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The Undertaker Loved Kobe Bryant’s Mindset Toward His Career

March 22, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE Hall of Fame Undertaker Image Credit: WWE

The Undertaker is a big admirer of how Kobe Bryant approached his career, and he recently talked about being inspired by the late NBA great. The Deadman spoke with 98.5 The Bet Las Vegas promoting his 1 deadMAN Show and talked about how he felt a kinship with Bryant through their attitudes.

“I just always loved his mindset man,” Undertaker said (per Wrestling Inc). “He was a grinder and I always tell people ‘never be content, never be satisfied,’ and he was never satisfied with anything that he did. I just loved it, what he expected from his teammates and what he poured into the Lakers. He was just what I embody a professional athlete to be. He was just a dog man, I appreciate that in people. People that won’t accept defeat and when you do get a setback, to grow from it and come back strong and I always felt that from him.”