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The Puerto Rico Report 6.29.06

June 29, 2006 | Posted by Armando Rodriguez

Welcome to the Puerto Rico Report. This is one of those special “short recap” editions since a lot has happened over the last three weeks since my last report, but the problem is that most of it has been outside the ring! TWO key people from IWA jumped to the NWS, one of them the most important jump in the HISTORY of that promotion and wipes away Shane’s jump last year. Yes, it is that big! Is IWA going under after Quinones death? It seems the backstage situations are at an all time high since Invader #1 as head booker has turned so many people away! Another of the key main eventers is gone on hiatus as well. But on to the recap!

The first jump

Noriega jumped from IWA to the NWS. This was foretold in my last report after he was jobbed out for three straight weeks on his way out after apparent problems with…you guess it, Invader #1. Apparently Noriega complained about his lack of direction since Invader took over as head booker. This is contradictory: If you remember correctly, once Invader came into the booking team Noriega was one of the guys he pushed hard at first, alongside Abbad and Spectro, now out of IWA. He was billed as Rey Gonzales cousin(since they resemble each other a lot), was turned into the second most important man in the New Generation stable, behind Chicano who was being groomed for the World Title, winning the Intercontinental Title several times, becoming a solid upper midcarder and very over. He was involved with Chicano on a short term storyline after his heel turn in which Noriega came to Invader’s aid. But for the past 3-4 months, the timeframe in which Invader was given complete control of the book, his push has stalled and he seemed to be wrestling guys randomly each week, without any sort of purpose. But if you look at it in detail, out of that New Generation stable and initial push, who benefited? That right, Invader came more over than all of them! He used his role as “New Generation’s Coach” to book himself on a long program with Chicano once he turned heel and then to fuel his own heel turn, disappointed in the attitude of today’s youth. So even with the monster push, Invader PUT HIMSELF over all of them at the end. That’s my opinion anyway, even if IWA used the excuse of Noriega getting a fan pregnant as their reason for firing them. Which is lame because this stuff happens all the time. Noriega’s debut in the NWS was well received and he seems to be going towards a NWS World Title feud with Tim Arson.

A legendary figure retires?

During Summer Attitude, IWA’s big summer event, Savio Vega stripped Rey Gonzales of the Intercontinental Title and told him that his contract had ended three weeks ago and as such he was out of IWA. Rey looked pissed off and left. This seems like an angle, but according to backstage sources, Rey asked for this time off. He has been thinking about retirement over the past year and wants to take time off and make up his mind. It is unknown if backstage problems are the source of his frustration. I don’t think Invader has anything to do with this since he and Rey have been good friends, as close a friend you can be to Invader, since their time in WWC where Invader was one of the guys who kept pushing for Rey to be the top dog and was a very important figure in molding Rey for the main event.

Summer Attitude notes

– Chicano recovered the Hardcore Title by beating Bad Boy Bradley with rappers as lumberjacks surrounding the ring with leather straps. This feud seems to take the “Rap” vs “Country” feud to new levels! Feud still seems to be far from over.

– Slash Venom made his return looking for vengeance on Mr. Big, but lost cleanly to a Chokeslam. Venom was one of the most popular guys in IWA before he left to pursue options in the United States. His stay wont be long and IWA plans to bring him occasionally to big events.

– Rey Gonzales went over Slugga to retain the Intercontinental Title. After the match, the angle/situation I described above happened and Rey left pissed off.

– Apolo went over Cruz in a grudge match. After the match, Habana and Amazona got into a catfight and Cruz attacked Apolo from behind.

– Invader #1 went over Thunder in a great match. The story of the match was Thunder surviving a Heart Punch, making a great comeback and dramatic moment, before loosing to the second Heart Punch. It really got Thunder over as the first guy to get up from a Heart Punch. The feud is far from over.

– Lightning went over Savio Vega in a “Mask vs Title” match to become the NEW IWA WORLD CHAMPION and join the list of guys who have held both, the IWA and WWC World Titles. The list includes Rey Gonzales, Shane the Glammour Boy and Savio Vega.

Spectro out of WWC

Short lived stay for the problematic young man. It seems that after a WWC event, Spectro went backstage and confronted Victor Jovica over some money they owed him(surprise!). This led to an argument in which Jovica apparently insulted Spectro and Spectro punched him. If I where sixty years old, I would not argue with a 6’5″, 275 pound guy who is ¼ my age and wears a gas mask. GAS MASK FOR GOD’S SAKE! Spectro will apparently continue working for the NWS however, but rumors of a jump to the WWS have been spread. Talking about the WWS, they have not run an event in three weeks….where are they?

Compromising Positions

Electra, one of Chicano’s dancers was fired from IWA. She was found by police having sex with a man in a car at a Burger King parking lot and she told the cops “Don’t do anything to me, I am a public figure, I dance with Chicano in IWA!”. Yep, great excuse. She got fired and is awaiting trial.

More money issues

Abbad no showed several WWC events, pissed off about WWC owing him money. The problem has been solved and he is expected to remain in the company.

Banderas unmasked

La Parka went over “Muerte Cibernetica” in the TripleMania AAA event in Mexico in a mask vs mask match. Cibernetica unmasked to reveal: Ricky Banderas! Very pissed off Ricky Banderas! This was one of the main events and Banderas run in Mexico has been a success. No words when, if, he ever comes back to IWA.

Dark Matches for the former Eric Alexander

Deep South’s Eric Perez, formely Eric Alexander in WWC, worked under the name Joe Perez and lost to Jim Duggan in a RAW Dark Match, then worked as Eric Perez and lost against Funaki in a Dark Match at the Smackdown tapings. Perez is working a sort of “Latin Gang” like tag team with Sonny Siaki in Deep South. Their attire reminds me of Los Boricuas.

Notes from NWS 6/11 show

– They make fun of Shane for loosing his final match in the NWS and how we will never see him again in an NWS ring.

– Reyko vs William De La Vega went to a time limit draw and they seem to be building up to a multi-person title match.

– The Bad Guys went over the D’Jour Twins to retain the NWS Tag Team Titles in an interpromotional match.

– Bolo, Stefano and “Superstar” Ash Rubinsky come out to make fun of Livewire and they proclaim that they are the NEW HP. Ash now has blonde hair and is doing some sort of Narcissist gimmnick. Livewire comes out with his good friend Rico Casanova(Rockin’ Rico in Florida) and a brawl ensues, but the HP dominate until Noriega and Fire Blaze make the save.

– Noriega went over Bone Crusher in his NWS ring debut after a Flying Clothesline. He was attacked by Brent Dail, who mentions he is one of 5 WWC guys who will be facing 5 NWS guys at the NWS version of the Bruiser Brody Memorial Cup.

– Rein Stein went over Fire Blaze after using a chain. They continue the assault until a masked man known as “Mr. GPR” comes out and makes the save. He is so obviously Shane under a mask! Be original…this angle has been overdone as off late.

IWA notes from 6/24

– Chicano went over Slugga to retain the Hardcore Title. Bad Boy Bradley then attacked him after the match and Slash Venom made the save.

– Slash vs Bad Boy Bradley went to no contest after interference from Slugga and Chicano makes the save.

– Cruz came out for his match vs Apolo, but he never makes it to the ring and Cruz wins by forfeit. I wonder why he was not there?

– Invader challenges Lightning to a Title Match next week.

WWC Bruiser Brody Memorial Cup notes.

– Brent Dail went over Superstar Romeo to retain the Junior Heavyweight Title.

– With Stacy Colon as the special referee, Black Rose went over Lady Demonique to win the WWC Women’s Title.

– In their return to WWC, Chicky Starr and Huracan Castillo went over Rico Suave and Tim Arson by DQ. Suave and Arson retain the WWC Tag Team Titles.

– Alex Montalvo went over Bronco #1 to win the WWC Puerto Rican Title after using a set of brass knucks.

– Eddie Colon went over Orlando Jordan by pinfall in a solid match. I have to admit that OJ looked good, even if I did not like him in his WWE run.

– Bryan came out and talked to the fans, saying he is less than a month away from coming back full time. He acted very heelish, but the fans cheered anyway.

– With Carlos Colon as the special ref, Shane went over Black Pain by DQ. The heels came out and beatdown Shane and Carlos until Abbad made the save.

– Abdullah the Butcher went over Abbad by pinfall in a Hardcore Match.

– Abbad won the Hardcore Battle Royale to win the Bruiser Brody Memorial Cup. He and Abdullah where the final two and Abbad got a measure of revenge from the previous match by pinning him. Also in the match where: Chicky Starr, Huracan Castillo, Rico Suave, Tim Arson, Eddie Colon, Brent Dail, Orlando Jordan, Superstar Romeo, Black Pain, Shane, Bronco #1, Joe Bravo, Alex Montalvo, Chris Joel, Crazy Rudy and several others.


– Mr. GPR went over Bone Crusher by DQ after Rein Stein ran in and they beat him up. Before they could go or the mask, Fire Blaze made the save.

– William De La Vega went over Reyko, Bolo and Stefano in a Fatal Fourway to win the NWS Cruiserweight Title with the help of Livewire..? Where are they going with this?

– Eddie Colon and Bronco #1 went over Black Pain and Jason X by pinfall.

– Fire Blaze went over Rein Stein in a Dog Collar Match. The finish has another Fire Blaze coming out, which distracts Rein Stein and allows the real Blaze to touch the final corner.

– Tim Arson went over Noriega to retain the NWS World Title. He had some outside assistance and continued the beatdown until Abbad made the save and challenged Arson to a title match next week.

– Livewire went over Orlando Jordan after much failed interference from the new HP.

– Grand Prix: Noriega, Livewire, Mr. GPR, Fire Blaze and Reyko went over Orlando Jordan, Black Pain, Jason X, Brent Dail and Tim Arson in the WWC vs NWS Grand Prix Tag Team Match.

– After the bout a huge beatdown on the faces…..suddenly….a LION ROARS! APOLO COMES OUT AND SAVES EVERYONE! APOLO IS IN THE NWS!

With that I leave you to think about how screwed IWA is right now until another edition of the Puerto Rico Report.


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