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The Name on the Marquee: Smoky Mountain Wrestling (5.28.1994)

March 10, 2017 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Smoky Mountain Wrestling
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The Name on the Marquee: Smoky Mountain Wrestling (5.28.1994)  

-Originally aired May 28, 1994.

-Your host is Les Thatcher. Special program this week, comprised of highlights from Volunteer Slam 3 in Knoxville.

-The blowoff to a feud that just did not work. We’re joined in progress with Jericho clearing the ring singlehandedly. He works Dunn’s arm, and then brings Lance in for some double-team spots to clear the ring once more. We jump ahead to Jericho getting the hot tag and Storm cleans house. It’s a pier sixer and the referee doesn’t see Well launch Storm over the top rope.

-Well Dunn gangs up on Jericho. Referee is so disgusted by the blatant double-teaming that he actually nudges Jericho towards his own corner to try to make things a little more fair, although in execution it looks like one of those things that would make Gorilla Monsoon throw a shitfit on commentary. Referee gets into an argument with Dunn about this decidedly alternative method to officiating while Storm enters the ring without tagging and just catapults onto Well for the three-count.

-Well Dunn cannot believe how the Thrillseekers just got ANOTHER opportunity handed to them, and it’s blatantly clear that SMW is showing favoritism. Storm denies cheating, despite overwhelming video evidence. Thrillseekers accept a challenge to a rematch, even though Well Dunn is teasing that they want a stipulation added to the next bout.

-We flash back to Bruiser Bedlam’s brutal assault on Tract Smothers last week.

“Macho Man” RANDY SAVAGE (with Bob Armstrong) vs. BRUISER BEDLAM (with Jim Cornette)
-Joined in progress with Savage getting the macho snot beaten out of him. Nerve hold applied by Bruiser, as Cornette wisely has Bedlam training alongside his WWF charges to cut down on gym expenses.

-Savage elbows out but Bedlam just beats on him some more. Diving headbutt misses, and Savage comes back to life with a knee that sends Bedlam out to the floor. Savage rams Bedlam into the post and the barricade. Bedlam’s pretty much a beaten man. Savage slams him into position for the flying elbow. Cornette tries to block the move, and Armstrong heads over to kick the crap out of him.

-Referee is preoccupied with with manager-on-manager violence and he’s distracted long enough that Bedlam manages to survive the elbowdrop. Dory Funk Jr. shows up and assaults Bob Armstrong. Referee breaks up the action on the floor while Bedlam whips out some brass knuckles and knocks out Savage, and the impossible happens as Savage drops in for a visit at the territorial promotion and jobs to Bruiser Bedlam. Cornette must have had one HELL of a poker hand at some point.

-Jim Cornette, Bruiser, and Dory are here to gloat, and Dory ends it on an insanely creepy note, warning Armstrong that he and Terry are gonna rape Armstrong’s daughters.

-We hear from Tracy Smothers & Bob Armstrong, who says that he wants to kick Cornette’s ass so badly, and yet, legally, he’s prohibited from doing so unless he resigns his post as commissioner. Armstrong teases that he’s going to do exactly that just to get back into the ring, and promises to handpick his own replacement in the commissioner’s office.

-We recap Ricky Morton and Chris Candido and the duel for the piledriver.

-Les Thatcher is which Tammy Fytch. She’s annoyed about the upcoming piledriver match, especially because SMW just sorta changed their minds and decided that yeah, the tag titles CAN change hands in this bout.

-Night of the Legends is coming, including the Knoxville Wrestling Hall of Fame ceremony. Some lucky fan will receive $100 in cash, and hopefully so will the wrestlers.

-A look back at Jake Roberts winning the SMW Title in glorious fashion.

-Joined in progress. Jake is targeting the bad eye with boots and right hands. DWB retreats to the corner, and Jake is having such a good time that he just lies on the mat and takes a rest while watching DWB struggle back to his feet. Corner charge by Jake backfires and he gets booted out to the floor.

-DWB goes outside and targets Jake’s arm with a little help from the post. Back in, Mark Curtis takes a really impressive series of bumps out to the floor while Jake removes his boot and beats DWB over the head with it. Jake removes his wrist tape and ties DWB to the ropes. Jake pulls out the bag for the first time in SMW. A rather well-built “fan” runs in to try to save his favorite wrestler, but Jake clotheslines him into goo and sends him to the floor. Dirty White Girl runs in to try to get the bag out of the ring. Jake bearhugs her and pantomimes kissing her a few times to taunt DWB, who’s trying to free himself but cannot get the wrist tape untied.

-Jake teases DDTing Dirty White Girl, but then just throws her down to the mat and laughs it off…then he turns right around and actually DOES give her the DDT. And then kisses her and cops a little feel while she’s out. Jake starts to untie the bag, but all the faces run out to make the save (with Les Thatcher really slickly covering a plot hole here by mentioning that everyone was tending to the injured Bob Armstrong, which is why they didn’t know until right this moment what Jake was doing). Jake doesn’t even run from them, he just walks away.

-In the back, Les Thatcher files a report while DWG gets strapped onto a board and carried to the ambulance.

-Jake Roberts explains that he would never normally behave the way he behaved in that match…but being a wrestling champion isn’t normal, and as long as Jake has that gold, he will do any damn thing he can to hold onto it.

The final score: review Good
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Again, promotion is feeling really rejuvenated with Jake on top, and it was a fun week all around.