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The Elite Reference NXT Spoiler In Latest Being the Elite (Recap)

July 6, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Being the Elite

The latest episode of Being the Elite is online, with the Young Bucks, Hangman Page and Kenny Omega joking about a recent spoiler for NXT that was leaked. As previously reported, NXT wrestler Saurav Gurjar posted a photo from one of the matches on his Instagram Live, leaking the result to fans. Here’s a recap of this week’s episode:

– Evil Uno slaps himself in the face with papers as Brodie Lee ordered last week.

– The Bucks go to Chili’s, but it’s closed. They talk about wearing masks and show a long line of cars for the COVID-19 testing at Daily’s Place. They said test results take ten minutes, and but if it’s positive they have to stay in Jacksonville for two weeks.

– Private Party greet Matt Jackson, who says his rib injury is fine. They mock him for lying and Nick comes into defend him.

– John Silver and Alex Reynolds try to get Benigno Bodega to join the Dark Order, but he turns them down because they don’t know how to win.

– The Young Bucks quiz Peter Avalon and Brandon Cutler on tag teams, but they don’t do so well.

– Colt Cabana tries to approach Kenny Omega for a bit, but the Bucks pull him aside and say he’s going back to his time as The Cleaner and may kill Colt.

– Hangman Page asks the Bucks for a ‘Christian AF’ shirt because it’s controversial. It’s revealed that they don’t know what ‘AF’ means and after a few guesses, Page lets them know by saying they’re ‘dumb as f**k.’

– Dark Order try to recruit Best Friends and Orange Cassidy but are shot down. Silver and Reynolds then say they recruited Trent’s mom. She comes in wearing a mask and drinking Kool-Aid, but Trent takes her away. Orange knocks some Kool-Aid off the table again.

– Kazarian keeps talking in a Southern accent. When the Bucks ask Daniels what’s going on, he says he thinks one of Matt Hardy’s deities went into Kazarian. Nick then turns into the Merch Freak and Hardy shows up as “Big Money Matt”. Nick snaps his fingers and Hardy is ‘V1’. Another snap is the Team Xtreme version and another is ‘High Voltage’ school Matt.

– The Bucks, Page and Omega hang out, and say that while they lost in the ratings, at least they didn’t post a spoiler to Instagram Live. The footage then ‘cuts out’, and we get a conversation that wasn’t meant to be recorded, with the Elite talking about how people will complain it’s too on the nose and they shouldn’t keep taking shots at the competition. Matt then says that ‘they make it so easy’. Omega wonders if people will like the bit and Page doesn’t seem to care.

– Page and Omega argue about Omega pouring out FTR’s drink on Dynamite. Omega says that FTR has been insulting the tag division while Page argues that they poured them a drink. Omega relents and says if Page and the Bucks are okay with FTR, then maybe he was overreacting. He says to give them a call so they can talk it out.

– Page things are ‘okay, but not good’ between himself and Omega. He adds that he loves the Bucks, but doesn’t like them.

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