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The Wrestling 5 & 1 08.11.12: Candice Michelle vs. Mia Yim!

August 11, 2012 | Posted by Greg De Marco

Welcome to my 95th edition of The Wrestling 5&1. One step closer to the epic 100th edition. What will make it epic? I don’t know! (It’ll likely be the same ol’ Wrestling 5&1…meaning it’ll be EPIC!)

Listen while you read as Chikara Grand Champion Eddie Kingston joins the program! Plus new WSU owner Drew Cordero, DeMarcette Barbi Hayden and more!


Not quite! Despite happening after this column was uploaded, I wanted to take the opportunity to edit in some thoughts and analysis on the firing of AW for his Kobe Bryant comments that aired on RAW two weeks ago…

On Friday news broke that AW, formerly known as Abraham Washington, and the man behind All World Promotions, had been released from the WWE. The news is surprising—not for the release itself but for the timing. The now infamous AW Kobe Bryant “rape joke” came out on the July 30 edition of Monday Night Raw, a full 12 days before his release. I wanted to provide my perspective on a few different points regarding AW and his release. As this is being added to the column post-publishing, I’ll keep it to relatively short for the sake of time.

Did AW Deserve To Be Punished?
I was a bit shocked when nothing was done after the July 30 comment was made. As soon as AW made the joke, I knew he was in trouble. The WWE fired Daniel Bryan in 2010 for choking out Justin Roberts with a tie, and suspended Chris Jericho earlier this year for a flag defecation issue. Fit Finlay lost his job as a producer for allowing a 2011 incident at a house show, where he booked The Miz to interrupt the National Anthem. For the WWE to allow AW’s act go unpunished would be hypocritical, they had to do something.

Haven’t Worse Things Happened On RAW In 2012?
John Cena “bullied” Michael Cole in a storyline development, and he later bullied john Laurinaitis. Vince McMahon mocked Jim Ross’s Bells Palsy during RAW. D-Generation-X was crotch chopping and screaming “Suck It” all over RAW 1000 (not to mention X-Pac’s ball-cupping). Jerry Lawler has said plenty of terrible things during RAW. But they didn’t get attention from TMZ, and AW did.

Is Linda McMahon’s Senate Campaign To Blame?
Yes and No. Linda McMahon’s senate campaign is partially to blame, as is the WWE’s PG rating, their advertising constituents, and their shareholders. The WWE can’t just worry about putting out a wrestling product, they have to worry about the stock price, their advertising partners, and their TV rating. In fact, Linda McMahon’s Senate Campaign should hold the least relevance here. Any opponent worth a damn could easily pull out footage of WrestleMania X-Seven, where Linda McMahon is a drugged out invalid who is kicking her husband in the balls after he tries to publicly beat his son in front of her. Linda’s senate campaign shouldn’t be a concern to anyone, there’s no reason why she shouldn’t be soundly eliminated early on in the process.

Did AW Deserve To Be Fired?
I already established that he deserved to be punished. But was a firing/release in order? I do not believe so. What Chris Jericho did was worse. Hell, what Vince McMahon did to Jim Ross was worse, and he got nothing. Jericho got a 30-day suspension. That would have been fine for AW. But to release him for the comment, a full 12 days later, is uncalled for.

The Aftermatch…
Unfortunately for AW (real name Brian Jossie), he didn’t actually handle the situation with grace and poise. He immediately went to Twitter and got everyone fired up. That’s great, it’s gotten him some exposure and really riled up the troops in his support. But those troops will be gone in two weeks, having found something new to complain about. And AW will still be without the best job he ever had. His apology started off well enough, and it should have ended with him saying he’s work his way back and prove that he deserves a second chance. Instead he burned a bridge. Luckily for him there’s TNA he can possibly go to, where you’d have a ready-made feud with Joseph Park over wrestler representation waiting. Not to mention the chance to take some hilarious digs at Claire Lynch. But his career would have been best served in the WWE, and his comments on Twitter on Friday night have significantly decreased the chances of a return ever happening.

You Decide: Was AW unfairly punished? What would you have done to him for the Kobe Bryant joke?

Last Week:1514 votes were cast last week, giving Brooke Tessmacher the win. She got out to an early lead, but Twitter posts from both women saw some late votes come in and Reby closed the gap. Just didn’t close it enough…

That gives Brooke two wins, one step closer to a Hall of Bang return!

Future Versus Updates:
* AJ Lee will soon begin her own “Battle of the Bang” to determine her position in the Hall…
* Maria Kanellis sits at three wins, one away from immortality…
* Brooke Tessmacher has two wins, two away from a return engagement with the Hall of Bang…
* Tiffany will receive a new opportunity at the Hall as soon as the opportunity is available…

This Week: Candice Michelle has been in the one win position before, and looks to make it two this week. Standing in her way is an independent wrestler who has gained quite the following over the past 24 months…



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Last week in The Wrestling 5&1…

I’m definitely in the ‘Davey Richards is a piece of shit’ camp.
Posted By: Guest#5243

Strong words for sure, but I’m not 100% sure I can disagree with you there.

Reby Sky will lose against anyone solely based on the fact that she’s dating Matt Hardy.
Posted By: SilentOx

Everyone has their own voting criteria. This one was closer than I expected, I think there’s a future for Reby here.

BFG is still all about Roode/Storm for the title…and the only reason Aries was brought into the picture was because Prichard and Lagana were at a loss as to how to get from July to BFG creatively.
Posted By: Gonad the Destroyer

I wouldn’t go that far. The title is how they chose to elevate Aries. Plus, they wanted to establish the yearly Destination X stipulation. I like what they did, but it did come at the sacrifice of Roode’s reign.

I don’t want to live in a world where people think Maria is hotter than Torrie. I’m sick to my stomach.

Posted By: Ryan Byers’ Japanese GF

Maybe it’s the raw fish you’ve been eating…

TNA seems to be getting it lately. For their guys that can really go in the ring, they give them a decent amount of match time. For guys they know are limited, they throw them out there for the usual 5 min in-and-out match, and that’s what works. It’s all finally clicking for them, and the fact that they have a nice crop of guys they can rotate in and out of the main event is awesome. WWE has a ton of talent too, and if they did the same thing…it’d be one huge wrestlegasm the likes of which we’ve never seen. I just hope TNA can get to the level WCW did so we can have a legit Wrestling Wars v2.0 and not the half-assed one we got back in 2010.

Posted By: Jason King

This is for you…

But I think it will take so much more than great wrestling to have a legit Monday Night Wars. We need crazy marketing efforts…Superbowl Commercials…mainstream media appearances where the hosts seem to know that it’s not a WWE guest…so much ground to make up. It’s a different world than when Nitro debuted.

The reason Torrie and Stacy lost is because thankfully not everyone lives in the past. Neither one of them are in wrestling anymore, Stacy’s been gone for 7 years, they should be losing to current wrestlers. Now people just need to stop kissing Trish’s ass and we’re good to go.

Posted By: Guest#8267

I think it’s good to have a mix of both. Your sentiment exists in others, but obviously there are people who like the prior stars as well.

Put me in the camp that Frisco is one of those guys who is intimidated by women. Guy isn’t funny, isn’t entertaining or amusing, he’s just super critical. Seems to me like one of those guys who blames women for not talking to him without ever realizing he’s the cause of it.

Posted By: J-Mo

I can put you in this camp, too:

Yeah, if you’ve been watching long enough to remember Miss Hancock, you would definately vote for Stacy.
Posted By: G-Walla

YES! So damn true…

Maybe the MAGNUM vs. Team Ambition situation is a work?

Posted By: Guest#7187

It IS wrestling, stranger things have happened…

The talent needs to look out for themselves because no one else is looking out for them. It’s like any other job, if you have a concern or see an opportunity you have to go for it otherwise no one will know your name. You still have to do your job, but there is nothing wrong with voicing concerns.

Posted By: Kenwood

Except that doesn’t apply in entertainment. As an independent contractor, they can let go for absolutely no reason whatsoever. You have to be at a certain level to really voice your concerns. Dolph Ziggler got away with it early, and that’s rare. Plus, the revenue generated by the extra hour likely outweighs their concerns.

“In the court of public opinion, The Rock killed John Cena.”
This is the only site that I have gone to that actually believes this, most of the other sites that I have been on agree that Cena came out on top not every time but most of the time.

Posted By: Guest#3321

I wasn’t really talking about the internet, but the casual fans—the WWE’s target audience.

“You bring up some great points, but would she be willing to go to FCW?”
Why wouldn’t she, Velvet Sky has been mainly wrestling in Florida for the past 6 years now what’s another 6 months.
Posted By: Guest#0379

Because it’s like admitting she isn’t ready for TV…when she’s been on TV for years.

” If anything good comes out of the Crack Whore Claire angle with AJ Styles (I liked it better when he was banging Dixie, honestly), it’s the opportunity for Christopher Daniels to finally shine as a top level heel.”
I’m glad I finally convinced you. I’ve been posting for weeks that while the storyline sucks, it has given us great wrestling, and elevated Daniels into a top heel spot. 8^)
Posted By: the ghost of Buddy Rogers

Yeah yeah yeah, you’re…

Bruiser Brody didn’t wear no mouthpiece.
Posted By: Guest#4029

He also lined his taped fists with razors and glass and went to the ring to kill Lex Luger. That’s cool?

Like I said this is the only site I’ve been to that believes the Rock killed Cena because he didn’t. Of course the only time you can give credit to Cena is by also saying the Rock helped him out even though that’s a ridiculous statement and you have no proof to back it up.
Posted By: Guest#8484

I don’t think Rock fed anything to Cena, I think he was caught and they rolled with it. Hell, Cena didn’t make fun of him for singing “We Will Rock You” with a teleprompter, did he?

Who has had the better return, Chris Jericho or Brock Lesnar?

Since each man’s return in 2012, both Chris Jericho and Brock Lesnar have made waves both online and on television. Both have had a sporadic role in the WWE (Lesnar due to his limited contract and Jericho due to his Fozzy commitments) and drawn both criticism (Lesnar) and praise (Jericho). Given the similarities we do have, I pose the question: Who had had a better return?

I don’t think this question can be answered in one week, so I’ll take a few to develop a good analysis of the return of each man. We’ll look at “The Big Return,” “The Short Term Impact,” and “The Long Term Impact” of each return.

Stage 1: The Big Return

Chris Jericho:

Chris jericho’s return was actually a letdown to many fans. Six weeks of videos that seemed to point in a specific direction really meant nothing come January 2, 2012. When Jericho finally came out all he did was troll the fans for a few weeks. He made tons of promises (End of the world as we know it, anyone?) and found himself on the losing end of the Royal Rumble. He then won a poor man’s Royal Rumble crappy battle royal to win the right to challenge CM Punk a WrestleMania. The build for the match started off well, until drug and alcohol accusations came into play—taking the focus away from being the Best Wrestler in the World (and WWE Champion) and putting it on being embroiled in a blood-feud that didn’t need a title. Their match at WrestleMania delivered big time, but the build was full of false starts and stalling.

Brock Lesnar:

Brock Lesnar’s return program was essentially the polar opposite of Chris Jericho’s. On April 2, 2012 he answered John Cena’s call to The Rock, and blew the roof off of the arena in Miami. Fans were growing tired of John Cena thanks to the way he was booked for the prior six months, and the possibility of a program that had some teeth to it—teeth named Brock Lesnar—was appealing. Much was made out of Lesnar’s contract situation, and he was booked as cross between a loose cannon and a calculated manipulator. His match against John Cena was brutal, and in a good way. There were many heavy fisted shots thrown in the match (and during the build) and Cena was left legitimately battered and bruised. But Cena also came out the winner, to the surprise of many.

DeMarco’s Take: This is an easy call for me: Brock Lesnar. The crowd in Miami was practically begging for Lesnar’s return, and they got it. Unlike Jericho’s first night, there was no reaction of “What the hell?” It was one of “that was awesome!” All the way though the John Cena match, Lesnar was entertaining and was the character you wanted to track.

You Decide: Please share your thoughts in the comments section…who had the bigger initial return/first angle, Chris Jericho or Brock Lesnar? Remember, we’re not talking about now—that comes later.

TNA Wrestling presents Hardcore Justice, its yearly PPV event that was titled “Hard Justice” until 2010, when it was an ECW themed reunion show, titled “Hardcore Justice: The Last Stand.” As we all know, it wasn’t the last stand—ECW will never have a last stand. That just doesn’t seem possible.

The card for the 2012 installment is a strong one, featuring a great world championship match and three gimmick heavy 4-way Bound For Glory Series matches. Let’s take a look at the card…

World Championship
Austin Aries (champion) vs. Bobby Roode

In what has been the surprise of 2012 to date, Austin Aries is still walking around with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. He won the title at Destination X, leaving many of the internet analysts to believe that Roode would win that title back sooner rather than later. Now it’s conceivable that Aries is still champion at Bound For Glory, or that he at least makes it to No Surrender before dropping the title. I’m in a different camp—if Aries doesn’t lose at Hardcore Justice, he should hold it through Bound For Glory. Otherwise, the BFG Series ending will completely telegraph the No Surrender main event result.

So what will happen? Roode is equally effective at being the challenger as he was at being champion. He’s currently carrying two feuds (Aries and James Storm) and is one of the best heels in all of wrestling. While Aries vs. Joe or Aries vs. Angle for the title could be entertaining, I think that will happen in a non-title sense. I do see BFG having Roode vs. Strom for the title, and I see Roode regaining his belt sooner rather than later.

Prediction: Bobby Roode regains the TNA World Championship

Bound For Glory Series Ladder Match
AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe
Winner Receives 20 Points in the BFG Series

BFG Series or not, this match has Match of the Year potential—and big time. Joe and Angle will enter the PPV amongst the top three competitors, with Daniels and Styles in a position that really needs the 20-points that happen to be at stake in this one. The stipulation doesn’t really favor anyone, however AJ and Daniels have the most experience in a match of this sort. Angle would have no problem climbing (and fighting) on a ladder. Joe’s size isn’t a factor, as he’s one of the most agile “big men” in the business. Joe and James Storm have been positioned at the top of the series from the start, and having them as the final two makes the most sense. Thus, I see Joe pulling off the mild upset in this match.

Prediction: Samoa Joe earns 20 Bound For Glory Series points

Bound For Glory Series Tables Match
James Storm vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray vs. Robbie E
Winner Receives 20 Points in the BFG Series

This match seems to be James Storm’s to lose, as does he entire competition. Storm is headed down a path towards facing Bobby Roode at Bound For Glory, title on the line or not. Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray likely can’t even tell you how many table spots they’ve participated in during their respective careers—and even if they were to guess they’d likely be far off. Robbie E has been the doormat of this year’s series, rarely making it past a few minutes in each match when his are even televised. That said, E is my dark horse candidate to win…his winning is a great part of the story, and the 20-points will only take him so far. But he’s a dark horse, not a favorite. That distinction belongs to the likely Series winner, James Storm.

Prediction: James Storm earns 20 Bound For Glory Series points

Bound For Glory Series Falls Count Anywhere Match
Mr. Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam vs. The Pope vs. Magnus
Winner Receives 20 Points in the BFG Series

Given each wrestler’s position in the BFG Series, this one could really go anyway. Given the gimmick, it could be entertaining (Anderson had a great hardcore match with Bully Ray at Bound For Glory 2011), but in the grand scheme of the BFG Series, it will be newsworthy. I don’t see Pope getting the win. Anderson and RVD don’t strike me as making the Final Four of the series, but Magnus could really benefit from the push of making the final four. Why not?

Prediction: Magnus earns 20 Bound For Glory Series points

Knockouts Championship
Miss Tessmacher (champion) vs. Madison Rayne

I must admit that I am a little worried about this one. Tessmacher has done a great job as champion, and has easily exceeded any expectations I’ve had of her. She’s shown great improvement in the ring, and has gotten over as a big time face. (Velvet Who?) Madison Rayne is a great heel, and much better when she’s not Gail Kim’s lackey. Rayne is currently in a relationship angle with Earl Hebner, who for some crazy reason is still assigned to her matches! Too soon for Tessmacher to lose, but Rayne has the angle. Sadly, going with Madison. It’s possible we’ll get a Brooke Hogan reversal, either on the PPV or on Thursday’s Impact Wrestling.

Prediction: Madison Rayne, thanks to Earl Hebner, is your NEW Knockouts Champion.

X-Division Championship
Zema Ion (champion) vs. Kenny King

Kenny King obviously made the right move leaving Ring of Honor for TNA. He has insane star potential, and is already catching on. I think this might be too fast of a title match, but he’s the hot hand. Bobby Roode already cost him one title match, and while I don’t see Roode getting involved here (although it’s not outside the realm of possibility), I think Ion wins on his own. By cheating, but on his own. Hairspray will be involved, and Ion retains.

Prediction: Zema Ion retains the X-Division Championship thanks to hairspray related cheating.

Kid Kash & Gunner vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr & Hernandez
I know people are raising an eyebrow at the fact that Chavo & Hernandez are basically a Mexican pairing, but who better to pair Chavo with? Hernandez is over as a face, and he’s got nothing going on right now. Thanks to the matching tattoo patterns, Kash & Gunner already look like a team. Kash is a great talker and Gunner can be a bad ass in the ring, so that one works. And hey, TNA is putting a mid-card (arguably lower card, actually) match on their PPV! I’d rather see at least two of these guys as TV champ (Chavo & Kash) and possibly a third (Gunner). Plus, we’re not that far from establishing these guys in the tag team division—something I’m all for. Count me in on this one. I expect a match that no one has any expectations for to really surprise some people.

Prediction: Chavo Guerrero, Jr & Hernandez pick up the win.

Buy or No Buy
Honestly, 2012 is a must buy year for TNA at this point. The price point is cheaper than the WWE, and the product is better. Buy. Easy Buy.

You Decide: Buy or Sell TNA’s 2012 edition of Hardcore Justice.

Have you heard? ROH has an iPPV on Saturday! You haven’t? Well, that might be due to the fact that they just announced it for iPPV two weeks ago, in what strikes me as an obvious cash grab. DVD sales are down across the industry, and the iPPV format is likely more profitable for the company at this point. The price is reasonable ($14.95) and they even ran a sale where you could get it for less.

So how is the card? The company is putting Chikara’s Grand Champion, Eddie Kingston, in the show’s final match against as the challenger for ROH’s World Champion Kevin Steen. The Briscoes will face jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino, Sara Del Ray makes one of her final independent appearances and much much more! (Yes, I’m being sarcastic.) Look, this is basically an ROH house show (Roderick Strong vs. Mike Mondo, anyone?) that you can peek in on via iPPV. But for $14.95, is it still worth it? We’ll see…

ROH Boiling Point
Saturday, August 11, 2012 7:30pm
Rhode Island Convention Center
1 Sabin Street
Providence, RI 02903

ROH World Championship
Kevin Steen (chamopion) vs. Chikara Grand Champion Eddie Kingston

The Briscoes vs. Jimmy Jacobs & Steve Corino

Mixed Tag Team Match
Eddie Edwards & Sara Del Ray vs. Mike Bennett & Maria Kanellis

Michael Elgin vs. Charlie Haas

Best 2 out of 3 Falls
Jay Lethal vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Roderick Strong vs. Mike Mondo

Non-Title Proving Ground Match
ROH World Television Champion Adam Cole vs. Bob Evans
If Evans wins, he earns a future World Television Championship Match

4-Corner Survival
Matt Taven vs. QT Marshall vs. Antonio Thomas vs. Vinny Marseglia

I can’t really provide a full match-by-match analysis, because half of the card is thrown together. A good promoter will tell you that the Kevin Steen-Eddie Kingston rivalry dates back to February, when Steen & Kingston had an altercation during the company’s 10th Anniversary Show. A smart analyst will then point out that it was later revisited in April when Steen challenged Kingston at Chikara’s Chicago event, and was left dormant until three weeks ago. Hardly a spectacular build. On top of that, the company has already taped their TV events that will take place after Boiling Point—no Eddie Kingston in sight and Kevin Steen was working as World Champ, including building his match for Death Before Dishonor X (a world title defense against Rhino). This will be a great, hard hitting match featuring two talents who don’t fit a specific “look “or mold. Great match, obvious outcome. Steen retains.

The rest of the card is solid. Briscoes always entertain and Jimmy Jacobs is great at getting the crap kicked out of himself—so expect a bloody hardcore brawl out of that tag match. The mixed tag is likely Sara Del Rey’s last ROH appearance, and as talented as Mike Bennett and Maria are, they can’t hold a candle to Del Rey & Eddie Edwards. I’m not as down on Charlie Haas as many ROH fans, but I really hope to see Michael Elgin go over clean in this match (we’ll likely see a Haas disqualification loss), Lethal vs. Ciampa will deliver in the ring, but the story is very much played out. Roderick Strong vs. Mike Mondo does nothing for me—and I’m a huge Roddy Strong fan. I guess that tells you what I think of Mondo. Adam Cole is wasted against Bob Evans, and the 4-way is just there (don’t expect a Matt Taven win as he’s headed to FCW sooner rather than later…look for QT Marshall to pick up the win and get a little push in ROH through the end of the year).

Buy or No Buy
The big question is whether or not this is a good buy. At just $14.95, it is still a Buy. Sure, the card isn’t spectacular, but the action you’ll see is going to be worth the price of the stream. ROH currently features some terrible booking—but not terrible talent. I wouldn’t pay TNA or WWE prices for this event, but $15 is still a good deal to see the talent on this card. Jim Cornette isn’t doing them (or ROH) any favors, but we can’t hold that against the talent. Regardless of the stories being told, from bell to bell they will put on a great show.

You Decide: Would you plunk down $15 for this show?

Are you an independent wrestling promoter, wrestler or fan looking to get more exposure for your promotion? Send me an e-mail at [email protected] and I will check it out! Each week, one independent promotion will be featured in this column. Because independent wrestling is the future of the business.

This week’s independent promotion is…

From the C*4 Wrestling website:

Capital City Championship Combat (C*4) is Ottawa’s premiere independent professional wrestling organization. C*4 holds events regularly throughout the year featuring local competitors and top international talent from America, Japan, Mexico and more. C*4′s goal is simple – put on the best WRESTLING the Ottawa area has ever witnessed.

C*4′s inaugural season was kicked off with “The Big Bang”; held on November 10th, 2007 at the Knights of Columbus Hall, which has become C*4′s home base. The show was a sign of things to come for local wrestling fans, as the card was filled with local wrestling stars (MVP, Player Uno and more) as well as North American competitors (Kevin Steen, Hallowicked and more.)

C*4′s second season continued the promotion’s momentum and ended with “Crossing the Line II”, an event featuring a one night tournament to crown the first C*4 Champion. The final bout featured a four corners survival match pitting “Mr Wrestling” Kevin Steen, Frankie The Mobster, Player Uno, and Stupified against one another. Steen prevailed and became the first C*4 Champion. After the match, Steen invited all challengers from anywhere in the world to face him.

Fighting Back: Wrestling with Cancer is a huge benefit held by C4 where 100%–that’s right, one hundred percent—of the ticket sales will go to fight cancer. The proceeds are in memory of Phrank Morin, a former talent for the promotion.

Who is Phrank Morin? Read on:
Phrank, age 23, was better known as Stinky the Homeless Guy, as well as Bash Bison, to local wrestling fans. For several months, Phrank battled an aggressive form of cancer, which had come upon him suddenly in late 2010. His friends and family stood with him the whole way. And in turn, he kept a brave and smiling face, and kept those around him comforted with his one of a kind sense of humor. To know Phrank was to love him. On Friday, April 1st 2011, when he passed, he did so with the love of countless people, who carried him and his battle in their hearts.

The Card:

Main Event #1 – “One Fall to a Finish” Grudge Match
“The Emperor” Stu Grayson vs.Player Uno

Main Event #2 – Special Challenge Tag Team Showdown
C*4 Champion “Ronin” Josh Alexander & “The Dominator” Bobby Lashley vs. “Textbook” Tyson Dux & “Iron Lion” Sebastian Suave

Open Challenge
“MVP” Michael Von Payton vs. “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal

First time-ever!
“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin vs. Harry Smith

Inter Species Wrestling Showcase Match
ISW Other Champion El Hijo Del Bamboo vs. Giant Tiger

2012 Fighting Back Invitational Battle Royal
Featuring: The Afterparty (Cecil Nyx & Chaz Lovely), “Dirty” Buxx Belmar, Addy Starr, Mathieu St. Jacques

For more information, head over to C4 Wrestling’s event site here.
Check out their Facebook event page here.

Chikara Grand Champion Eddie Kingston, WSU owner Drew Cordero and DeMarcette Barbi Hayden join The Greg DeMarco Show!

The Greg DeMarco Show, presented by 411Mania.com/Wrestling, comes to you each Tuesday night at 10:30 PM eastern and streams all weekend at VOCNation.com. Greg and Patrick O’Dowd are joined by regular contributors Tony Acero, Justin Freemyer Chad Perry and The First Lady of the Voice of Choice Nation, WrestlingMarx.com’s Leanne Marie! Plus, you never know who might call in or stop by “The Snake Pit” (chatroom). The call-in number is (310) 807-5103, and “The Snake Pit” generally opens 5 minutes before the show starts.

This week: Greg and Patrick are live with Chikara Grand Champion Eddie Kingston!

Eddie Kingston joins the program, representing Chikara Pro Wrestling, to talk about his career, getting kicked out of his first wrestling school, rumors concerning his reliability, being crowned as Chikara’s first ever Grand Champion, and challenging for the Ring of Honor World Championship. Plus, hear Eddie’s candid thoughts on the life and death of Larry Sweeney, a man he considered to be his best friend in the business.

Hear Greg’s interview with Women Superstars Uncensored’s (WSU) brand new owner Drew Cordero as he talks about the purchase of the company and what talent immediately cut ties with the company upon the announcement. Plus, Drew goes into detail about Beyond Wrestling—the promotion that started with no fans—on purpose. (This interview is a VOCNation.com exclusive—not heard on the BlogTalkRadio.com feed!)

DeMarcette Barbi Hayden returns to the show to discuss her upcoming events and her big win of the American Joshi Championship for Anarchy Championship Wrestling.

Leanne Marie stops by the broadcast to discuss the idea of fan entitlement. Plus, Tony Acero chimes in on RAW 1002, Justin Freemyer gets old school, and Chad Perry leads the crew in a preview of TNA’s Hardcore Justice and Ring of Honor’s Boiling Point.

Click here to listen or listen here:

About The Greg DeMarco Show:
Discussing current events in professional wrestling—including WWE RAW, Smackdown, TNA Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor and many US independent promotions and regularly featuring guests from Ring of Honor, Chikara, Extreme Reunion and countless other promotions, Greg DeMarco and Patrick O’Dowd present opinionated analysis on the wrestling world that remains rooted in a love, passion and respect for the industry. The show is presented live on Tuesday nights by 411Mania at http://www.411wrestling.com/wrestling and streams worldwide each weekend via Bruce Wirt’s Voice of Choice Nation at http://www.vocnation.com. You can reach the show via e-mail at [email protected], Facebook by searching for “Greg DeMarco Show” or Twitter @gregdemarcoshow.

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http://www.twitter.com/gregdemarcoshow – that’s me!

If you listen to The Greg DeMarco Show (and you should) you’ll remember my Quick Hit from two weeks ago—the theft of over $2000 worth of equipment and merchandise from the Alpha-1 Wrestling King of Hearts event that pretty much spells the end of the company. Not to be deterred, the promotion is giving away one of their biggest matches of the weekend…with a catch. Since the hard-cam was stolen, it’s only on YouTube with one camera angle!

King of Hearts: Night 2
Alpha Male Championship Match
Josh “Ronin” Alexander vs. BJ Whitmer

She’s a former backstage interviewer for TNA, and a favorite of many…

Is Crystal Versus material?

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Plenty to talk about in the comments!
Who had the best “Big Return”—Brock Lesnar or Chris Jericho?
Who will leave Hardcore Justice with the TNA World Championship? 20 BFG Series points?
What are your thoughts on ROH Boiling Point?
Would you like to see Crystal Louthan in Versus?
And this week’s Versus—Candice vs. Mia—You Make the Call!

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