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The Undertaker Chats With Kevin Hart on Retirement, His Daughter Liking John Cena More, and His WWE Mt. Rushmore on Cold As Balls

November 30, 2021 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Cold As Balls - Kevin Hart and The Undertaker

– Former WWE Superstar, The Undertaker, joined Kevin Hart for the latest Season 5 episode of Cold As Balls for Hart’s Laugh Out Loud Network. The WWE Phenom chatted with Hart about his Top 4 WWE Superstars, his daughter being a bigger fan of John Cena than her own dad, and why he thought it was time to retire. You can view the full episode below.

According to Undertaker, his daughter is a big fan of John Cena, and she became extremely upset when Cena lost to her father. With regards to his retirement, he noted that wrestling took a significant toll on his body, forcing him to undergo more than 17 surgeries due to his injuries.

The Undertaker also recalled first getting into the business and how many doubted him when he first got his start. He recalled many people telling him that no one would ever pay money to see him wrestle.

With regards to his Mount Rushmore of WWE, The Undertaker named Andre the Giant, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and Shawn Michaels.

New episodes of Cold As Balls air every Tuesday on Laugh Out Loud on YouTube, the Cold As Balls Facebook, and Kevin Hart’s Facebook page. The final guests for Season 5 will be Deontay Wilder and A’ja Wilson.