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The Latest Info on The Hardys vs. Anthem Situation

May 22, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Matt & Jeff Hardy Hardy Boys The Hardys Hardy Boyz DVD Image Credit: WWE

According to Pwinsider, here is the latest situation regarding the Hardys vs. Anthem battle over the Broken Hardys gimmick. Impact Wrestling president Ed Nordholm was recently interviewed about the situation, and claimed that he doesn’t feel there is any question in regards to Impact owning the rights to the Broken Hardy gimmick. He also stated that WWE is not pursuing the property from them.

Legal representatives for the two sides were in the process of speaking. The Hardys hired a Nashville-area attorney at the beginning of April and that attorney had been involved with attempting to set up meetings since that time, but for weeks, Anthem representatives had not responded. The ownership of the gimmick will come down to the language in the contracts the Hardys signed. Until the contracts are made public, if ever, it’s all he said/he said. As of today, no lawsuits have been officially filmed. The felling is that it will be a long and expensive battle for both sides.

For now this will continue to play out in the public, with Matt wife Reby not being afraid to speak her mind about the situation, even calling out Jeff Jarrett and Ed Nordholm. Impact Wrestling feels they have legal ownership of the gimmick and that they are only protecting their intellectual property and shouldn’t be vilified for doing something that WWE or any other company would do.

Until this goes to court, or some sort of settlement is made, the he said/he said will continue.