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The Elite on Why Their Basketball Segment at AEW Dynamite Homecoming Worked So Well

August 18, 2021 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
AEW Dynamite Fight For the Fallen Image Credit: AEW/Twitter

– During a recent edition of Talk N Shop, The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) joined The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson), where they discussed their promo pre-taped segment on AEW Dynamite: Homecoming earlier this month, where they were around a basketball hoop and put down the nets. Below are some highlights (via Fightful):

Gallows on how there’d have been no chance they could do that segment in WWE: “There’s no chance in hell we’d be able to do that (in the other company). Three pages of scripts, lighting, three approvals, then up to the big boss, then a no, then back, then change this, do it that way, take that off. The fact that you can be your organic self.”

Matt Jackson on why the segment worked at AEW Dynamite Homecoming: “It’s why it works. It’s straight for us. It’s not from a million writers or filters. We did one take and Kenny missed shows, we were happy, but wanted to do it again. Just for fun, I changed the play. I’m thinking, ‘No way Nick makes this shot again.’ I faked out Kenny, passed it to Brandon. It was a joke to pop myself. It made the play better because it was a little longer.”

Nick Jackson on waiting for Kenny Omega for the pre-tape: “Here is one thing that was bad about the pre-tape. We were on set for two hours waiting for one individual; Kenny by God Omega. He’s getting a massage.”

Karl Anderson joking that Omega is like their Brock Lesnar: “He’s our Brock Lesnar now. When you’re the top guy (you do what you want). If I was the top and you guys were waiting on me, I’d be like, ‘Sorry, boys I got shit to do. Are you gonna tell me I can’t?'”