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The Rock Reveals Ken Shamrock Damaged Blood Vessels In His Lung After Suplex

March 27, 2021 | Posted by Joseph Lee
The Rock Ken Shamrock WrestleMania 14

In a post on Instagram, The Rock spoke about his matches with Ken Shamrock during the late 90s, revealing that a suplex from Shamrock damaged blood vessels in his lung.

He wrote: “Not the most elegant or sexy #throwbackthursday back when I had a lil’ internal bleeding (not planned) while wrestling @UFC Hall Of Famer, @kenshamrockofficial aka “The World’s Most Dangerous Man”.

I loved wrestling Kenny around the world and we had some classic matches.

On this night I took a hard suplex and the impact damaged blood vessels in my lungs causing the blood to come up.

Kept composed, made sure I could breath and continued with the match.

I’d like to think Ken would’ve shown me some compassion, but his facial expression says “f*ck your bleeding lungs” as he tries to rip my ankle from my tibia.

These were good days and this was how I proudly made my bones.

As always, “thank you for house”, brother.