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The Undertaker Previews One-Man Shows, Teases Unexpected Stories

June 1, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE Hall of Fame Undertaker Image Credit: WWE

The Undertaker is bringing his one-man show to Glasgow, and he recently previewed what to expect during the show. The WWE Hall of Famer spoke with The Scottish Sun for a new interview, and you can check out some highlights below:

On telling unexpected stories at the shows: “Although I was that character for so long, one of my favourite things about being in this business is going to the pubs after we work and sitting down with my friends telling stories. Not so much the wrestling we did that night but about things that happened, having a few drinks and letting stories get a little exaggerated. That atmosphere was always so enjoyable to me and what I try to do in my show is recreate some of that. I’m sure everybody has seen a tonne of wrestling shows where there’s a moderator and you ask questions. You get some insight but it’s pretty plain and vanilla. I try to bring in some of my own personal life and make it more exciting.

“You’re definitely going to hear stories you wouldn’t imagine when you think of The Undertaker. The last show I did was right around WrestleMania in Los Angeles. I had my civilian friends there – friends not involved in wrestling or even big wrestling fans – and they came back after the show and told me I was a lunatic and that they were blown away by some of my stories. I shared things that they had no clue about, the path I had to take to get into the business and some of the things me and my buddies got into while we were in the business, they were mesmerised. If somebody who doesn’t know about me didn’t drink, they would probably be smashed by the time I got to the end of the history of The Undertaker.”

On choosing Glasgow as a host for one of the shows: “I loved performing in Scotland because there’s so much energy from the crowds. Back then we didn’t get to go that often and, when we were there, business was always really good. People came out to have a good time and the Scots are pretty well known for enjoying a drink or two at the bar so that fits right into my wheelhouse. It’s extremely humbling to know that through the course of your career you’ve affected people in such a way that even though I’ve been retired, there’s still this desire to hear my stories and to come out and see me. When you get into the business I don’t think those are things you think about, you’re trying to get booked and stay on. But to have that relationship with your fan base that lasts beyond your career like it has with me – it’s incredible.”

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