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The 411 Foresight Wrestling Podcast: CM Punk Returns, Sasha Banks, More

April 26, 2019 | Posted by Justin Watry
CM Punk’s CM Punk WWE - Batista CM Punk’s Booker

411’s Justin Watry is joined by Steve Madsen of The Resonant Complex to discuss CM Punk returning to the wrestling business, more Sasha Banks drama, the latest Superstar Shakeup moves, Daniel Bryan’s health, Kevin Owens turning heel, and much more!

*Opening and closing music by The Resonant Complex*

* Intro/Sasha Banks Still Gone (0:00-7:45)
* Luke Harper Requests WWE Release (7:46-12:18)
* The Miz Face Turn/Shane McMahon Wrestling (12:19-18:12)
* Becky Lynch As Double Champion (18:13-23:50)
* More Superstar Shakeup Moves (23:51-39:48)
* Secondary Titles (39:49-44:06)
* Womens Tag Team Division (44:07-50:50)
* USA Network Subtitles (50:51-52:40)
* Face Champions In WWE (52:41-58:00)
* Kevin Owens Heel Turn (58:01-1:07:15)
* Daniel Bryan Health/WWE Talk (1:07:16-1:25:10)
* CM Punk Returns (1:25:11-1:40:15)
* All Elite Wrestling/Outro (1:40:16-1:48:48)

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