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The Undertaker Recalls Going Off On WWE Roster At Live Event in Australia

March 1, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
The Undertaker American Badass Image Credit: WWE

The Undertaker recently recalled taking the WWE roster to task for their attitude during a live event trip to Australia. The WWE Hall of Famer spoke on his Six Feet Under podcast about reading the roster down during the live event, which had a $1 million gate but according to the Dead Man saw the roster put on a bad show. He also discussed the change in culture backstage in in WWE today. You can see highlights below, courtesy of Wrestling Inc:

On the attitude backstage after the lackluster show: “We go out, everybody works, everybody’s exhausted. Just about everyone made an exhaustive effort and everyone was feeling sorry for themselves.”

On taking them to task over the situation: “We got everybody together in a room. I don’t know, the next 30 to 40 minutes I proceeded to cuss and lambast that whole roster for their lack of effort and pride in themselves, and man, it was bad. I don’t remember if Michelle was there or not, but man, it was [bad].”

On the roster not realizing how big of the show was in terms of business: “A lot of those people hadn’t seen that same venue half full, half empty, they were hanging from the rafters. From the start of the night, they were really excited to be there. Everybody was tired and the effort put out was not good.”

On the culture backstage in WWE today: “I think the whole culture has changed so much that, and I don’t know this for certain, my assumption is that everything is kind of self-policed. If there is somebody that’s kind of screwing things up, usually everybody has got one or two people that they’re really close with. But, I don’t know that they have that one person that’s willing to assemble the group and cuss them.” 

On who the main leader of the roster is in WWE today: “I don’t know, there could be, but I don’t know who that would be. The culture is really different, most of the top guys all have buses, and they stay on their buses.”

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