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The Smackdown Breakdown — 12.08.06

December 10, 2006 | Posted by J.D. Dunn

The RAWtopsy should return at its regularly scheduled time next week. And by “next week,” I don’t mean tomorrow, but the week after.

WWE Smackdown
by J.D. Dunn

  • November 8, 2006
  • Your hosts are Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield.

  • Mr. Kennedy leads off the show to let the Undertaker know that he is NOT intimidated. After all, he’s beaten the Taker twice. Suddenly, a hearse that’s been parked by the entrance ramp backs up to the ring…and it has no driver! Well, maybe the cameraman they positioned inside to show that there is, in fact, no one inside is working the controls with his feet. Undertaker jumps out of the back, scaring Kennedy out into the crowd.
  • Non-Title: London & Kendrick vs. William Regal & Dave Taylor.
    The champs attack the Englishmen before they get in the ring and whip them into one another. They isolate Regal and work his arm for a bit before Taylor tags in and takes over. London tries to skin-the-cat back in, but Taylor nails him with a kick while he’s exposed. Regal flips London over on his face with a half-nelson suplex. London plays face-in-peril for a while. He actually works in Misawa’s front flip kick to get out of a surfboard. Kendrick eventually gets the hot tag and hits Sliced Bread #2 on Taylor. An enzuigiri sends Regal to the floor where he stalks Ashley. London makes the save and hugs Ashley while Kendrick wonders what in the hell is going on. Regal clips Kendrick’s leg, dropping him on his head. Kendrick is so dazed that Taylor is able to finish with a Butterfly Suplex at 9:35. Good enough. You know how you can tell this was a decent match? At the beginning, the crowd was deadly silent. By the end, they were cheering the hot tag and “ooh”ing at Kendrick’s big bumps. JBL’s Word: Amelioration. **

  • John Cena actually references his past beatdowns from Finlay and Booker to put over how much he wants to team with Batista.
  • Batista is super-stoked about it as well.
  • In the back, Finlay reminds King Booker that he’s never beaten Finlay. Booker thinks Teddy Long is out to get them. Finlay says he’s a man of action, not words, so he’s going to knock Batista’s teeth out tonight.
  • Non-Title: Batista vs. Fit Finlay.
    Notice how they keep putting Batista in there with Finlay in long matches so he can learn how to work an extended match? Finlay comes out extra cocky for some reason and slaps Big Dave in the face. Batista laughs it off and slaps the shit out of Finlay for fun. Finlay tries to break down Batista’s leg, but Batista powers up and hits a clothesline. To the floor, Finlay fails to shove Batista into the post and gets booted into the crowd for his trouble. We come back to Finlay reversing a suplex to a hammerlock. Finlay starts going back and forth between attacking the knee, working the arm, and throwing forearms at the side of Batista’s head. He follows Batista to the floor where Batista slams his spine into the apron. Ouch! Back to the ring, Batista actually tries to wrestle like Finlay, which really isn’t his game. He catches Finlay in mid-air and boots him in the chest. That’s more like it. Finlay goes back to the arm, though. It’s a long resthold, so JBL references Danny DeVito on “The View” and then makes fun of Cole for getting the reference. Big Dave powers back with a powerslam and a spinebuster. The Leprechaun tries to interfere, but Batista tosses him into Finlay. King Booker runs down but nearly gets powerbomb through the announce table. Finlay makes the save with the shillelagh for the DQ at 19:35. Booker and Finlay team up to toss Batista’s shoulder into the post. Finlay tries to finish Dave off with a trio of shillelagh shots to Batista’s exposed arm. Long match that tended to move in fits and starts. **1/4

  • #1 Contender’s Match: Jimmy Wang Yang (w/Amy) vs. Jamie Noble.
    Gregory Helms comes out to watch…or is that K-Fed? Yang snaps off a rana early, but Noble cuts off his shoulderblock. Yang makes the comeback but runs into a Lightning Legline. Yang hits a flying thrust kick but runs into a snap powerslam for two. Yang blocks a charge and goes up top for a moonsault bodyblock at 3:45. Yang moves on to face Noble for the CW title at Armageddon. *1/2
  • Recap of Chris Benoit trying to cripple Vicky Guerrero. She shows up and slaps him for being a woman-hater.
  • In the back, MVP objects to being in an Inferno Match. After all, he’s beaten Kane in a Street Fight and Cage Match. General Manager Teddy Long capitulates and makes a tag team match between MVP & Kennedy against Undertaker and Kane. You know, so MVP can soften Kane up.
  • Chris Benoit vs. Sylvan.
    Benoit is pissed about getting slapped, so he takes it out on Sylvan. Sylvan doesn’t even get an offensive move in before tapping at 0:54. JBL’s Word: Well, he translates “bonjour” as “I surrender.” 1/4*

  • The Miz vs. Scotty II Hotty
    It’s disturbing that Miz’s music sounds suspiciously like a remixed version of Batista’s. Miz tries to throw Scotty to the floor, but Scotty clings to the ropes, tricking Miz into charging and falling through the ropes. Miz slingshots back in with a shoulderblock, prompting a funny exchange between Cole and JBL about whether it’s impressive because Bam Bam Bigelow used to do it. Scotty goes for the W-O-R-M, but Miz rolls him up for the win at 2:47. Miz gets extra heelish with a swinging neckbreaker and mocks the W-O-R-M. That brings out the Boogeyman to chase Miz off. 1/2*

  • Kane sings Christmas carols. As disturbing as you’d think.
  • Kane vs. Mr. Kennedy.
    Kennedy attacks at the bell but runs into a boot. Kane drops a leg, so Kennedy tries to run. Kane catches him and suplexes him back into the ring. To the floor, Kennedy peels back the cushion on the crowd barrier but wanders into an uppercut. Back inside, Kennedy goes to the eyes and dropkicks Kane off the apron to the barrier. Kane struggles back in, and Kennedy plants him with a DDT. It only gets two. Great characterization from Kennedy as he acts like a hyena —scared when things are fair, but aggressive and ruthless when he has you down. Kane blocks the Facewash and catches Kennedy coming off the top with an uppercut (it missed, but the thought was there). The Flying Clothesline sets up the chokeslam, but MVP runs in at 8:48. The lights go out, and when they come back, only MVP is left in the ring. Kane has disappeared, and Kennedy is scurrying up into the crowd. Suddenly, Kane’s pyro goes off, spooking MVP as we go off the air. *1/2

    Final Thoughts: Hey, nothing wrong here. We already have three big matches and, while the shows aren’t explosive or anything, they just keep a slow, steady build to a payoff. I was initially critical of the decision to extend the Kennedy/Taker feud, but it would make more sense for Taker to finish things off in one of his many specialty matches. Since Taker’s an alleged lock to main event against Batista at ‘Mania, look for him to win and for Kennedy to start cooling off.

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