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The Puerto Rico Report 3.28.06

March 28, 2006 | Posted by Armando Rodriguez

March 4 2006: WWC from Carolina PR:

– Puma Jr b The Hunter by pinfall at 5:28 after countering a powerbomb into a rana.

– Joe Bravo b Cupido Cruz by pinfall at 7:08 after a Facebuster DDT. Cupido looked really good here.

– The SWAT Team b Los Adorables by pinfall at 11:53 after their double team move(reminds me of The Nasty Boys “Pit Stop”) on Rick Adonis. The heels recover and do a 3 on 2 beatdown(Jesse joins in) and then put lipstick on the babyfaces!

– Tim Arson b The D’Jour Twins in a handicap match by pinfall at 7:15 when he dumps Dave and then kills David with his finishing move (looks like a TKO, Marc Mero’s old finisher).

– Disiple b Eli Rodriguez by DQ at 8:44. Eli retains the Junior Heavyweight Title. Disiple had the match won after the Impaler, but Eli manages to hit him with a set of brass knucks on his way down. The ref DQ’s the match.

– Lady Demonique b Black Rose by pinfall at 7:51 when Carmen runs out and breaks a kendo stick on Rose’s back.

– WWC Tag Team Champions Chris Joel and Alex Montalvo b Crazy Rudy and Brent Dail by DQ at 11:55. The heels won the match by holding on to the ropes. Joe Bravo comes out and explains what happened to the ref and the match is restarted. Jose Estrada gets involved as the heels attack Joe Bravo. The ref calls the DQ as Joel and Montalvo make the save.

– Another segment between Colon and Jovica. It ends the same way, with a big argument and a heel beatdown on Eddie and Carlos. Bronco, Bravo and other babyfaces make the save.

– WWC Universal Champion Bryan b Eddie Colon by pinfall at 2:57 to retain. Bryan is injured(legit) after an accident and comes out in crutches. Jovica says that he cannot defend the belt due to injury. Eddie gets irate and starts to argue with Jovica, Bryan breaks a crutch on Eddie’s head and covers for the cheap win. I wonder how long is he going to hold on to that title when he cannot wrestle for at least 3-4 months.

– Bronco #1 b Rico Suave by pinfall in a non-title match at 11:58. Suave had a set of brass knucks, Bronco ducks the punch and backdrops Suave, then steals the knucks and blasts him on the head for the win.

March 4th 2006 : IWA from Aguas Buenas PR:

NOTE: prwrestling is not doing full reports of most IWA shows for whatever reason, thus I only have information regarding the more important matches.

– Chicano defeated Rey Gonzales when Gonzales wins the match by using the tights, but Orlando Toledo overturns the decision, making Rey mad and adding to the rumors of Rey’s soon to be heel turn.

– Invader #1 defeated Cyber Viking in the hair vs mask match. Cyber lost the mask and he looks even more stupid without it.

– Apolo defeats Cruz in the #1 Contender’s Challenge Match. Savio wants Cruz to win so he can have an “easier” match, but his attempts to help him fail. Apolo wins with the Rock Bottom and sends Cruz back to midcard hell. Yaritza(heel valet) and Savio attack Apolo, Habana makes her return to IWA and kicks Yaritza around, Apolo recovers and Savio bails.

March 5 2006: NWS from Guanica PR:

– Ladder Rumble Match: Two envelopes hang above the ring, winners will face each other for the NWS World Title at the Anniversary Show! Over the top battle royale, final four can use the ladders to climb. Diamante, Maniac, Livewire and Tim Arson are the final four. Diamante goes berserk with Diamond Cutters for everyone and grabs the first envelope. Maniac and Livewire are in the ladder fighting for the second one. They are tossed by Arson from the ladder and he gets it! Diamante vs Arson to crown the first ever NWS World Champ at the Aniniversary Show!

– Onix and Super Atomo b Original Golden Boy and William De La Vega by pinfall when OGB nails De La Vega by accident with the loaded glove and Onix covers.

– Profe b TNT by DQ in a “Boxing Match” when TNT gets so pissed that he takes off the gloves and kicks Profe’s ass, ending with the superkick.

– The Pink Zone. Guest Black Rose. Yaritza comes out and insults her, then tells her that she has a big surprise for her next week. The heels then lay out Black Rose.

– Stefano b The Maniac in a “Kendo Stick in a pole” Match. Los Adorables get involved by nailing Maniac with a chair. They give Stefano the stick and he covers for the win. Maniac challenges Stefano to a hair vs mask match.

– Crazy Rudy and Black Pain b Diamante and Huracan Castillo by pinfall. Yaritza comes out and knocks Diamante’s wife out with a set of knucks. Diamante leaves the ring worried about her and carries her backstage. Castillo is left alone and eats a baseball bat shot from Chicky Starr(who was in the heel corner) and the Death from Above from Black Pain for the win. Shane comes out and steals Chicky’s bat to make the save, but Castillo thinks that Shane was the one who nailed him with the bat and they argue.

– NWS Tag Team Champions Ash and Livewire b Bandido and Chicky Starr by DQ when Crazy Rudy runs in with a piece of lumber and whacks the faces. Hammet comes out to even the odds and the heels bail.

March 11 2006: WWC from Aibonito PR:

– Superstar Romeo b Bad Boy by pinfall after a superkick.

– Disiple b The Hunter after the Impaler.

– Los Adorables b The SWAT Team after Rick nails one of the SWAT’s with a hair spray can. Heel beatdown ends with the SWAT’s wearing dresses.

– Black Rose and Genesis vs Lady Demonique and Carmen went to no contest. Rose ends up mad at Genesis after miscomunication and leaves. Heel beatdown until Rose comes back to her senses and makes the save.

– Abbad b Tim Arson by DQ when Estrada attacks Abbad. Arson then launches TWO FIREBALLS at Abbad. The faces make the save and take Abbad away with a towel on his face. Arson is now “Pyromaniac” Tim Arson.

– Eddie Colon b Black Pain by DQ. It was supposed to be aganist Bryan for the Universal Title, but he is unable to compete and they name BP as Eddie’s opponent. Same deal, Eddie gets control and the heels run out for a mass beatdown.

– Another Jovica segment. Colon tries to make Jovica change his mind by bringing out his younger brother. He cant believe what his big brother Victor is doing to the people of Puerto Rico and to his friends. Victor insults his younger brother who leaves with his head down. Man, this angle is going on FOREVER!

– Bronco #1 b Rico Suave by DQ. Rico retains. Estrada gets involved for the DQ and Bronco demands a Hardcore Match.

– Alex Montalvo, Chris Joel and Joe Bravo b Brent Dail, Crazy Rudy and Jose Estrada by pinfall. Montalvo uses the knucks on Dail to win and Joel and Bravo are not too happy about that.

March 11 2006: IWA from Toa Baja PR:

Once again, short notes:

– Rey Gonzales defeated Chicano to win the Intercontinental Title after the Phoenix Landing(TKO). After the match Savio comes out and demands that Rey makes a decision. Invader also comes out since he wants to hear it face to face. Rey says NO to Savio and remains a babyface. Invader laughs….and nails Rey with a Heart Punch! He and Savio embrace! Another Heart Punch as Invader is a heel for the first time in 30 years!! He reveals that he lied about the papers Orlando Toledo signed on TV and that in reality they are iron clad contracts with IWA for him and Savio and they cannot be fired! Chicano comes out and cant believe what happened. I suppose he will go back to a babyface role or something.

– Blitz made an open challenge and Tommy Diablo answered. Diablo to turn face? That would rock as I love the chemistry between this two in the ring. Blitz won with help from Magnificent Chris to retain the Junior Heavyweight Title.

– Cruz defeated Noriega in a “Contender’s Match” for the Hardcore Title. Cruz is back as a heel, being abusive towards Amazona. WTF? They rehash the same angle they did with Diablo and Ivy last year. The Hardcore Title was taken from Mr. Big and some sort of tournament(composed of contender matches?) is taking place.

March 12 2006: NWS from San Sebastian PR:

– The show opens with the contract signing between Diamante and Tim Arson for the NWS World Title Match at Honor vs Betrayal II. Of course Chicky Starr and his cronies run out and beat Diamante down, Shane makes the save and threats are exchanged.

– Brent Dail b Super Atomo by pinfall after the Fisherman’s Buster. It seems Dail is getting a decent push in the NWS since he claims that Shane stole his gimmnick.

– Profe b TNT in a boxing gloves match after Profe used the old “put glove on water bucket” trick and knocked out TNT.

– The Maniac b Stefano in a mask vs hair match by pinfall. Los Adorables came out and used a chair on Maniac and Stefano won, but another ref came out and restarted the match. Maniac finally won with the Vertebreaker. He managed to cut some of Stefy’s hair off, but Los Adorables ran out for the beatdown. They tried to rip his mask off, but out came The Master Connection to make the save in their return to the NWS. It seems they are back after a management change(one of the NWS announcers is now half owner of NWS and he brought them back).

– Hammet b Original Golden Boy, Bolo the Red Bulldog and William De La Vega in a first to four falls match. Yes, the winner was the first one to score four falls. If somebody lost two falls they where eliminated. Hammet was up 2-0 after consecutive pins on De La Vega and Bolo. Golden Boy then caught up by scoring pins on Hammet and then De La Vega who was eliminated. Golden Boy then pinned Bolo to eliminate him and go up 3-2. Hammet then tied the match by scoring a surprise victory roll. The end of the match has Hammet ducking under GB’s loaded glove punch and scoring another roll-up for the win.

– NWS Tag Team Champions Livewire and Ash b Bandido and Crazy Rudy by DQ to retain. Same deal, Starr runs in and attacks the faces, match gets disqualified, Stefano makes the save with a chair.

– Pink Zone with Sexy Juliette and Yaritza. Yaritza blames Juliette for her failure to stop Sandra, Diamante’s wife. They turn on her and Maniac runs in to clean up the mess. Then Sandra comes out and she and Juliette shake hands.

– Black Paim and El Nene b Shane the Glammour Boy and Huracan Castillo by pinfall after Castillo goes to the top rope, Pain sends Shane into the corner and Castillo falls down. Pain gets the Death from Above for the win. Shane helps Castillo up and Castillo stares him down, then leaves.

– Dr. Cesar Vargas vs Jose Chaparro in a steel cage match went to no contest. They really pulled all the stops here, light tubes, flaming tables, you name it! The heel stable runs out for the DQ, Castillo and Shane make the save. Then Castillo turns on Shane and knocks him out cold with the ring bell! The rest of the faces make the save for real as Castillo joins Starr’s Wrestling Club.

March 18 2006: WWC from Jayuya PR!

– Tornado #2 b Fire Blaze by pinfall at 9:38 in a tryout match.

– WWC Junior Heavyweight Champion Eli Rodriguez b Disiple by pinfall at 8:44. Eli retains here after Disiple tries a crossbody, but Eli rolls trough and uses the tights to win.

– Tim Arson b The Hunter by pinfall at 7:28 after a Death Valley Driver. Not much heat since two heels where against each other.

– The SWAT Team b Los Adorables by DQ at 12:28 when Jesse runs in with a chair. Heel beatdown follows and then the SWAT’s are left in the mat with wigs and lipstick on.

– Black Pain b Bronco #3 by pinfall at 9:48 with the Death From Above.

– Jovica comes out and once again rambles on about the sale. Like I said, nothing of note has happened to move this forward and I feel it is getting stale. Eddie Comes out to interrupt and is attacked by Tornado #1.

– Eddie Colon b Tornado #1 by submission at 4:48 with the Figure Four. Jovica then tells Eddie that he will have a big opponent next week.

– WWC Puerto Rican Champion Rico Suave b Bronco #1 by pinfall at 11:28 in a No DQ Match to retain. Bronco had the match won after the Face Buster DDT, but Eli Rodriguez came out and pulled out the ref at two. Rico pulled a set of knucks from his pants, but Bronco #3 ran out and stole them. Then Eli distracted Bronco as Suave got hold of a chair and smashed him on the back. The pin was academic.

– Brent Dail and Gama Singh Jr b Alex Montalvo and Chris Joel by DQ at 16:21 when Montalvo uses a set of knucks on Brent Dail. Dail had his flag pole at hand and tried to nail Montalvo, but he ducked and used the knucks. Montalvo and Joel then argue backstage.

March 18 2006: IWA from Bayamon PR

Once again, short notes:

– Invader and Savio came out as Invader cut his first heel promo and the heat was awesome. Then Orlando Toledo came out and told Invader that Rey will be back….around time for Judgement Day VI. Rey vs Invader at Judgement Day VI is announced!

– Chicano defeated Cyber Viking in a “Contenders” match for the Hardcore Title. Chicano tried to look neutral or tweener, but the fans cheered him on anyway. Considered to be one of Viking’s best matches to date, but that is not saying much.

– Invader #1 vs Noriega ended in DQ after Invader nails the Heart Punch, instead of covering, he wants to nail another one on him. Several faces run in to try and make the save, until Chicano runs out and brawls with Invader. Great reaction for Chicano’s apparent face turn. Savio then comes out and clocks Chicano with the bat and a heel beatdown ends on a Heart Punch for Chicano as well. Apolo made the save for real.

– Apolo defeated Rhino after the Rock Bottom. Savio came out and power bombed Apolo’s wife trough a table!

It seems IWA is catching some momentum and WWC is getting stale again. Injuries are part of that, but some of the lame stuff is unacceptable. For my next report, expect full results of WWC’s Honor vs Betrayal II and IWA’s Judgement Day VI. Also look out for a special article on the NWS confusing internal situation and how it can end the promotion. That article will be up by next week at the latest.


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