starring Pacman Jones. It has to be “Pacman Fever.” Credit: PWInsider.com

-Hulk Hogan has sold his Miami mansion for $18.9 million to director Michael Bay. He bought it in 2006 for $12 million. More proof that Bay can’t get anything right. Credit: Canada.com


-I don’t think the theme is changing every week, it’s just so generic that I think it is. It actually has the same general beat as “Stop Dragging My Hear Around.” That’s hardcore! Armando Estrada starts the show in a ring filled with plunder. It looks like my front lawn. The first match will be an extreme rules match between Tommy Dreamer and Big Daddy V. Estrada seems to have a hard on for Dreamer, but I’m not sure why. V no sells a couple trashcan shots and then puts Dreamer though a table with a Samoan Drop. Dreamer should have taken a much bigger ass kicking to put V over, but this had the right intentions.

-Since it didn’t air on Saturday Night’s Main Event, they rehash Balls Mahoney as Vince McMahon’s possible son. They actually have good chemistry with each other as Mahoney gets Vince to scream “I have no Balls!”

-Mahoney then takes on Elijah Burke. Tazz doesn’t think he’s ever had Balls…as an opponent in the ring that is. Styles relates a story of how Mahoney broke the back of his opponent in an amateur wrestling match in high school and then punched out the referee. Tazz says the story is true, because he heard it before. Oh yeah, if you hear the same story twice it is one hundred percent true. Stanley Kubrick directed the moon landing and we’ve never actually been there you know? They actually get a good bit of time and put on a decent match. Burke works over the arm, but can’t get the pin or tap out. Mahoney scores the upset with a rollup. It’s the Kevin Thorn and Stevie Richards angle all over again.

-Balls Mahoney runs into Miz and the slunts. Miz says that only having the money of a McMahon would make Kelly want him. He cuts her off from answering. Kelly Kelly has been with four guys since being in ECW. Can we all say slunt? I still don’t get the dynamic they are going for here by turning the slunts into defacto heels by putting them with Miz. Miz also worked better as the reluctant ladies man than the cocky one.

-In a nice parallel from a few weeks ago, Stevie Richards jumps Kevin Thorn as he does a backstage interview. One might remember that Thorn did the same thing to Richards. ECW has four actual feuds going on. I’m impressed.

-CM Punk is trotted out as another possible heir to the McMahon legacy. McMahon says there is no way Punk is his son, because he’s straightedge. Punk says that being straightedge means he also doesn’t have unprotected sex with skanks. So, since Punk was a candidate to be Vince’s son that means he just called his own mom a skank.
-CM Punk and the Boogeyman take on the Miz and John Morrison. It should be mentioned that Punk won the match that brought Boogeyman to ECW and he seemed pretty pleased at the time. I always thought that should lead to an alliance with them. Boogeyman eats worms, that’s organic. Boogeyman tries to slip some worms to the slunts. Morrison gyrates and Styles references Rick Rude. Miz plays Douchebag in peril until Morrison knocks Punk from the top rope to the floor. Punk doesn’t see Miz tag Morrison. Punk gets the Go 2 Sleep on Miz, but Morrison hits the corkscrew neckbreaker for the win. That needs a name. I believe JD Dunn here on 411 calls it the Light My Fire and I can jive with that.

EWR ON 411

Smackdown for 8.23.07

Michael Cole announces that all matches tonight will be six man tags. He also says that Tazz will not be with him due to injuries he suffered last week at the hands of Shannon Moore. Raven then comes out to serve as guest color commentator. As you can imagine, Cole is overjoyed.
Segment Rating: 86%

Colt Cabana is blocked from getting into the building by conservative protesters. Batista comes out and talks to him. He knows how he feels. His people protested him, not that these guys are his people. Colt is offended by Batista flat out calling all homosexuals his people. Batista doesn’t want to get into that. Colt needs to stand up for himself and show these people that he’s a man. Fight his way into the building. Colt doesn’t think he’s going to do that. He knows when to fight and when not to. The time to fight will be SummerSlam.
Segment Rating: 68%

Jamie Noble, Chavo Guerrero and Tajiri from the Million Dollar Corporation defeat the remnants of the Bradshaw Corporation in Scott Taylor, Doug Basham and El Gran Luchadore when Tajiri pins Luchadore.
Match Rating: 71%

Jillian Hall chews out Luchadore in the back. All of them won their matches last week, but him. This week he costs the rest of them a match. They’ve all stepped up, but he hasn’t. Technically Turkey Creek Johnson is the worst wrestler on Smackdown, so Hall is going to get Luchadore a match with him next week. He better win.
Segment Rating: 73%

Shane Helms takes a walk on Paul London and Booker T as they are facing Three Minute Warning and Brock Lesnar. This makes Booker hightail it. London takes the F5 and a double team Samaon splash for the loss.
Match Rating: 70%

Tazz has his hand heavily bandaged as he meets with Roddy Piper. Doctor says he should not wrestle at SummerSlam, but Piper is going to let him if he signs a health waiver. Tazz would if he could. Moore walks in and says he did Tazz a favor by breaking his writing hand. The last thing he wants to do is step into the ring with him. That’s about the only thing you can trust Moore on. Tazz struggles to sign the waiver with his other hand.
Segment Rating: 73%

Fred Curry teams up with the Briscoe Brothers to face Chris Sabin, AJ Styles and Shannon Moore. Styles Clash on Curry with feet on the ropes gets the win.
Match Rating: 75%

Rey Mysterio is in the ring and invites Chris Jericho out for the Highlight Reel. Jericho storms out. What the hell is this? The Highlight Reel is his show? Mysterio wanted Jericho to feel what it’s like to have something precious that belongs to him unrightfully stolen. Oh, just shut the hell up about the title. Jericho has more claims to the World Title than he does. Rey does a take and then launches at Jericho. They brawl.
Segment Rating: 80%

The Money Brothers and Carlito defeat The New Bloods and Chris Cage when EZ gets the Bank Roll on Cage.
Match Rating: 73%

Rhyno gores Al Snow and pins him. Maven and Jimmy Snuka, Jr. continue to brawl with 911 and Sabu.
Match Rating: 68%

Champions CM Punk, Randy Orton and Paul Burchill team to face Triple H and the Backseat Boys. Burchill notes that Triple H is the only person in the match without a belt. He attacks and gets beaten down. In reverse formula, Hunter plays heel in peril. Triple H takes the C4. Jamie Satin puts his foot on the ropes. Triple H makes the hot tag. Burchill falls to the Backseat Driver. Everyone brawls.
Match Rating: 80%

Show Rating: 73%

Saturday Night’s Main Event for 8.25.07

The Money Brothers have the match with the New Bloods in hand when a bunch of Shriner’s in their little cars drive out and go around the ring. This distracts the Money Brothers. Nigel McGuiness nails EZ with his iron. They then hit a London Bridge (Facebuster/Tower of London) for the win. Stephanie McMahon pays off the Shriner’s for the distraction. They were having a convention at the hotel next door. (basic idea from Mathew)
Match Rating: 71%

Matt Hardy fights out of the inverted DDT to the knee into the Twist of Fate (from Mathew). He goes up top for the yodeling leg drop. Nick Dinsmore meets him up top. Hardy takes him off with the Side Effect and gets the pin.
Match Rating: 75%

Teddy Hart gets a somersault Alabama Slam on Stevie Richards (he jumps as Stevie comes down to land in a bridge position, from Mathew). Richards breaks the cover. He tries to surprise with a Stevie Kick, but Hart goes to the floor. Richards follows. Nattie cuts off Stevie with a Thesz press from the apron. Molly lands on the pile with a Molly-Go-Round to the outside. It’s a double count out.
Match Rating: 49% (I never officially took the belt off of Smith, so with that being the case the crowd reaction was off)

Tazz gives Shannon Moore a lesson in suplex 101. Moore is on his knees dazed on the mat. Tazz comes in for the Brooklyn Boot. Moore feints to the side and punches Tazz in the crotch so the referee doesn’t see. DDT. Moore wins with his feet on the ropes. He runs off.
Match Rating: 71%

Victoria cannot put Alexis Laree away. Spider’s Web gets two. Black Widow gets two. Standing moonsault gets two. Widow’s Peak gets two. Victoria finally says to hell with it and decks Alexis with the title belt for the DQ. She makes the referee count the cover though.
Match Rating: 80%

Colt Cabana has Batista up in the Cabana Hammock, but can’t hold him there long. He drops him and Batista gets an inverted swinging neckbreaker. He drops a knee for two. Spinebuster gets two. He sets up the for the Demonbomb. Cabana turns it into a Tornado DDT. Lake Shore Drive sets up the Chicago Crab. Batista finally taps out. Cabana celebrates. He offers a hand to Batista. Dave decks him and walks off in disgust.
Match Rating: 68%

EMF with Lita and The Riders with So Cal Val all brawl to start. Mewes’ tuxedo gets ripped in the fracas, so he just takes it off himself. He’s in his usual wrestling tights. Shawn Michaels on commentary wonders if Mewes understands the rules of a tuxedo/evening gown match. He knows he isn’t that smart. When Val’s around he doesn’t have much blood going to his brain. Conway and O’Haire gets stripped and tossed to the floor. This leaves Lita. Lita plays keep away until her men come in to help. Lita comes on to Eric Young. Young stupidly strips down to a pair of Bart Simpson boxers. Michaels says to forget what he said about Mewes when compared to Young. Val and Lita go at it. Val lifts Lita for a gutwrench power bomb, but Lita grabs the hem of her dress as she goes and rips it off as she’s released. Lita then strips herself in celebration anyway. (from Mathew)
Match Rating: 66%

Chris Sabin goes for the Hail Sabin DDT, but Noble picks him up to set on the very top rope. He locks in the Trailer Hitch up there. Sabin pushes them off, but Noble lands on top and pins Sabin to retain the Cruiserweight Title. (from Mathew) A man then comes in from the crowd and knocks out Sabin with the title belt from behind. He looks at the title. Michael Cole identifies him as Austin Aries.
Match Rating: 79%

So Cal Val comes out in her lingerie. This distracts the referee. Johnny Nitro hits Tank Toland with the Great Lakes Title, shattering it. Corkscrew neckbreaker gets the academic win.
Match Rating: 75%

Brock Lesnar tosses Shane Helms, Paul London and Shark Boy early. Fred Curry goes up top and is knocked off to the floor by Chris Cage. Rhyno gores Sabu over the ropes as he goes for a springboard moonsault. Booker T then hits a windmill kick to knock out Rhyno. Cage hiptosses out Chavo. Cage and Booker team up to fight Brock. They get him on the apron. Brock fights back. He pulls Cage to the apron. Booker T launches a thrust kick, but nails Cage and he’s gone. Brock gets an impressive slingshot shoulderblock back into the ring. Brock sets up for the F5, but instead of snapping it off he just swings Booker around into the first row of seats. Booker gets a US title shot, Lesnar gets a Smackdown title shot.
Match Rating: 70%

Tajiri works over the legs of Harry Smith. This causes Smith unable to spring off the ropes for the Super Smith Slam. Tajiri works Smith over in the corner. He goes for the mist, but Smith grabs Tajiri’s king robe to block. He wraps it around Tajiri’s head. Smith gets a bulldog and pins him with his feet on the ropes. (parts from Mathew)
Match Rating: 83%

Show Rating: 72%

SummerSlam for 8.26.07

Edge goes for the spear and flies into a big boot. Kane comes off the top with his flying clothesline. Edge ducks, but Kane rolls through to his feet. Edge tries a spear to the back, but Kane turns to collar him and flips him into the Last Ride. Edge punches his way out. He comes off the ropes with a cross body, but Kane catches him for a fall away slam. Edge slides out of the ring. He talks with Katie Vick, who slaps him hard. Kane reaches over the ropes to bring Edge up by his hair. He hits an inverted suplex to bring Edge in from the apron. Leg drop gets two. Choke slam finishes. Kane has the rights to Katie Vick.
Match Rating: 64%

Steve Austin controls with brawling. AJ Styles tries to take a breather outside, but Austin follows him. Styles reverses a whip to send Austin flying over the ring stairs. He baseball slides the steps into him. Styles forces Austin back into the ring with an armbar. Austin breaks out by sending AJ into the ropes. He gets a Thesz Press. Austin eats boot trying an elbow drop from the second turnbuckle. Styles shoots Austin the double bird and goes for the Stunner. Austin shoves him off into the referee. Austin gets the Stunner, but there is no one to count. Austin revives the referee, but Styles schoolboys him for the win. He runs off.
Match Rating: 69%

Big Show and Bobby Lashley isolate Charlie Haas and work him over. Lashley nails a spinebuster, but pulls Haas up on the cover. He lines up the Dominator, but Haas flips out to his feet and nails a dropkick. Hot tag to Benjamin. He cleans house. Paul Heyman gets in the ring and hits Benjamin with his cell phone. Of course, a current cell phone is so small and slim that Benjamin doesn’t feel it. Benjamin hits the Firebomb on Heyman. He comes up to Big Show’s hand around his throat. Charlie Haas clips the knee for the save. Lashley takes the Vegomatic. Rocket launcher on Show with Benjamin scoring the pin.
Match Rating: 67%

Randy Orton is skittish at first in the Hangman’s Horror match. Raven wastes no time in going for one of the dog collars to hang Orton with. Orton works one of the other collars loose with studs on it. He rakes Raven’s eyes with it. Orton beats on Raven with the dog collar and busts him open. Orton gets Raven in one of the collars, but can’t flip him over the ropes. Raven slugs away. He gets loose. Raven takes Orton out with the calf branding and works a cross armbreaker on the mat. Raven gets the collar from earlier and rakes at Orton’s arm with it. Orton makes the ropes and falls to the floor. They brawl out there. Orton catches Raven going back into the ring with a knee lift. He goes for the RKO, but the bad shoulder won’t let him snap it off. Raven gets the Evenflow. He puts Orton in one of the dog collars and hangs him over the ropes. He struggles to break free. Raven tells him to just give up. Let the darkness overtake him. Orton’s eyes close. Raven gets the Hardcore title and parades with it. However, the ref hasn’t called the match yet, because Orton is still moving. Raven goes to hit him with the belt, but Orton boots him in the face. Raven does a header into the ring wall. Orton gets himself free. He plasters Raven with the Hardcore title. Orton hangs Raven and he’s out of it. Orton retains.
Match Rating: 60%

The Rock knocks Rob Van Dam over the ropes with the spit punch, but he skins the cat back in. Rock clotheslines him over the ropes, but he skins the cat back in. The Rock charges for a flying forearm and RVD pulls the ropes down to send the Rock flying to the floor. Van Dam hits a moonsault press out onto him. They barely beat the count back in. RVD surprises with a windmill kick. Rock gets his knees up on Rolling Thunder. He hits the People’s Elbow for two. Rock Bottom gets two. Rock acts like he’s stumped as to what to do next. He points to the top turnbuckle. He goes up top. The commentators think he might try the frog splash. RVD rushes up for a superplex. He crawls back up top for the frog splash, but Rock moves. Rock busts out an Oklahoma Roll for two. RVD jams himself into Rock as they get up to backdrop him. He gets a split legged moonsault and grabs the near ropes on the cover for the win. RVD hits the floor and celebrates all the way to the back.
Match Rating: 67%

CM Punk, Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho all trade chops with each other. Punk and Mysterio look at each and then lay the chops into Jericho together. Jericho bails, but they chase him around the ring. Jericho just beats the count back into the ring to take the first fall. Mysterio and Punk hit a double team Drop the Dime on Jericho. They both pin him and the ref calls it a fall for each. Next fall wins. Mysterio cheapshots Punk and gets a jackknife pin that Jericho breaks up. Jericho hits the Lionsault on Punk and locks in the Walls. Mysterio hits Jericho with the 619. West Coat Pop to Punk. Punk gets his foot on the ropes. Mysterio tries a second Pop, but Punk catches him for a powerbomb. Jericho charges into a second powerbomb. Go 2 Sleep. Mysterio breaks up the pin. Rey and CM roll around on the mat trading covers until Punk comes out of the pile with the Anaconda Vice and Rey taps out. (parts from Mathew)
Match Rating: 75%

Maven and Jimmy Snuka, Jr. use a ladder as a battering ram to knock The Wicked Jesters, The Briscoe Brothers and the Backseat Boys to the floor. They then climb a second ladder. The Briscoes get on opposite turnbuckles and jump off to knock Snuka and Maven off the ladder with bulldogs. Kashmere runs in and climbs. Carlito charges up behind him and gives him the Backstabber off the ladder. Acid runs up the ladder, but Chad Wicks cuts him off and gives him the Burning Wick on the ladder. Mark and Jay push that ladder over. They go through a table on the outside. Jay alley oops Mark onto the second ladder and he jumps off to grab the belts. Kashmere swings a ladder to hit Mark in the gut and knock him down. Jay leg whips Kashmere out of the ring. Maven and Snuka get him with a conchairto. They set up a ladder and climb. Carlito pulls Maven off and gives him Carlito’s Way through a table. Snuka and Carlito climb the ladder, each has their hand on a belt. Kashmere throws Acid into the ladder knocking it over. He climbs a second ladder to get the belts. (finish from Mathew)
Match Rating: 73%

Stacy Keibler attacks Jamie Satin right away and they fight to the back. The referee tosses Evolution. Paul Burchill has the C4 reverses into a Flatliner for two by Triple H. Pedigree gets two. Top rope knee drop gets two. Hunter argues with the referee. Triple H backs him into the ropes so he falls through them to the floor. Triple H gets the sledgehammer. Burchill catches Triple H with a kick to the gut. He goes for the C4, but Triple H counters with the hammer. Burchill is out (from Mathew). Triple H doesn’t have anyone to count the pin. A second referee runs out. It only gets two. Triple H throws that referee down. He turns around into the C4. Burchill has nobody to count. He goes for the Pedigree. Triple backdrops out. He gets a Pedigree. The first ref is back and counts the pin. Triple H is the new Smackdown champion.
Match Rating: 75%

The Undertaker and Kurt Angle brawl. Angle finally talks UT into teaming up to go after Killings. They work an ankle lock/camel clutch spot on him. Angle lets go and boots Undertaker in the head. Angle goes for the cage door, but the outside officials remind him it’s a hell in a cell and he can’t get out to win. He turns around to run into Undertaker who launches him into the side of the cage. Undertaker beats Angle from the ring post to the cage wall. Killings climbs up the side of the cage. Undertaker throws Angle into the ring and Tombstones him. Killings swings along the cage roof and drops down onto UT. ‘Taker catches him in Last Ride position. Killings ranas out for a cover. Angle breaks it up and comes out of it with an ankle lock on Killings. Killings counters into a small package and pins Angle. (from Mathew) Angle flips out. He decries the decision. Undertaker comes around and hits the Last Ride on Angle to shut him up.
Match Rating: 76%

Show Rating: 71% (sorrowfully this one of those shows that didn’t click as the ratings should have been higher)

RAW for 8.27.07

Kurt Angle is in the ring and complains about being cheated out of the RAW Brand title the night before. The Undertaker answers. If anyone got screwed, he did. Angle lost the match not him. Angle says he would have won the match if Undertaker weren’t in his way. He deserves another title shot. UT feels he does. Rob Van Dam then interrupts. He actually won a big match at SummerSlam, so he should get a title shot. The Rock responds. RVD beats the Rock one time and he thinks he can pull a title shot out of the crackerjack box of life for it. Mick Foley pops up on the Titantron and books a number one contenders match for the main event.
Segment Rating: 80%

The World’s Greatest Tag Team has their first title defense by beating the Family. Lee and Nunzio attack them with the chains after the match. Warrior and Abyss make the save.
Match Rating: 73%

From the entrance stage Uncle Carmine challenges Abyss and Warrior to an Italian Chain match at Unforgiven. All four of them shackled together. Lee and Nunzio freak out. Carmine tells them to shut up.
Segment Rating: 70%

Paramedics tend to the new tag champs. The Dangerous Alliance comes out and scares them off. They beat on Benjamin and Haas further. Big Show choke slam Shelton through a table. Lashley gives Charlie the Dominator through a table. Paul Heyman tells them that he’s a brilliant manager. Not only did he make sure there was a tag title rematch clause in their contract, but that they get to choose the stipulation of the rematch. Guess what it’s going to be, a tables match.
Segment Rating: 83%

Erik Watts chokes out Chris Hero and won’t let up. Hero goes to the floor while Watts is arguing with the referee and gets a chair. Watts comes around with a set of brass knuckles. They knock each other out. The ref calls it a double DQ.
Match Rating: 71%

Watts comes around and says WWE isn’t big enough for him and Hero. Hero has him stuck in a rut when he should be doing bigger and better things. Hero is holding him down at his level. Hero tells him to put up or shut up. If WWE isn’t big enough for both of them then how about a loser leaves town match at Unforgiven.
Segment Rating: 81%

Eric Angle is in the ring. He is upset about not being a part of SummerSlam or Saturday Night’s Main Event at all. He challenges anyone to face him at Unforgiven. He is the brother of the greatest wrestler in WWE history. A former multi time world champion and Olympic gold medallist. He deserves better than that. David Flair answers. He’s the son of arguably the greatest wrestler of all time and he’s spent his whole career trying to get out from under his shadow. Nobody owes Eric anything because of who his brother is. If he wants a match at Unforgiven, he’s got it. However, it’s going to be David Flair vs. Eric Angle, not Ric Flair’s son vs. Kurt Angle’s brother.
Segment Rating: 58%

Harry Smith takes the ring for his king of the ring coronation. He gets Tajiri’s crown and cape. La Park and Ultimo Dragon come out. Since they don’t talk La Parka gets over what they want through a series of chair art. Dragon is challenging Smith for king of the ring for the honor of his disgraced countryman Tajiri. Smith accepts.
Segment Rating: 52%

John Cena blocks the Unprettier from Christian and turns it into a backslide. Christian breaks, but comes up into the FU. Cena puts his feet on the ropes for the pin, then runs off.
Match Rating: 76%

Edge takes the ring. It’s not over between him and Kane. He will not let his flesh and blood slip through his fingers that easily. He doesn’t give a damn about her soul. Kane comes out. A wise man once said if you love someone, let them go. If they come back, set them on fire. If Edge wants another shot to win Katie Vick back, he can have it at Unforgiven. In an Inferno match.
Segment Rating: 84%

Undertaker and Kurt Angle brawl to the floor. RVD spin kicks Rock in the nuts while the ref isn’t looking. Brainbuster sets up the frog splash.
Match Rating: 80%

Show Rating: 74%

From the Rock: The Rock thinks that that little piece of monkey anus Rob Van Dam was working too stiff against The Great One.

Smackdown card for next week, choose all winners

Triple H and Booker T vs. Brock Lesnar and CM Punk

Paul Burchill vs. AJ Styles (Burchill asked for it)

Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho

The Backseat Boys (Kashmere and Acid) vs. The Money Brothers for the Smackdown Tag Team Titles

Chris Cage vs. Chavo Guerrero

Austin Aries vs. Fred Curry

Colt Cabana vs. Chris Sabin

Three Minute Warning (Rosey and Jamal) vs. The New Bloods (Windsor and McGuiness)

El Gran Luchadore vs. Turkey Creek Johnson

Norman Smiley and Shark Boy vs. Scott Taylor and Doug Basham

Tajiri vs. Rhyno vs. Sabu

Paul London vs. Shane Helms

RAW card for next week, choose all winners

Elimination tag match
Ron Killings and the Rock vs. Rated RVD vs. The Brothers of Destruction vs. The Angle Brothers

La Parka vs. Harry Smith

Teddy Hart vs. Ultimo Dragon

EMF (O’Haire and Conway) and Matt Hardy vs. The A-List (Nitro, Mewes and Young)

Dangerous Alliance (Vito, Lashley, Morgan and Big Show) vs. Brent Albright, Rene Dupree and the World’s Greatest Tag Team (Haas and Benjamin)

Tank Toland vs. Erik Watts

Chris Hero vs. Nick Dinsmore

John Cena and Victoria vs. Christian and Trish Stratus

Danny Inferno and Matt Cappotelli vs. The Family (Lee and Nunzio)

David Flair vs. Kamel Gamble

Stevie Richards vs. Vinnie Vegas

Molly Holly and Alexis Laree vs. Nattie Neidhart and Sonya Blackhawk

Unforgiven card at this time, do not vote

RAW Brand title match
Ron Killings vs. Rob Van Dam

Triple Threat Match for RAW Brand Title Number One Contender
The Rock vs. The Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle

Intercontinental Title Match
Johnny Nitro vs. Matt Hardy

Number One Contender to Intercontinental Title
Tank Toland vs. Nick Dinsmore

RAW Brand Tag Team Titles Tables Match
The World’s Greatest Tag Team (Benjamin and Haas) vs. Big Show and Bobby Lashley

RAW Brand Tag Team Title Number One Contenders Match
EMF (O’Haire and Conway) vs. The Riders (Mewes and Young)

King of the Ring Match
Harry Smith vs. Ultimo Dragon

Inferno Match
Kane vs. Edge

John Cena vs. Christian

In Your House: Magnum Force card at this time, do not vote

Italian Chain Match
Abyss and Irish Warrior vs. The Family (Lee and Nunzio)

Loser Leaves Town Match
Chris Hero vs. Erik Watts

Brent Albright and Rene Dupree vs. Big Vito and Matt Morgan

Family Feud
David Flair vs. Eric Angle


RAW Brand Title: Ron Killings
WWE Intercontinental Title: Johnny Nitro
RAW Brand Tag Team Titles: Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas
WWE Mixed Tag Team Title: Teddy Hart and Nattie Neidhart
WWE Women’s Title: Victoria

Smackdown Brand Title: Triple H
WWE US Title: CM Punk
Smackdown Brand Tag Team Titles: Johnny Kashmere and Trent Acid
WWE Hardcore Title: Randy Orton
WWE Cruiserweight Title: Jamie Noble

RAW: Joey Styles and Shawn Michaels
Heat: Jonathan Coachman and Jim Cornette
Backstage: Marissa Mazzolla

Smackdown: Michael Cole and Tazz
Velocity: Todd Grisham and Al Snow
Backstage: Gene Okerlund


The A-List
Johnny Nitro
So Cal Val
Eric Young
Will Mewes

The Hart Foundation
Harry Smith
Nattie Neidhart
Sonya Blackhawk
Teddy Hart

Dangerous Alliance
Paul Heyman
Big Show
Big Vito
Bobby Lashley
Matt Morgan

Triple H
Jamie Satin
Johnny Kashmere
Trent Acid
Chris Cage

Million Dollar Corporation
Steve Austin
Jay Briscoe
Mark Briscoe
Jamie Noble
Chavo Guerrero


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