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The Rock Shares His Praise for The Hurt Business, Bobby Lashley Credits Him for Paving the Way

March 4, 2021 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
The Rock WrestleMania 32 Dwayne Johnson

– Former WWE Superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shared praise for The Hurt Business on Twitter earlier today, responding to a comment by MVP regarding a young fan looking at a mural of The Rock, Bobby Lashley, and Kofi Kingston with their WWE title belts. The initial tweet with the mural image has a caption that reads, “It’s possible.”

A fan responded to the tweet, writing, “Everything doesn’t always have to be a race thing. That’s kind of what we’re trying to steer away from and you’re doing the opposite.” MVP later wrote in response, “No. He’s not. That is a beautiful statement about representation and inspiration. It means something when your heros look like you.”

The Rock then replied to MVP, sharing his praise to The Hurt Business stable. He tweeted, “Well said, brother. You guys are doing GREAT. Very happy for all of you. Very proud, too. Representing.”

WWE champion Bobby Lashley then responded to The Rock, writing, “You and so many others paved the way for us to do what we do. Without The Great One, there might not be an All Mighty.”