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The Name on the Marquee: Smoky Mountain Wrestling (7.2.1994)

April 9, 2017 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Smoky Mountain Wrestling
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The Name on the Marquee: Smoky Mountain Wrestling (7.2.1994)  

-Originally aired July 2, 1994.

-We’re in Loudon, TN.

-Your hosts are Bob Caudle & Les Thatcher. James Atkins gets drawn for Beat the Champ.

-Robert Gibson monkeyflips Hamrick, and Hamrick sets a record for the amount of air he gets on this bump. Tammy Fytch and her men join commentary to recap the entire feud up to this point. Morton backdrops Cazana, and Gibson elbows him down for two. Double dropkick finishes right as Tammy’s crew heads to the ring. Tammy knocks out Bambi with her loaded purse while the guys blind Robert Gibson. That leaves Morton against 3 people, and Tammy pulls out some scissors and shocks the wrestling world by snipping a few blond locks off of the world’s most famous mullet.

-The Thrillseekers offer the most contradictory promo ever, saying they’re so pissed off about Well Dunn that they’re going to start breaking the rules more, starting with the Penalty Box match, the match with strict stipulations punishing anyone who breaks the rules.

-Another Thrillseekers music video.

BRUISER BEDLAM (with Jim Cornette & Killer Kyle) vs LARRY SANTO
-Bedlam attacks the jobber at the bell and finishes right away with the stomach claw.

-We go to Jim Cornette, “dressed for a fight” (zebra-striped Zubaz) for a training session leading up to the dock fight. Bedlam loads five men into a cart and pulls them across a parking lot. Killer Kyle then competes singlehandedly against the five of them in a tug of war and wins handily.

-FITE is now live in the arena…well, in the venue with Bob Caudle. They’re going to form the most powerful union in America.

-Les Thatcher announces that Dick Slater and former Knoxville commentator Phil Rainey will be at Night of Legends. We get treated to a Doug Furnas highlight reel to announce Furnas’ participation, as Cornette is pulling every card out of his rolodex for this. Next, we take a look at Nelson Royal, and some vintage photos and video clips confirm that, in fact, Nelson Royal was never young. And speaking of going all out, we get the phone number for a hotel in Knoxville that’s charging a “Night of Legends” rate, $32 for a single or $36 for a double.

-Dirty White Boy wants Jake The Snake in a cage, and he’s going to pull Jake’s soul right out of his body.

-Jim Cornette and Killer Kyle show up. Cornette says that Atkins doesn’t get paid vacation or pension, so he’d better join the picket line outside, or ELSE. Atkins sheepishly leaves the ring while a union wrestler takes his spot in the match…

-Fans taunt Kyle by chanting “Bald Headed Geek.” Oh, so help me God, if FITE ends up feuding with Jimmy Valiant for the next eight and a half years…

-Smothers tosses Kyle to the floor. Back in, Kyle takes control and Cornette gives Smothers a shot to the throat with the racquet. Kyle clamps on the chinlock. Tracy elbows free and rolls Kyle up for two. Tracy gets fired up, hammering Kyle in the corner. Kyle cuts him off with an inverted atomic drop and sends him into the ropes, but Smothers dodges and rolls Kyle up with one motion and gets the pin to retain the title.

-After the match, FITE attacks Smothers, leading to the Armstrong family making the save, leading to Candido & Lee attacking on behalf of FITE, leading to the Rock & Roll Express joining the fight. Bob Armstrong walks away from the fight, which shocks the commentators because they’ve never seen him walk away from a fight like that…but Armstrong returns with a baseball bat and takes out every heel in SMW with it.

-Bob Armstrong announces he’s forming The People’s Union, with Smothers, the Rock & Roll Express, and his boys joining the group. Bullet Bob announces that Cornette got his wish and that he is indeed resigning from the commissioner’s post.

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Cornette's pen is white-hot this summer. Another really strong week for the storylines in SMW.