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The IIconics Discuss The Pressure They Feel About Being Judged So Much On Their Looks

April 16, 2019 | Posted by Ashish
The IIconics' Iiconics Billie Kay Peyton Royce WWE

In the latest episode of Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia, The IIconics (Peyton Royce and Billie Kay) talked about how much pressure they feel about being judged so much on their looks and the online criticism they face.

“Coming out on the main roster, there is such a light on you,” Peyton said. “And I, uh, especially with like social media and everyone has so much access to give you their opinion, and Billie, she used to tell me all the time, don’t read Twitter, don’t go on it, because the comments would just hurt me so badly, and I used to take it personally. Like these people knew me.”

She continued.

“The transition from NXT to the main roster is kind of crazy, because in NXT you have your schedule, and day in day out, it’s the same thing. You know exactly what’s coming, you know exactly what time you’re going to eat. You get to cook your meals. You get to sleep in your own bed. You get the same time you can work out each day. When you go up to the main roster, you have to find healthy foods on the road. You have to pick the right foods in catering, meanwhile there is two whole tables full of desserts, and cakes, and cookies, and cupcakes, and it just stares at you. And so, you really have to learn self discipline. Especially when you’re tired on the road, it’s the last day, you get to go home tomorrow, oh let me just treat myself with this cupcake. So I think with my transition to the main roster, I did, I guess, put on a few pounds, and I hated that within myself and then to be called out online about it, and then I feel like I’ve let myself down. How could I do this to myself? It just gets to you.”

She also talked about how the support of WWE has helped her not spin into an eating disorder.

“I feel like time helped. Just, time, moving on. Billie was a huge support to me through the whole thing. I had a really great support system. Even all my peers here at WWE. And I felt so much a part of a family when that happened. It was terrible, I wish it didn’t happen, but I just felt so supported and loved.”

Billie added her thoughts on how hard being judged on their looks is.

“It’s very tough. We’re in an industry where, I think you’re really accessible to people judging you, without knowing what you’re going through. The travel life is really hard. But people don’t know what you’re experiencing on the inside, or going through personal issues and stuff. And so they’re judging you based on what they’re physically seeing and they just don’t understand what you’re going through. So it’s really tough. I mean, I’ve definitely had self-esteem and body issues, body dysmorphia, and it’s really hard, but I’ve got Peyton to really, kind of, lean on.”

Listen to “The IIconics: Peyton Royce and Billie Kay – Capturing Your Dreams” on Spreaker.

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