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The Smackdown Breakdown 10.28.04

October 28, 2004 | Posted by J.D. Dunn

  • WWE Smackdown — 10/28/04
  • From Omaha, Neb.
  • Your hosts are Michael Cole and Tazz.
  • Al Snow and the now-seven Tough Enough guys are in the house. They don’t get a very nice welcome from The Big Show in the back. Apparently, they haven’t paid enough dues. This from a guy who was handed the World Title in his first match! Your finalists are Chris Nawrocki, Mike Mizanin, Ryan Reeves, Dan “Spicolli” Rodimer, Nick Mitchell, Justice Smith and Daniel Puder. I like Justice myself. The fun begins when Al gives them the mic and tells them to tell Big Show what they really think of him. Oh dear lord! Miz is over huge with Huskers despite saying how happy he is to be in Oklahoma. Justice makes me proud with a “Warriors” reference. You know what, if just one of them would have said, “Hey, he’s right. I haven’t paid my dues.” He would have scored major points. But that wouldn’t have set up the next segment — the Tough Enough guys have to say the same thing…to Big Show’s face. Show walks out and slams each and every one of them. This confirms Jim Cornette’s theory that if it seems real at all the crowd will love it.
  • Recap of Booker T turning on Bradshaw.
  • Chavo Guerrero vs. Nunzio.

    Billy Kidman comes out to join the announce team. The distraction lets Nunzio jump Chavo from behind. Billy says he’s just there to show support to Chavo in his first match back. Chavo turns the tide and invites Kidman in. Nunzio kicks out of a backdrop suplex and delivers the Sicilian Slice. It only gets two. Chavo charges into a drop toehold into the turnbuckle. Chavo small packages Nunzio for two. Chavo makes the big comeback and nails a spinebuster for two. Chavo and Nunzio collide, sending Nunzio to the outside. Kidman tries to finish Chavo with the Shooting Star Press, but Chavo moves out of the way. Nunzio attacks but falls victim to the Gorybomb. ONE, TWO, THREE! *3/4

  • John Bradshaw Layfield admits that Booker T — a tag team wrestler — beat him last week. However, JBL is a singles champion and can defeat Booker in a singles match. Booker T interrupts and challenges JBL for the title. Orlando Jordan tells Booker he couldn’t even beat him, much less JBL. General Manager Theodore Long interrupts the fracas and tells them if Booker defeats OJ tonight, he gets a shot at JBL.
  • Heidenreich calls Paul Heyman and tells him to get the Undertaker to sign the contract under any circumstances.
  • If you didn’t think your vote made a difference, maybe GARRISON CADE will change your mind.
  • Elsewhere, Paul Heyman arrives at “an undisclosed location” to get the Undertaker’s signature on the Survivor Series contract. Taker signs after a lengthy speech from Heyman. This was okay until they added in the post-production music.
  • Mick Foley pushes his book.
  • Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio.

    If I had to make a guess, I would say that this is likely a way to get Rey involved on Eddy’s side for the Survivor Series. Rey has a cool “Dark Patriot” thing going on tonight. Angle takes him down into a side headlock. Mysterio tries a shoulderblock but bounces right off. He stomps on Angle’s foot and tries it again, this time successfully. Angle blocks a Mysterio charge and belly-to-bellies him over the top as we go to commercial. We come back to Rey headbutting out of a belly-to-belly. Rey charges, but it’s right into another belly-to-belly. Angle tries to wear Rey down with a reverse bearhug, then a leg scissors. Angle picks him up for a powerslam, but Rey counters to a Tornado DDT. ONE, TWO, THR-NOO!!! Rey springboards onto Angle and delivers a headscissors. The Wheelbarrow to Bulldog gets two. Mysterio flips out of an Anklelock and sets up for the 619. Angle ducks out of the way. Rey tries a springboard crossbody, but Angle ducks out of the way again. Rey takes out the ref. Rey counters the Angleslam to a huracanrana. Rey goes for the 619 again, but this time Mark Jindrak pushes Angle out of the way. Luther Reigns and Jindrak do the big beatdown on Rey until Rob Van Dam makes the save. Angle hits Rey with the Angleslam and pulls down the straps. Eddy Guerrero comes out, tags Angle, and hits him with the frogsplash. Rey covers! ONE, TWO, THREE! ***

  • Elsewhere, Torrie Wilson gets ready for her costume contest later on. Kenzo Suzuki enters the locker room and tries to hit on her. Uh, isn’t he married? Torrie sends him away.
  • Highlights of the Big Show guest starring on Enterprise. Awkward moment occurs when Scott Bakula tells Show he hasn’t paid his dues and needs to get off his set.
  • Teddy Long makes an “old school” Survivor Series elimination match. Eddy and Kurt will each choose four man teams. Michael Cole says it’s been a number of years since we had a traditional Survivor Series match. I guess “1” is a number.
  • Carlito Cool stands by to explain his role in John Cena’s stabbing. The interview is somewhat hampered by Carlito’s new “associate” Jesus. Suddenly, the interview turns into Rashomon as Carlito gives his side of the story. Apparently, Cena made a lot of enemies at the club that night so it could be anyone. Jesus is Cool.
  • Halloween Costume Contest: Torrie Wilson vs. Dawn Marie Wilson

    Torrie has a nice low-cut Faerie Godmother costume on. Dawn Marie has a nurses outfit on. But it’s not for the contest. It’s for when she’s nursing Charlie Haas back to health. MISS JACKIE~! comes out and strips Dawn to her bra and panties.

  • Big Show accosts Eddy Guerrero and demands to be the fourth member of Eddy’s team. Eddy says he’s not going to be intimidated into picking anyone. He picks Show anyway, though.
  • The Raw Rebound is the best Raw in weeks. No! The best Raw in years! No! The best Raw EVER! No! The best thing on television ever! Or, just a decent Raw with a great ending. Orton loses to Flair but the major babyfaces give Triple H his comeuppance.
  • Spike Dudley proposes that one member of the Dudleyz join Angle’s team. Angle says that if the Dudleyz can eliminate the Big Show, one of them will get a spot on Angle’s team. I’d drop Jindrak and Reigns and take all three Dudleyz.
  • Recap of the Tough Enough IV guys endearing themselves to the Big Show. The Miz should have said, “I NAILED TRISHELLE AND LIVED TO TELL ABOUT IT!” You can vote for your favorite next week.
  • Orlando Jordan vs. Booker T.

    Orlando comes out in the limo. Really, as a matter of character, JBL should make Orlando walk like a normal wrestler and then pull up in the limo. Booker nails a sideslam for two. Jordan rakes the eyes to make the comeback. Booker locks in a stepover armbar. Orlando comes back with an elbow for two. They slug it out, and Booker hits the spinkick. Booker sends Jordan out with the clothesline and stares down JBL. Back from commercial, Booker is in control with a suplex. Booker tosses OJ again but talks trash with JBL. OJ jumps Booker from behind to take back control. Booker fights out of a chinlock, but OJ hotshots him for two. Booker rolls through a crossbody block and gets two. Booker comes back with a swinging neckbreaker. A flapjack leads to a double KO. Booker gets a kick and a spinebuster for two. A superkick puts Jordan down. Booker takes out Bradshaw and finishes OJ with the scissors kick. **1/4

    Final Thoughts: Hopefully, Booker has enough left in him for one big run. The rest of the card just seems to be puttering along on autopilot until the PPV. Nothing really bad. The Heidenreich/Taker feud was kept to a minimum, which was kind of odd. I guess the biggest segment of the show was the Tough Enough kids making themselves known. Not a tremendous show, nothing bad. Eh.

    J.D. Dunn

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