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The Professional 3 6.9.13 Paul Roma Moments

June 9, 2013 | Posted by Jon Harder


Welcome everyone to the Professional 3 HERE on 411wrestling.com! I’m Jon Harder and this week was like no other. Pay-per-view anniversaries, companies ending, the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Just a really emotional week for a wrestling fan. Trust me; I will make the emotion in this week’s P3 into more of a lighthearted jolly feeling. I think I will be able to do it. Trust me, I have an idea.

Before we go any further, check out this week’s Hardway Podcast with a WWE Hall of Fame inductee from the Class of 2012, original manager of the Four Horsemen, JJ Dillon! We talk a lot about the territory system, the switch to booking, television producing, the Four Horsemen naturally, and SO MUCH MORE! It was indeed a privilege and an honor to interview a classy and distinguished individual such as James J. Dillon, and I implore you all to check out this important podcast.

Tweet at me @TheJonHarder for any feedback towards anything towards my podcast or the Professional 3 at any time. I really appreciate the feedback.

Speaking of JJ Dillon, it made me think of a point of the podcast when I did ask him about the Horsemen. As I was transitioning to another question, I made reference to one man who truly rubs a lot of people the wrong way. A man who many people consider to be the worst Horseman in the history of the group. Someone who just didn’t belong. For some reason, I felt compelled to discuss this one man in this week’s Professional 3. That man…



Unlike everyone else under the sun, I genuinely believe Paul Roma had a great look within the Horsemen fold. He was in phenomenal shape, good-looking, and had a simple yet effective style inside of the ring.

I tend to think on why Paul Roma never went farther in wrestling. He seemed to have oodles of natural charisma whenever he had a microphone or when he was in front of a camera. Plus, he had some great opportunities to break out of the pack. Although supposedly Roma had a dismal attitude backstage, there have been worse wrestlers that have busted through the glass ceiling than “Pretty Paul”.

I will admit that there have been some favorite Paul Roma moments that have transpired over the 20+ years I have been watching pro wrestling. And of course, the entire 411 fan base has to be wondering what crack I must be on to write about Paul Roma. However, I have thoroughly devoured the internet for my favorite moments. And after weeks of intense searching, I have uncovered some beauties. So without further adieu, may I present to you…

THE PROFESSIONAL 3: Top Paul Roma Moments


When Hercules and Paul Roma formed Power and Glory in the summer of 1990, a lot of people didn’t think much. Yet, at Summerslam 1990, they rode of a ton of momentum and a hot Philly crowd to destroying the Rockers in the opening contest. Rumors actually flew at one time that if the top rope didn’t collapse on the untelevised and unrecognized Rockers’ WWF Tag Team Championship win against the Hart Foundation in November 1990, Power and Glory were going to be the team to feud and ultimately unseat Shawn Michaels and Marty Janetty as champions. However, as we all know, Slick’s charges became recognized as the losers of the quickest tag team match in WrestleMania history against the Legion of Doom at WrestleMania 7. That didn’t mean Power and Glory didn’t have their moment of awesomeness together.

On a Coliseum Home Video Supertape released in late 1990, Power and Glory wanted to show the puny and weak how to work out and get into phenomenal shape (AKA me at 6 years old. Coincidentally, it’s also for me now). In their no-sleeve belly shirts and identical pairs of AMAZING Zubaz, they pumped iron, shredded skin, and devastated their weights. You can say what you will about the cheesiness of this sketch, but I laugh every time I see it. Paul Roma and Hercules had great chemistry with one another, in my opinion, and there might not be many other guys that could make a workout session entertaining. These two men did.


I freely admit that growing up, watching Paul Roma and Arn Anderson team up as a child in WCW was great. Even worse: I preferred Roma to Arn. (If only Good News Hughes knew that.) Although I was incredibly disappointed that the Horsemen didn’t defeat the Hollywood Blonds at Beach Blast 1993 for the WCW Tag Team Championships, on the Clash of the Champions LIVE on TBS in August of 1993, the Horsemen faced off with Stunning Steve and Lord Steven Regal, a last second replacement for the injured Flyin’ Brian, for the championships. What a joy it was to see the Horsemen win the belts in the comfort of my own living room. Although Roma and Double A lost the belts a month later on my birthday at Fall Brawl to the Nasty Boys, it was cool seeing my favorite tag team at the time as champions. If I only knew then that Roma and Double A never really liked each other…


I remember as a kid at my grandmother’s house watching Prime Time Wrestling in Glendale, Queens on the USA Network and releasing how weird this clip was. Apparently, Paul Roma was NOT supposed to win this contest on this Madison Square Garden exclusive match against a pre-Franchise Shane Douglas. However, he did…and the match continued. I know this doesn’t necessarily put Paul Roma in the greatest light ever, but this makes me laugh, solely for the Bobby Heenan “He pinned the man TWICE!” line. Although an awkward situation for all in the Mecca of pro wrestling, Madison Square Garden, Paul Roma made a great moment that we can all remember.

On a side note, I really can’t believe that footage made it to national television.

Well, Paul Roma might not have had the greatest career of all time, but he’ll always be remembered. I have these positive examples of what greatness Paul Roma had. What are your favorites? Let me know either in the comments or on Twitter @TheJonHarder. See you next week in the Professional 3.

Jon Harder

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