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The Furious Flashbacks – 1PW Know Your Enemy 2006 Night Two

December 8, 2007 | Posted by Arnold Furious
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The Furious Flashbacks – 1PW Know Your Enemy 2006 Night Two  

The Furious Flashbacks – 1PW Know Your Enemy 2006 Night Two

Yes, I know my enemies. They’re the teachers who taught me to fight me. Compromise, conformity, assimilation, submission, ignorance, hypocrisy, brutality, the elite. All of which are American dreams

This is the third show of a crowded weekend. Already we’ve seen Abyss defeat Ulf Hermann in defence of his 1PW title and the GHC tag titles put on the line as Morishima & Yone clashed with Doug Williams and Nigel McGuinness in a stunning 30 minute draw. For night two Christian Cage gets his shot at Abyss and the title although Steve Corino won’t be happy after Abyss threatened to chokeslam his son on night one and Cage earned a victory over Corino to become #1 contender. Meanwhile the 1PW tag team tournament concludes. Also we get a wrestling dream match as Doug Williams goes one on one with Lance Storm.

We’re in Doncaster, Yorkshire. Ring announcer is Stevie Aaron. We get backstage updates from Adam Curtis reading off a sheet of paper. He tells us Cage won the title shot last night but Abyss threatened Corino’s son so he gets booked into that match too. And it’s Survival of the Sickest. We get some footage of Abyss threatening Colby Corino and even Dean Ayass thinks it’s over the line.

27th May 2006. Hosts are Joe Dombrowski and Dean Ayass.

Cruiserweight six-way – Dragon Aisu w/Gabriel Grey v Stevie Lynn v El Ligero v Darkside v Pac v Spud

Since when is Aisu a cruiserweight? I recognise all the wrestlers in this match from their entrance music, which is quite sad. I’m also totally psyched until Spud comes out as the last man. I hope this gets like 45 minutes. Spud is still hurt from the night before. Elimination rules scramble match, which kind of ruins part of the fun by denying us a series of great one on one clashes. Before we even get going out comes Andy Boy Simmonz. Crowd wants none of him and neither do I. “Boring” chants the disinterested crowd. “Shut the fuck up”. Simmonz tells the cruisers that they’ve never drawn anything in this business. Of course he’s a midget himself so the cruiserweights kick his ass. Spud isn’t satisfied with that and hits a hilo onto the security guards as they’re removing him. Aisu goes out to wail on Spud, which leads to a series of dives. It’s like watching WCW! I mean that in a good way. Obviously Pac is last guy to dive but Lynn cuts him off. Pac knocks him down and hits the standing moonsault into a back elbow. How in the hell does he do this shit? Gravity has truly forgotten about him. Even dodging people he’s flashy hitting a corkscrew moonsault just to avoid contact in the corner. He dives onto the top but Lynn kicks the ropes and hits the BURNING HAMMER~! Ligero jumps in there with Darkside as Pac falls to the floor. Ligero and DS trade on double chops. Lungblower to the face from Ligero. That was cool. Sliced Bread #2 gets 2. Ligero with a smooth slingshot springboard tornado DDT. Spud is back up and Ligero falls on his face. That looked deliberate. Spud gets a run up but makes the mistake of shouting “ariba” and gets kicked in the face. Spud comes back with an Enzuigiri and a tornado DDT of his own to eliminate El Ligero.

SJK is out here. They love booking don’t they? Team Supreme run in and kill Spud with the discus lariat/legsweep combo. Aisu pins him to dump Spud.

Flip neckbreaker on Lynn. Rolling neck snap and a spinal tap. Aisu’s stuff is less showy so the fans are less thrilled with his stuff. Lynn gives him a DVD over his knee but DS dives in with a flying forearm to prevent a tag. DS with some high knees in the corner. Yanno, like CM Punk started doing in ECW. Huge momentum for the double face wash on Aisu. Then another one for Lynn. Pac is back in after finally recovering from the Burning Hammer. The others brawl to the floor and up goes up Pac – CORKSCREW SHOOTING STAR~~~! He lays out Gabe for good measure. MOONSAULT DOUBLE STOMP on Lynn and the Tiger Suplex is just the icing on the cake. Pac eliminates him.

Pac is wowing the crowd here. Aisu jumps him though – CANADIAN DESTROYER~! DS dives in with a flying DDT. Darkside is popular too. He heads up top and drops the senton on Aisu for 2. Aisu gets his own back with the Lungblower. Chop rush is booed. DS takes him over with the KUDO DRIVER~! Aisu is pinned, natch and now it’s one on one.

DS v Pac for the win then. They counter standing and DS hits a release dragon suplex dumping Pac on his noggin for 2. DS calls for something off the top but Pac elbows out. 630 SPLASH~! Pac wins it. ***1/2. Hell of a spotty opener but the booking in there worked as they even advanced angles in a 6-way spotfest. Some nasty spots including some of wrestling’s most dangerous moves. Hellafun. Crowd loved it.

PROMO TIME – Crowd is chanting “that was awesome” as Dean Ayass gets into the ring. He thanks the fans for selling out the building tonight. “One-Pee-Dub”. Ayass makes fun of the fans being on minimum wage and saving up and come out here. He has a scoop. He says there’s a guy who missed this show because of a knee injury but he has connections so his special guest right now is Samoa Joe…or is it? Nope. It’s Jay Phoenix. Hehehe. Joe beat Jay up backstage when Jay waffled him with a pillow as part of an elaborate Steve Corino rib. Crowd chants “you’re a jobber” at him. He points out Joe isn’t here not because he’s injured but because he’s a pussy. “Joe’s gonna kill you”. “You’re going home in a fuckin’ ambulance”. “You’re shit and you know are”. Hehehe. Awesome. Abuse that man! Although Jay’s feelings are hurt he’ll continue on. He talks about how he got fired from 1PW and blames “that rat bastard” Samoa Joe for having him canned. Nigel McGuinness has heard enough of this because Jay won’t get to the point (he was meaning to blame Joe for having him fired because he’s scared of him but Jay is here to issue an open challenge to anyone else in the locker room. Now how hard was that to say?) Jay tells Nigel that fans aren’t allowed in the ring. Nigel tells him to step off or he’ll get slapped. Nigel says someone nicked his wallet. The boys in the back blamed Jay. He pleads his innocence but Nigel checks Jay’s jacket and presumably it’s in there because Jay jumps from behind.

Jay Phoenix v Nigel McGuinness

Nigel headstands into a great back kicking session finishing with an inverted DDT. Nigel lays in with forearms and a huge running forearm scores. Jay manages to get his feet up to prevent further abuse. Jay with a few forearms but Nigel totally no sells them. Jay does a lousy job of taking a few European uppercuts and Nigel looks pretty pissed off. LARIATOOOOOOOOOOO! That gets 2. Jay goes low while the ref is distracted and hits a flipping neckbreaker off the buckles for 2. Jay wants the hammer from the ring bell but the ref gets it off him so Jay uses the famous pillow instead. Nigel isn’t impressed. “HOLY SHIT” – wiseass fans. Drop toehold from Nigel but the PILLOW CUSHIONS THE FALL. That is genius. Middle of the forehead genius. Crowd applauds. LARIATOOOOOOOOOOOOO again for 2. Tower of London and Jay is counting lights. *1/2. Opening few minutes was rough but the pillow spots were terrific.

POST MATCH Nigel finds his wallet in Jay’s jacket. TEA LEAF!

SHAG AROUND DONCASTER – This is the same footage as from the first night where they arrive at the venue on the wrong day. Hmm.

Christopher Daniels/AJ Styles v Team SHAG (Colt Cabana/Darren Burridge)

This is a semi-final in the tag tournament. Funny catching Stevie Aaron mouthing “wow” as AJ and Daniels enter the ring nearby. Team SHAG enter through the crowd showing their popularity. When a gimmick is funny enough to make Chris Daniels break then you know it’s good. Colt poses and watches himself on the video wall. AJ gets carried away and starts waving behind him. I love it when wrestlers just show a few cracks in the personality. Colt calls the ref a slag. Daniels-Colt is a some nice counter wrestling from standing. Daniels goes for a monkey flip but Cabana cartwheels around it. Neat. Cabana does some British wrestling he’s learned like twisting out of a headlock using his own legs for momentum. Daniels ducks a clothesline and struts. We’re having a comedy match here and it’s great. Crowd wants a DONNY DANCE OFF. Cabana grinds the dice. Daniels has an ace up the sleeve – CURRY MAN DANCING~! Daniels and Cabana continue to counter and Daniels struts again. Cabana comes back with the Jackie Fargo strut. This is SO goofy. Double strut to finally tag in Burridge and AJ. They both strut into the middle of the ring and dance. AJ has a Carlton Banks thing going on. This has to be on You Tube.


To the mat quickly with AJ working a strong headscissors. Burridge gets out to a headlock and AJ rolls him up out of it for 2. Burridge looks closer to being in the same league as these guys than he was before. He’s still somewhat off the pace in wrestling terms but he’s getting better. Burridge gets his timing all wrong on a duck down but then gets whipped over with a nice armdrag from AJ. Good form. Burridge makes this about striking with elbows. Hip tosses for both of the American opponents. REF GETS ONE. Cabana runs in to calm him down and gets hip tossed too. Little bit of Florida Brothers there. Good stuff. AJ is done playing though and levels Burridge with the dropsault. AJ busts out the Mutalock. Burridge manages to break the hands apart. Burridge now finds himself somewhat isolated until he breaks out the Nigel British style Artful Dodger stuff but he’s not quite quick enough to do that well. He slips out into a German suplex. Colt gets the tag. FLIP, FLOP AND FLY! Ass ahoy! Cabana is running funny in this match possibly for his own amusement. AJ gets a tag and dives in with the Superman forearm. Team SHAG double team up and try a double pin, which has to be illegal. Cabana looks for the Colt 45 but Daniels saves. Nurple for Daniels. Burridge with a tope and he takes a header into the rail thanks to momentum. Colt wants the finish but AJ rolls though into the STYLES CLASH for the win. Holy crap that was awesome. ***1/4. Some really fun comedy stuff and some slick wrestling around it.

Southern Comfort (Tracey Smothers/Chris Hamrick) v Jonny Storm/Jody Fleisch

This is the other semi-final. Smothers, as per usual, runs down the fans on the mic. He says if he hears the “One-Pee-Dub” chant one more time it’ll be trouble. Smothers offers the UK team a chance to forfeit all he’ll take his shirt off and slap everyone in this building. Tracey has a 1PW shirt on under the top one. He then rips that off and wipes his groin with it. The Brits are way too fast for the heels in the early going. Smothers bails out because he’s “blown up and that’s a shoot”. He says if he hears that “Tracey sucks” chant one more time he’ll kill everyone in the building. “Everybody dies”. He’s so upset he cancels the dance off and promises to win the tag titles and change the name of the company to “SCW; Southern Comfort Rasslin”. The Brits gets suckered into a handshake. The Brits want a dance off and issue the challenge. Cue the music. In another nice comedy bit Smothers can’t stop himself dancing despite telling the fans there would be no dance off. Smothers breaks out every move he knows. Tag team dancing from the Brits into a double Worm. The heels jump from behind, obviously offended by the showboating. They fuck up a horrible double hip toss where Storm just bounces off and back bumps. Smothers with a few stiff clotheslines on Storm. Hamrick v Storm seems to suffer from some timing issues. The problem a lot of these guys have is that they’ve not worked together very often. Smothers, while applying a chinlock, asks for an announcement of no more 1PW chants. Smothers considers going up top but ends up on the bottom rope where he drops an elbow that misses. Smothers is always good for comedy. Storm breaks out the Fantastic Four, his series of kicks. Jody tags in and hits a spinning heel kick. Hamrick kicks at him but that just springs Jody up into an Enzuigiri. Heels bail again but this time Storm hits them with a corkscrew pescado. Jody takes them out with a moonsault as well. Smothers catches Storm with a Flatliner for 2 and Jody had to save. Jody looks for the SSP but Smothers rolls out of the way so Jody keeps moving into a standing SSP for 2. Hamrick nails Jody with the Dixie Drop and Storm is forced to save. Storm with a double spring super rana on Hamrick for 2. Hamrick takes a pisser to the floor on a missed charged. Smothers is left 2 on 1. Legsweep/springboard spinning heel kick combo finishes and the Brits go to the final. *1/4. The wrestling was infrequent thanks to all the goofing around. When it did finally get going it went straight into the false finishes.

POST MATCH Smothers threatens “ultra mega mass homicide” but puts over the Brits anyway pointing out the Brits have the chance to win the gold for the UK. Hamrick keeps teasing turning on Storm, which makes for some more laughs.

BACKSTAGE AJ & Daniels cut a promo. They point out they’ve won more titles already than Jody and Jonny will ever win. Daniels points out that Jody and Jonny may be the best of British but they’re the best in the world.

ELSEWHERE Morishima and Yone cut a promo and get interrupted by Al Snow and Meanie. Snow mistakes them as Cleavon and Bubba criticising their accents. The goofing around stops as Generation Next enter to be the serious guys. Everyone leaves but the Japanese. “We understand” – Morishima. “Assholes” – Yone. HAHAHA. Awesome. I mark so hard for Yone.

Generation Next (Austin Aries/Roderick Strong) v Al Snow/Blue Meanie v Takeshi Morishima/Mohammed Yone

This isn’t for the coveted GHC tag titles as they were defended just last night. Snow starts out with Morishima and gives him a clean break. Snow’s Head mannequin is more over than anyone else in the match, which is worrying. Snow and Morishima is pretty good. Maybe Al should go to Japan. He gets in Yone’s face but Yone isn’t interested. He just fluffs his hair. HAHAHA. This guy is walking awesome. Snow bounces off Morishima a few times. Morishima knocks Al about a bit more when he charges. Al finds Morishima a bit like the proverbial brick wall. Strong is laughing about it so Snow tags him in to have a go. He opts for push up’s instead. Strong bounces off then Morishima full on shoulderblocks him out of the ring. Aries gets one too. Those were sick shoulderblocks. Having defeated everyone at this game bar Meanie the contest seems to be over. Crowd chants for “Meanie”. He looks somewhat timid as he comes in. He issues a sumo challenge, which is ASKING for trouble. Meanie opts for stamping on his toes instead. Yone tags in and fluffs his hair. He knows he’s cool. Meanie goes for a headlock, which upsets Yone because it slightly messes his hair up. Yone and Meanie compare hairstyles. Another headlock from Meanie and Yone tries for a waistlock but can’t reach around because he’s too fat. Yone KNOWS comedy. Meanie stamps on Yone’s fingers. His stamping antics have been going well so far. Yone tries to return the hand stomp but Meanie moves and stamps on Yone’s feet. Yone spin kicks him and tags out to Aries. They heel on Meanie in their corner. Aries hits a home run off Meanie’s stomach and runs the bases elbowing everyone on the apron. Strong tries it but gets clotheslined between 1 and 2 by Snow. Yone back in but he can’t slam Meanie because he’s just too heavy. Yone-Snow is pretty good too. Snow bails to avoid Yone kicking his face off. Snow looks for his finish but can’t get it because Yone is still fresh. Head of steam again and this time he hooks Snow with a clothesline. Morishima in and he fights into a back suplex. Aries sneaks in with a fluke Oklahoma roll with the tights on Morishima for the pin even though one of the shoulders wasn’t down. That eliminates the GHC tag champs.

Boo! So Gen Next v the JOB Squad then. Strong catches Snow with a great dropkick. Aries hits the Greco-Roman backrake followed by the front rake. Aries has some serious raking action going on. He gets distracted by the fans and gets nailed with an Enzuigiri. Meanie comes in to rack up the heels and splash them. MEANIESAULT~! Strong has to save. Snow tags in blind while Meanie considers a dive to the floor. Aries throws him off. Aries-Snow and Aries tries with the tights on an O’Connor roll. Snow counters and the Snow Plow finishes for the JOB Squad. They won one! **. It was certainly different. The Japanese didn’t get to do much, which is a pity and the worst team got the win. Crowd seem happy though.

Sterling James Keenan w/Team Supreme v Chris Hamrick

Team Supreme is Jack Storm and Dave Morales. Hamrick is one of Corino’s buddies in Old School X so he’s going against SJK because of how Abyss attacked Colby Corino. The heat isn’t on this one like it will be with Corino-Abyss. Hamrick throws a lot of armdrags and the crowd is generally in support of him despite the indifference when he walked out here. SJK is a smart guy though and takes a powder to take away the momentum. I can see why SJK hasn’t caught on anywhere else. While he’s great on the mic he’s somewhat limited in the ring. Some timing issues apply here too as they make some armdrags and hip tosses look awkward. Hamrick with a few girly chops. They’re loud though and the crowd enjoys it. He misses in the corner though and SJK hits the Lungblower. That move is really getting overused now. John Walters and Carlito was fine but now it’s every other guy in the Indies. Hamrick misses a leg jam. This is pretty disjointed. Another in ring issue beyond timing from SJK is pacing. He’s a good heel and works the ring quite well but his way of putting a match together isn’t quite right. It’s almost tough to put your finger on what’s wrong sometimes but a match just feels wrong. Hamrick breaks out the Dixie Drop but hurts himself in the process thus preventing a cover. The commentators mention WWE interest in SJK but I doubt they’d sign him as he looks because he looks like a lightweight CM Punk. They counter around a bit more and SJK hits an STO for 2. Hamrick breaks out a nice combo with a suplex into a neckbreaker finishing for 2. Nice combo but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him use it before. Like a Simon’s Series from ECW. To the top and Hamrick just about manages a super rana with SJK having to dive off to complete it. Morales pulls the ref out to ask him about the cadence of his count. Storm jumps in with a DDT and the ref is back in but Hamrick kicks out. Team Supreme trip Hamrick up and somehow the ref misses that so Hamrick takes business into his own hands with a tope. Hamrick slingshots back in with a sunset flip but SJK grabs the ropes for the illegal pin. *3/4. It was ok. Great effort from Hamrick though. He was busting his ass out there. Shame the big spots rarely worked and SJK looked dodgy on some of the counters and even basics.

POST MATCH SJK grabs the mic to tell us that after tonight 1PW will never be the same again.

Doug Williams v Lance Storm

Ayass points out this is a dream match and I’m onboard for that. They start with some nice counters on the arm. Nothing complicated but everything is smooth. Storm trips Doug up and goes after a headlock but Doug goes back to the arm to get out. This time Doug gets an advantage on the arm scissoring it before going to a wristlock. Storm grabs the wrist and counters back himself. He’s working his way in here. This is a feeling out process. Like a game of human chess. Storm tries to get a cross armbreaker but Doug blocks it and locks up the legs. Both guys have been just wrestling here. Chaining since the opening bell. Storm reverses on the leglock into his own as the crowd chant “this is wrestling” and applaud as they finally break. Storm wins out on a test of strength but Doug bridges and Storm can’t break the bridge because it’s so fucking hardcore. Doug tries to monkey flip him off but Storm flips in mid air and lands on his feet. SWISH~! Doug applauds as the crowd chants “you’ve still got it”. Headscissors from Storm but Doug headstands out into a headlock. Camera is a wee bit close because I can hear them calling the next sequence. Doug gets back on the arm and there have only been about 15 seconds in this entire match where they’ve not been in contact with each other. Doug opts for some distance with a few European uppercuts. He thinks he’s got Storm a little weakened. Roll up gets 2 and then an armdrag as Doug goes back on the arm. Storm now looks frustrated. Another “this is wrestling” chant. Storm gets backdropped out of the ring and his frustration is very clear again. Doug offers to push the ropes down but Storm is pissed off and drags him outside. Storm pretty much heels this up by jumping Doug and using the rail. Joe points out that Lance couldn’t out wrestle Doug so he resorted to different tactics. Storm breaks out his elevated dropkick for 2. Doug counters by the ropes and hits a neckbreaker. Doug with a few uppercuts but now they’re more out of defence than attack. Storm hooks the leg and slaps on the STF. “Who’s the wrestler now?” questions Storm who’s clearly irked by Doug’s wrestling skill. Doug with a high knee but Storm hits the leaping calf kick in retaliation showing he knows Doug’s series. Doug takes it to the ropes though and hits a superplex for 2. Doug throws knees but Storm drops into the CANADIAN MAPLE LEAF. Doug has way too much left and gets into the ropes giving himself a reverse and Doug has the BRITISH MAPLE LEAF. That’s just messing with his head. Doug with a high knee, running knee and up he goes. BOMB SCARE~! That gets 2. Doug wants the Chaos Theory but Storm reverses it once but not the second time – CHAOS THEORY…and Doug Williams takes the pin. ****1/4. The ending was a little disappointing. You sensed the crowd wanted more. It’s still an excellent match and a great way for Lance Storm to go out. Contender for the UK MOTY certainly. Nice to see Doug steal the show both nights.

PROMO TIME – Ulf Herman. He’s seriously over. 1PW needs to work on its sound system. I can’t hear a word Ulf is saying. Ulf is considering retirement because he didn’t win the title last night. This brings out, oh crap, Iceman. Crowd don’t seem to want to hear what he has to say. Iceman congratulates Ulf on his retirement then calls him a piece of shit and jumps him from behind. Ulf gets whipped into a few rails. The tease here being for a future match as Ulf clearly isn’t retiring.

Ricky Reyes v Chad Collyer

This is thanks to Collyer partnering Reyes at the last minute on night one and losing the pin. Reyes just walked off in disgust. Chad tours the UK quite frequently so most of the crowd are familiar with him despite his lack of fame Stateside. They start brawling on the mat but the crowd isn’t interested. Reyes seems irritable but Collyer is the superior mat wrestler so gets ahead that way whenever Reyes loses his temper. Reyes takes charge with a neckbreaker and hits a fisherman buster for 2. Clearly the target is the neck and that’s where Reyes utilises the dragon sleeper. Collyer comes back with a powerslam into a keylock showing his mat skills once again. As soon as he gets Reyes grounded he immediately has the advantage. Reyes elbows at the neck and they blow a spot on the apron. Not sure what they were trying for there but Reyes made virtually no contact. Reyes takes a header into the post and the crowd aren’t particularly interested in this so Collyer biels Reyes into the crowd! YUS~! That was awesome. Unfortunately the ref counts them both out in the process. *1/2. It was just getting going when the match ended.

1PW tag titles – Jonny Storm/Jody Fleisch v AJ Styles/Christopher Daniels

Dig the crowd singing along to “you are, you are, I am, I am” the AJ music. The American duo are very focused and professional but the Brits seem more motivated. Crowd is divided over the two babyface teams. Jody starts with Daniels and Daniels does a nice back step to avoid a single leg. Crowd starts getting patriotic as Joe discusses where the crowd allegiance lies. Jody does an awesome slip over the back to escape a headlock. That was neat. Jody shows a little disrespect by slapping the back of Daniels head. Perhaps an attempt at a psyche out? Daniels starts jabbing at him and bails to celebrate. This has been all mind games so far. Jody tries rolling out of an arm ringer but Daniels rolls with him. Tidy. Jody tries to flip out again and uses up a lot of energy in the process only for Daniels to headlock him back down. Daniels lands on his feet off a monkey flip and so far Jody hasn’t done anything to get at Daniels. Supposedly he’s frustrated and tags AJ in but I’m not seeing that. AJ wants the “fresh guy”. They counter waistlocks, AJ ends up on the mat but that just allows him to hit the nip up rana. This guy is phenomenal. They counter some more into an Indy standoff. Daniels back in with a leaping calf kick for 2. Daniels gets himself isolated after being caught in the wrong part of town. Now it’s the Brits team work that gives them the chance to get an advantage. AJ gets backdropped out on top of Daniels and the Brits seem to have slightly better teaming. Jody also has NUTZ high spots like the Shooting Star off the middle rope to the floor. Luckily he doesn’t fall on his face this time. Jody goes for a handspring back elbow but Daniels gets knees up and the Americans break out a legsweep/clothesline combo. Running suplex from AJ gets 2. Now it’s the turn of the American team to show they can double team as they isolate Jody. AJ breaks out the dropsault shouting out “Lance Storm”. It’s a dropkick contest. Great little story about that. Backstage Lance ran down an entire flight of stairs to chop AJ in the back and shout “that’s for stealing my dropkick bitch” as he was running back up. Nice to see that extended into the ring. AJ refuses to do the Figure Four because the crowd like it and he’s certainly been working more heel in this match than usual. Daniels stands on Jody’s groin while singing the Star Spangled Banner. The heel-face alignment has become clearer now. Jody stops AJ with a shotei and then hits a jumping super rana that WOW’s the crowd. Jody gets the luke warm tag. Jonny with a rana on Daniels. Double spring rana and then a floatover DDT for 2. Jonny has gone seriously into his flippy spots here. Jonny goes for the Perfect Storm but Daniels blocks it and AJ grabs him for a German suplex. Jody tags in blind and hits a diving rana on AJ. All of these rana’s look suspect. Jody looks for the 720 DDT but Daniels pushes AJ aside to grab and sideslam Jody. Blue Thunder gets 2. Tags have gone by the wayside somewhat. Storm goes for the diving rana to the floor. AJ catches him and wants the Styles Clash calling Storm a “little faggot”. Daniels breaks out an Arabian press to wipe out everyone as Jody breaks up the Clash. Jody with a tornado DDT into the buckles on Daniels. Shooting Star Press (well, headbutt) gets 2 with AJ saving. Selling has gone out of the window now. Daniels sets up. BEST. MOONSAULT. EVER. AJ with a frogsplash but Storm saves. PERFECT STORM gets 2 with Daniels saving at the last second. POWERBOMB/NECKBREAKER on Storm. He’s dead but Jody saves. Crowd thinks this is awesome. Everyone hits strikes and Daniels keels over following an Enzuigiri. Crowd chants “1PW” as everyone lies around. Jody short kicks Daniels repeatedly to set up the 720 DDT. STYLES CLASH on Jody. He can’t turn it over and Storm saves anyway. They trade forearms. PELE…misses. Oklahoma roll gets 2. They counter some more. Discus lariat is blocked into the WONDERWALL and Storm gets the pin. The Brits win the titles to a sizeable ovation. ***1/2. That was a lot of fun. The selling was somewhat inconsistent as they hit up the finishing stretch and tags stopped being important. Also a lot the execution from the Brits was a bit dodgy.

POST MATCH We get a feel good celebration with Union Jacks and various babyfaces out here celebrating with them. Daniels and AJ snatch the titles but it’s only so they can strap the belts onto the winners. Storm gets on the mic to continue the celebration and hype the company that just put tag titles on him. Daniels says the best wrestlers in the world will be coming for those belts.

Survival of the Sickest/1PW title – Abyss (c) v Steve Corino v Christian Cage

Everyone hates each other in this match. Corino has the crowd support with some a smaller section supporting Christian. Corino has a major gripe with Abyss after the Colby incident the night before. Christian is booed by a section of the crowd who still resent his no show on a previous show. Abyss is too powerful for each individual so they team up and hit a double suplex. Corino and Cage spill out into the crowd for a brawl though because they don’t like each other either. Abyss joins in and considers hanging Corino off the balcony with a rope. Corino falls off. HOLY SHIT! That was a fucking SICK bump. I was about to type about how dangerous the set up was as Corino went face first through a table. Abyss and Cage brawl around while paramedics come out to treat Corino. That was SICK. Abyss isn’t satisfied with killing Steve Corino and carries his corpse back to the ring. Abyss pulls out a table wrapped in barbwire! Holy Christmas on a stick! Corino is finally back on his feet and Christian happens to be in the wrong place for that table Abyss set up but Abyss is pissed off with someone using his table and POWERBOMBS Corino through the barbwire table. Corino, you sick, sick puppy. That’s TWO sick bumps from him so far. Christian grabs a chair and nails Abyss with it. He has another chair and its CONCHAIRTO time. Abyss moves luckily for his skull and boots Cage in the face. Abyss goes low and runs Cage into a chair. Abyss with a goofy charge and Cage battles back with a spear for 2. Tornado inverted DDT gets 2. Ref bump is teased twice with Cage saving him before Abyss knocks him out. UNPRETTIER. No ref. Another ref runs in but Abyss kicks out. BLACK HOLE SLAM but Christian kicks out. Abyss isn’t happy with the ref and lays him out. He wasn’t the original ref anyway. Abyss bails and he’s got COLBY again to show him how he knocked his Dad out. Colby has nowhere to run but Cage makes the save. SHOCK TREATMENT for Cage. Colby still hasn’t escaped and Abyss threatens abuse BUT Corino is up! Abyss threatens the biggest chokeslam ever but Corino hits Abyss in the balls with a baseball bat wrapped in barbwire. UNPRETTIER on Abyss. But Cage gets Colby out of the ring instead of pinning and Corino STEALS IT with a sneaky pin. **1/2. The usual main event fun crap from 1PW. Corino took two sick bumps to break up the usual 3-way selling issues.

POST MATCH Cage teases waffling Corino with the belt but Corino has the barbwire bat still so he thinks twice and hands him the title. They shake hands to end that brief feud. Corino gets on the mic to thank the promoter (Steve Gauntley) and his family. The crowd chants “you’re our champion”. “I suck as a babyface”. Corino puts the show over and the locker room.

The 411: Fun night. The Doug Williams v Lance Storm match is a contender for the UK MOTY in 2006 (although I can think of at least one match in 3CW that was better) and is well worth a look. I believe it came in second on the UKFF ballots. The tag tournament is good stuff with Daniels & AJ bringing two strong matches. It’s slightly more consistent than night one even though they didn’t make good use of Yone & Morishima this time. A few of the matches could easily be skipped over too. But still a fun night. Thumbs up.
Final Score:  7.5   [ Good ]  legend

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