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The Name on the Marquee: Smoky Mountain Wrestling (4.30.1994)

February 16, 2017 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
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The Name on the Marquee: Smoky Mountain Wrestling (4.30.1994)  

-Originally aired April 30, 1994.

-We’re in Clinton, TN.

-Your hosts are Bob Caudle & Les Thatcher. Because of a challenge issued by Tracy Smothers, we’re not going to bother drawing a name for Beat the Champ this week.

-Bob & Les mention that Well Dunn has been complaining to SMW about how they never get promo time on TV and that you can’t just ask to give an interview, that’s not how it works. Yeah, Well Dunn!

-Timothy Well beats on Michaels and gives him a nice snap suplex. Steven Dunn comes off the top rope with a spear, and how the hell is that not a finisher? Well Dunn gangs up on Michaels while Bobby Blaze complains to the referee. Le Bombe De Well Dunn gets the three-count.

-Bob Armstrong talks about the big card in Knoxville. Once again, Randy Savage is on his way into the area to face Bruiser Bedlam, but now Armstrong has a BIG announcement. The contract has been finalized for Dirty White Boy’s match and Armstrong is at liberty to reveal the opponent: Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

-Jake cuts a trademark SMW “shot in a hotel or somebody’s house promo,” but at least shoots it next to a fireplace so it actually has some atmosphere to it. Jake dropped Andre the Giant, treated the Macho Man like a toy, made Rick Rude’s life hell, and almost retires Sting. For good measure, Jake even veers into shoot territory, calling himself “The only man that the WWF wouldn’t let near Hulk Hogan.”

-DWB has his eye all taped up after last week’s green mist attack. He says Jake Roberts is a tough opponent, even with two good eyes, but he’s a fighting champion, and he’ll be in Knoxville even if he’s down to one eye, one arm, and one leg by then. He also calls out “the slanty-eyed geek” and he’s actually met with silence and a handful of boos for that. He follows it with “Jap” and gets booed again, not taking the hint.

KENDO THE SAMURAI (with Darryl Van Horne) vs BRIAN LOGAN
-Samurai hammerlock, followed by an Oriental nervehold. South Korean punch to the face by the Samurai. Laotian elbowdrop follows. Mongolian back suplex continues the onslaught of generic white guy offense by this masked Asian man of mystery. Kick to the face; he jumps a little bit before connecting, so he’s probably legit. He presses two fingers into the throat of Logan, then slaps his own hand gives Kendo the win. We have a new contender for lamest finisher ever. I predict this move faces the Slaughter Noogie in the finals.

-Bob Caudle talks to Darryl Van Horne, who says DWB’s “corn bread and collard greens work ethic” won’t beat anybody in his expanding stable.

-Volunteer Slam III is coming to Knoxville. Dirty White Boy vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts! “Macho Man” Randy Savage vs. Bruiser Bedlam! Rock & Roll Express vs. Brian Lee & Chris Candido, no DQ! Thrillseekers vs. Well Dunn!

-Les chats with the Thrillseekers. Chris thanks the SMW fans for welcoming them into the territory, taking the state of Tennessee off the list for their hospitality. Lance Storm sounds nervous as all hell as he tries to say he’s going to try to live up to the legacy of Canadian wrestlers like Ron Garvin who became stars in Tennessee.

-Well Dunn interrupts, bringing with them, of all things, a list. It’s their demands for SMW. They want music videos, contracts for big matches, entrance music (“We don’t have entrance music! Why don’t we have entrance music?!”) Chris calls them Beavis & Butthead to a big pop, and it really is just night and day hearing the Thrillseekers cut promos, as Jericho sounds like a main eventer with ten years behind him as he runs down Well Dunn for not deserving any of the perks that they’re demanding. By the end of the promo, we have a match signed for next week, and since they already have a match for Volunteer Slam, I’ll betcha it’s a non-finish.

-We go to the WWF to watch highlights from Savage’s last great TV match in the company, a RAW match against Yokozuna that I remember being fantastic. I gotta find it on the Network after I’m done recapping this. Cornette interferes quite a bit during the match, which makes sense given his connection to Yoko anyway, but it serves a really good dual purpose, giving the match against Bruiser Bedlam a bit more of a story.

-Savage cuts a promo, saying he’s got Bob Armstrong’s back because he knows first-hand what kind of a pest Cornette is. Savage only talks for about 45 seconds, but it’s amazing how he takes this match, which, to be honest, is kind of a come-down for somebody in his position, and makes it sound like THE MATCH OF THE YEAR is about to happen in Knoxville. He hypes his ass off for this.

-Jim Cornette and Bruiser Bedlam taunt Bob Armstrong for having to take a page from Cornette’s own playbook by borrowing a WWF wrestler to do his bidding for him. Bruiser promises to bust his head like a scab in a union factory.

-Rock & Roll Express has some words for Chris Candido & Brian Lee. Nothing of note, though.

BEAT THE CHAMP TV TITLE: BRUISER BEDLAM (Champion, with Jim Cornette) vs “Wild Eyed Southern Boy” TRACY SMOTHERS
-Crowd chants “Bald Headed Geek” at Bedlam, which means this feud will last 11 years regardless of how much fun it actually is.

-Hiptoss and a series of dropkicks by Smothers. Bruiser fights back with elbows and choking. He slams Smothers into position and goes to the top. Bruiser slips and falls off the top, with Smothers being alert enough to roll over so it looks like Bedlam missed him. Tracy comes off the top and connects with the jawjacker, but Bruiser kicks out of the finisher, and since that’s never happened before, it actually means something. Tracy Smothers tries the move again, but Cornette knocks him off the top rope with a racquet shot to the knee, and Bedlam pins him to retain the title.

-Post-match, Bruiser applies the stomach claw on Smothers, and Bob Armstrong is fed up. He runs out to make the save himself, but Bedlam applies the stomach claw on him. Smothers tries to make the save by stealing Cornette’s tennis racquet, but he has to hit Bedlam three times before the shots register. Cornette throws powder in Smothers’ eyes, and now Cornette and Bedlam just lay a beating on both of their foes until the Thrillseekers chase them out.

-Tracy closes the show by promising the south WILL rise again.

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Good week, as they've just moved completely on from the stale feuds that were cluttering the company and everybody has fresh matches and new opponents to talk about.