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The Briscoes On How They’d Fare In WWE: ‘Vince McMahon Likes Money, We Would Make the Company Money’

January 18, 2022 | Posted by Blake Lovell
The Briscoes ROH Briscoe Image Credit: ROH

The Briscoes (Jay and Mark Briscoe) recently appeared on Busted Open Radio, and they discussed how they think they would fare in WWE, whether they would entertain a singles run, and much more. Here are some highlights (via Fightful):

Jay Briscoe on he thinks they would fare in WWE: “I think we could definitely survive. At the end of the day, you have to get in the ring and ring the bell.”

Mark Briscoe: “I think we could survive and thrive. Vince McMahon likes money. We go out there and between those ropes, that’s what we do, we would make the company money. That’s bottom line. Not trying to sound cocky or anything.”

Jay Briscoe on the duo being confident in their ability to thrive in any company: “We’re very confident in our abilities. Especially right now, we’re at the top of our game and anywhere we go, we’re going to survive and thrive.”

Jay Briscoe on if they’d entertain a singles run: “Nah. Right now, we’re at the top of our game. What we can do in a tag team wrestling match, nobody else can do. It wouldn’t make sense for us to be singles wrestlers.”

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