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The Miz Reveals He Gets Fatherhood Advice From R-Truth

June 17, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
WWE Smackdown Miz

In an interview with Yahoo, The Miz spoke about adjusting to life as a father and revealed that he gets advice on fatherhood from fellow WWE superstar R-Truth. Here are highlights:

On being exhausted now that he’s a dad: “I feel like I’m in a constant state of exhaustion. Between traveling, getting home, and… literally, all I think about is wanting to get home to my daughter. I love seeing her, just, play. Every time I come home, even if it’s just a weekend doing live [WWE] events, then RAW, and Tuesday I get home, it feels like she changes.”

On getting a new reality show: “Y’know, it’s funny, five years ago it would have been a completely different show. But I’m glad we waited. We were actually offered a reality show almost five years ago, and I turned it down. I always felt it was a bad look. When I was on the Real World, you were looked at as a no-talent hack who was just on TV for the sake of it and can’t really do anything besides live life in front of the camera. At least, I guess that’s the way I always felt.”

On getting advice for fatherhood: “Yes! There are a lot of dads backstage and a lot of dads giving good advice. R-Truth is the person I go to for all the best advice. I remember, I was childproofing my house, and he was just giving me amazing advice. He’s a wealth of knowledge because he has, I think, three or four kids.”

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