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The Enlightenment: Stampede Classics Vol. 2 – Harts On Fire

December 10, 2004 | Posted by J.D. Dunn

More from the Hart family. This time a tape strictly dedicated to the Harts. If it seems a little cheeky pushing your own kids to the moon, think about this — you’re a (comparatively) small time promoter. You have a finite amount of money. Who are you gonna trust the most? Your own blood or someone just passing through?

That’s why you see “Von Erich” in every big WCCW match.

  • Your host is Ed Whalen.
  • British Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Title: Hubert Gallant (w/J.R. Foley) vs. Keith Hart.

    If Keith were just another wrestler, he’d probably be considered very good. He’s overshadowed by his brothers, though. Clipped to Keith holding a spinning toehold about ten minutes in. He segues to a figure-four. Gallant reverses the hold and puts the pressure on Keith. Keith struggles to get out of it. Gallant gets one off a gutwrench suplex. Gallant hit’s a kneedrop but hurts his own leg. Gallant wins a battle over an abdominal stretch. Keith hiptosses out of it. Gallant stays on top with a pendulum backbreaker. Gallant hurts his own knee again. Keith pops up and locks in the figure four for the win and the title about 6:00 in. **1/4

  • Bruce Hart upends the Dynamite Kid one week to become the number one contender for the World Mid-Heavyweight Title. Champion Dick Steinborn (Mr. Wrestling) gets in the ring and congratulates Bruce on the upset win. Lest you think it’s a lovefest, though, Steinborn talks about how Stu Hart used to abuse him back when he was a young kid and now the tables have turned because he can take it out on Stu’s son. Great interview, made all the more fun by Steinborn’s used car salesman delivery.
  • World Mid-Heavyweight Title: Dick Steinborn vs. Bruce Hart.

    JIP to Steinborn holding a chinlock and cheating like a bastard behind the referee’s back. Steinborn misses a charge into the corner, and Bruce targets the arm. Steinborn stalls against the ropes and trips Bruce up. Bruce counters a backdrop with a boot and fires away. Bruce hit’s an awkward charge to the corner. Steinborn slips out of the ring and wraps Bruce’s leg around the post. Back in, Steinborn grabs a sleeper hold. Bruce makes the ropes, but Steinborn won’t let go. The ref forces Steinborn to wake Bruce up before he’ll continue the match. After much argument, Steinborn wakes Bruce up. Bruce plays dead until Steinborn picks him up. Bruce small packages Steinborn out of nowhere for the win and the title. (c. 7:30 shown). Despite the slow pacing, Steinborn’s character psychology really made this one click. **3/4

  • World Mid-Heavyweight Title: Bruce Hart vs. Dynamite Kid.

    Clipped to the second fall of a 2/3 falls match. DK is up one fall to none. Bruce has been busted open after being rammed into a door. Kid spends the early part of the fall working that cut. He misses a charge at full speed. Bruce delivers a forearm and a Hart Attack Clothesline to win the second fall. They brawl on the floor, and Bruce returns the door shot from earlier. Both men are bleeding now. Kid slams him near the start of the third fall. He misses the swan dive headbutt, though. Bruce piledrives him for two, and they slug it out. The brawl spills to the outside for a bit. Back in, Bruce gets two off a sunset flip. They collide for a double KO. Bruce gets an All Japanish backdrop. SICK. A small package gets two. They battle in the corner until evil referee Sandy Scott throws the whole thing out. Different than the Steinborn match, but just as good. **3/4

  • North American Heavyweight Title: Bret Hart vs. Leo Burke.

    We’re tied at one fall apiece as we join the match in progress. Bret gets his pendulum backbreaker and a Boston Crab. Burke powers out as Whalen tells us that referee Sandy Scott was replaced by virtuous referee Wayne Hart. Burke counters a rollup to one of his own for two. Burke gets an airplane spin. Bret accidentally drops Burke out of the ring, and the match cuts off. Not sure what the point of showing this was. 1/2*

  • Ladder Match: Bad News Allen (w/Wakamatsu) vs. Bret Hart.

    Bret pushes Allen off the ladder and whips him into it. Bret goes up, but Allen teeters him off the ladder. Allen puts Bret’s head in the ladder and closes it on him. Bret slams Allen but misses an elbow drop. Allen plants Bret on the ladder and punches him. Allen slams the ladder into Bret’s gut. Bret avoids a charge and starts pounding away. Allen goes low and drops a knee across Bret’s throat. Allen goes up, but Bret pulls him down and stomps him. Bret goes up but gets caught. Bret knocks Allen into the referee, wiping them both out. Bret goes up, but evil manager Wakamatsu runs in and pushes the ladder over. Allen recovers and tosses Bret out. Allen goes up, but Dynamite Kid runs in and pushes him off the ladder. Bret gets back in and climbs up for the win. Pretty good, if a little overbooked. ***

  • Owen promises to bring class back to professional wrestling. Makhan Singh and Ron Starr interrupt and bust him open. Johnny Smith was supposed to take Owen’s place, but Owen’s a trooper.
  • North American Title (No DQ): Makhan Singh (w/Drago Zhivago & Miss Honey) vs. Owen Hart.

    Singh would go on to become Norman the Lunatic in WCW and Bastion Booger in the WWF. Owen surprises Singh with a missile dropkick and a bodyslam (!). Owen takes the bandage off his head and strangles Sign with it. Clipped to Singh in control. Owen slams Singh’s head into the buckle and moonsaults onto him for two. Singh tosses Owen to the outside and beats on him with his cast. Owen sunset flips back in for two. Singh nearly paralyzes Owen with a backdrop and clotheslines him with the cast. Owen comes back and ties Singh in the ropes. Owen rips the cast off , but the referee keeps him from using it. Owen won’t be denied, though, he goes up top and drops a fist (w/cast) to Singh’s face. ONE, TWO, THREE. New champion. ***

  • Lethal Larry Cameron vs. Owen Hart.

    JIP to Owen flipping over Cameron and getting a sunset flip for two. Cameron takes over with a chinlock and rips at Owen’s face. Cameron slams him but misses a second rope legdrop. Owen comes back with a dropkick. Owen gets the 10-punch count in the corner and again. A flying crossbody gets two. A suplex gets two more. A gutwrench gets two, but Owen just can’t finish him off. Owen whips him into the corner and delivers a reverse elbow. A flying elbow gets two. Owen goes up again, but it’s one time too many. Cameron gets his feet up. Cameron shoulderblocks Owen but picks him up at two. A powerslam gets two, but Cameron pulls him up again. Cameron sends Owen over the top with a wicked clothesline. Cameron tries to slam Owen back in, but Owen reverses to a small package for three. ***1/4

  • One week, Bret Hart and Archie “Stomper” Gouldie were going at it until evil manager J.R. Foley interferes and makes it a two-on-one. Stu Hart comes down and evens up the sides. The Stomper gets on the mic and gives wildly unhinged interview about how he just wanted to bait Stu into getting involved.
  • Tag Team Grudge Match: Bret Hart & Stu Hart vs. The Stomper & J.R. Foley.

    Clipped to Bret pounding away on the Stomper. Stu looks like Morty Seinfeld. Not good. Stu gets in a few shots, but the Stomper overpowers him. Stu comes back against Foley, but Stomper comes back in. The heels get a yellow card for double teaming. Stu staggers back to his corner and makes the tag. Bret takes on both heels but gets tossed right into Referee Cedric Hathaway. Stomper tosses Bret over the top rope. The heels doubleteam Stu until Bret recovers for a four-man brawl. Hathaway recovers and calls for the bell. **Shudder.** 1/4*

  • Keith Hart, Bruce Hart & Bret Hart vs. Dynamite Kid, Hubert Gallant & Duke Meyers (w/J.R. Foley).

    Keith starts out with a series of armdrags on anyone who gets in the ring. Gallant and Meyers try a doubleteam, but it backfires. Bret and Dynamite tag in, and Dynamite takes a HUGE backdrop. Bret delivers a flying forearm. Keith tags in and gets a yellow card for grabbing Dynamite’s hair. Duke Meyers and his gigantic head tag in. Keith whips Meyers into a Bruce Hart boot. Clipped ahead to the end of the match. All six men pair off. Dynamite gets whipped into the referee. Keith drives Gallant down to the mat as replacement ref Cedric Hathaway runs in and counts the three. Looked like a good match, but it was clipped down to about 4:30. 3/4*

    Final Thoughts: Hey, you know who rules all aspects of life as we know it? Owen Hart. His matches on this tape outshine everything else here. The ladder match is pretty good and historical enough that you’ll want to check it out. The only low point was seeing Stu with his shirt off.

    High recommendation for Stampede Classics Vol. 2.

    J.D. Dunn

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