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The Magnus Analysis – Chikara Speaking In Tongues

August 26, 2007 | Posted by Magnus Donaldson
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The Magnus Analysis – Chikara Speaking In Tongues  

Chikara returned to Reading, PA for Speaking In Tongues on April 15th 2005, the first in another triple shot of events. Commentary is done by Dave Prazak and Eddie Kingston.

Knight Eye For The Pirate Guy (Lance Steel and Jolly Rodger) and Allison Danger vs Sweet And Sour International (Larry Sweeney, Rorschach and The Sharecropper)
A fun opening tag match, very solid. It wasn’t however up to the sort of tag matches you see in the main events, or the KEFTPG vs Kings Of Wrestling bout. Still, lots of decent technical wrestling action, and some funny comedy with Sweet And Sour International managing to reverse Lance Steel’s Boston Crab because of the Hindu’s they were doing before the match. The finish saw Steel make Sweeney tap to the Boston Crab when he was trying to use a chain- **1/2

A promo was cut by Jolly Rodger and Larry Sweeney which would lead to the stipulation for the next match between the two teams at the next Reading show. If Sweet And Sour International win, Allison Danger becomes Larry Sweeney’s slave, but if KEFTPG win then Sweet And Sour International must wear diapers.

Chandler McClure vs Niles Young
This was a decent enough match, with some fast paced, hard hitting action. Chandler was using his ‘Human Rulebook’ referee style gimmick here, but was using it to a greater extent than he does/did in IWA, keeping the whistle in his mouth all the time in the early part of the match and using a flag for what was breaking of the rules in his opinion. Niles Young managed to pick up the win in this though despite some close near falls and submission attempts by Chandler by pinfall with the Yakuza Kick- *3/4

Men At Work (Shane Storm and Mister Zero) vs Team FIST (Icarus and Gran Akuma)
The rematch from Remain In Light here, and it was pretty good. The strange thing was that the fans apparently wanted seven more minutes added to the match, so rather than a 15 minute time limit, this had a 22 minute time limit. Anyway, this was as good as their match at Remain In Light, probably because of the increased time limit, and had great mat wrestling and high flying action. Team FIST were more serious in this match, showing signs of the change in attitude they would have soon. At one point the match turned into a brawl that went into the locker room, and we didn’t see any of it unfortunately (although we could hear it). Unfortunately, the time limit would expire once again on this match, so we still didn’t get a decisive winner- **3/4

Team FIST walked to the back without shaking the hands of Men At Work, another sign of their changing attitude and frustration.

‘The Animal’ Davey Andrews vs Shane Hagadorn
Oh man, this was stiff (Dave Prazak sums it up with this line, “is this MMA man”). These two absolutely beat the hell out of each other with very stiff strikes. Considering that their tag partners and they do this to each other, what would they do to each other if they were enemies. Then again, this was the first match in the Ring Of Honor Students Round Robin Challenge, so their was a lot on the line. It did take a little bit for the match to really get hard hitting due to the matwork early on, but when it did it was great, especially some of the slap sequences, and some of Davey’s strike sequences. Davey won this by pinfall with a Running Jumping Knee to the face- **3/4

CZW Junior Heavyweight Title Match- Sabian vs Ravage
A fun little match, but nothing too special. A high flying style as you would expect, with some fast paced action throughout. We did see some strikes used as well, especially by Ravage, including some hard chops. Sabian was impressive as always, and won the match with the Top Rope Double Stomp- **

NOTE: It was Trik Davis’s birthday during this event, meaning a win would be even better to have at this event

Hallowicked and Mano Metallico vs Perfect Strangers (Emil Sitoci and Trik Davis)
Once again, Eddie Kingston was obsessed with Sitoci’s abs, which Prazak would confuse with him talking about on of the other wrestlers abs (e.g. “Yes, Mano Metallico has quite the abs”). Anyway, this was another solid tag team match, with some comedy in it as well. There was the matchup of the steel hand on Mano Metallico against the steel abs of Emil Sitoci. This was funny because when Hallowicked and Metallico were isolating Sitoci, Metallico held Sitoci so Hallowicked could hit him, but he would punch him in the abs and hurt his own hand. Funny stuff. After a solid match, Hallowicked got the pinfall on Davis with a Fishermans Buster into a Sitout Powerbomb (I’m unsure what he calls it)- **1/2

Chris Hero vs Mickie Knuckles
Another very hard hitting match, which also told a good story thanks to an arm injury that Mickie had. Hero said at the start of the match that he wouldn’t work over her injured arm, and kept away from it most of the match. Mickie took a heavy beating from Hero, including lots of stiff strikes and high impact moves. However, Mickie was still able to put a fightback together, and came close to getting that victory over Hero. But when it looked like she might be able to win, Hero went right after the injured arm, locking in the Arm Capture Hangmans Clutch for the instant tap out, going back on what he said and showing his true character. A great match- ***1/4

Mike Quackenbush and Jigsaw vs The Kings Of Wrestling (Arik Cannon and Claudio Castagnoli)
Another great main event tag match from Chikara, with this one being a great mixture of styles. There was high flying, technical wrestling, hard hitting, and just about everything else you’d expect. It was basically everything you’d expect from a Chikara main event. One of the highlights of the match saw Quack do a Senton over the ropes onto Cannon and Castagnoli, a beautiful move. Another one was a Doomsday European Uppercut double team by Cannon and Claudio. The finish saw Claudio elevate Jigsaw onto Cannon to block a Spinning DDT, then Jigsaw hat a Hurracarana on Cannon for the three count. Great match- ***1/2

Chris Hero ran from the locker room to try and attack Quackenbush, but he was ready so Hero decided against it. Quackenbush cut a promo after the match to say basically that Hero couldn’t run from him forever.

The 411: More Chikara goodness here, and the tag team match as well as the Chris Hero singles match will both highly entertain you. Don't sleep over the ROH Students match either, I thought this was good in it's own right. The rest of the card is very solid, with only Chandler McClure and Sabian's matches being worthy of skipping. Solid recommendation for this event.
Final Score:  6.9   [ Average ]  legend

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