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The Wrestling 5 & 1 11.10.12: Eve Torres vs. Brooke Tessmacher

November 10, 2012 | Posted by Tony Acero

Last Week:

Future Versus Updates:
* Brooke Tessmacher has two wins, two away from a return engagement with the Hall of Bang…
* Candice Michelle is officially added to the Hall…
* Tiffany will receive a new opportunity at the Hall as soon as the opportunity is available…

This Week:



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Last week in The Wrestling 5&1…

The reason Candice is winning so easily is because you are putting her up against nobodies. I mean seriously, Amy Webber? Carmella? I think Snooki wrestled more matches than they did. And as far as your list featuring past women, whatever, you can do whatever you want. I just think it’s a joke. You don’t see TV sites, or movie sites, or music sites comparing today’s hotties to ones from a decade ago. Sure, they are mentioned from time to time, but I don’t see today’s actresses being ranked lower than a prime Pamela Anderson. But maybe it’s like you say, wrestling is such a niche product that has produced practically zero mainstream stars, that 1998 Trish Stratus pics should always be the standard bearer. Long live the (aging) queen.

As far as Undertaker’s streak goes, I don’t see what “mystique” there is to protect. The guy already makes less appearances than Brock Lesnar as it is. So we let him retire undefeated… so he can disappear in to obscurity and never be seen again? What a great way to make money! Look, WWE has already milked it dry with all the t-shirts and DVDs. The guy is practically retired anyway. Not to mention he HIMSELF has said it should end at some point. You marks keep comparing it to real sports, which is totally ridiculous since nobody outside of the “WWE Universe” even knows or cares about the Undertaker. Ali, Marciano, guys like that will be in legit record books. The only book that will cover Taker’s streak is the WWE Encyclopedia. If you can’t see the difference suggest you get out more and see the real world once in a while. – Jake

My rebuttal would only serve to repeat your own counterargument that wrestling is a niche product. There are only a number of females I can choose, and – as I’ve said before – it’s the least important part of the column for me. As for choosing Amy and Carmella, I honestly feel that both are hotter than Candice, but of course it appears I’m in the minority. All in all, if you guys want different chicks in the Versus, then throw some names out there instead of complaining.

As for The Undertaker, yet again, it’s one of those things that will never be agreed upon. I don’t see the upside of an end to the streak. I won’t compare it to any real sport, or anything for that matter, I’ll simply say that I don’t want to see it and don’t see enough positive to make it happen.

I think they missed their chance for making a star by not having Ryback go over at HITC. There was a buzz for Ryback on the Raws leading up to HITC but to have him be beat by a ref screwjob is pretty weak. There was the feeling that the company might be willing to get behind him now but that’s gone. At least if Lesnar would’ve come back to cost him the title, you’d think that “ok, he must be a big deal if they bring Lesnar out to defeat him.” I’ve been reading that the reason the WWE didn’t use Lesnar is because he and HHH have something lined up. They could’ve done this by having HHH cost Lesnar his match against Ryback at SS for revenge. The problem is that the WWE is in a holding pattern by the Rock announcing his shot at the Rumble so early. There are 3 wrestlers having major spots at WM this year that aren’t active, Rock, Lesnar, and UT. The WWE can’t pull the trigger on anyone new (Ziggler or Ryback are the two I think are ready) with those other guys “on hold” til it’s Mania Time. The only other thing I think might happen is Ryback beat Show for the title at WM. I was somewhat excited going into the PPV because I thought we might be getting something new. I was relieved that I didn’t waste my money when I read the review Monday morning. I don’t think we’re getting anything new til after Mania. Or maybe even after Extreme Rules. – Kung Fu Panda

I think the Lesnar factor would have added a lot to the current storyline, and would make it more interesting considering Punk would have a monster of his own. Your point of the holding pattern is well noted and I can see it as an issue since they cannot stray too far off of what they have planned considering there are already things in place. One positive is that in a sense, they did make a new star…although, I’m not sure how long Maddox will last.

Dolph will NEVER be the future of WWE. The Miz has a better shot at being the future. –

The Miz?

I think Cody has a much better chance at being the guy than Dolph Ziggler. Promo skills/characterization are much more important then ring skills and Cody has them down and Dolph doesn’t. Maybe Dolph dose and we haven’t seen them, but he’s been around since 2007 and I can’t remember a single promo he’s done. Tony you’re high on Dolph because he shows arrogance, what he needs to show is that he can be entertaining. Cody has made everything he’s done after legacy work.

Still, I think that the next hogan austin cena guy isn’t around yet. Vince likes to push those guys immediatetly. Austin, Rock Undertaker, Cena Orton, and Batista were in the WWE for less than 3 years before they won the title.

And can we please stop pretending Seth Rollins is going be a major star. He’s great in the ring but there are people in the wwe right now much better and they aren’t less boring than drying paint. He’s probably only been kept around to help ppl in deveolpmental with their ring work. Dean Ambrose on the other hand i think has massive potential and could possibly be the guy if he doesn’t piss anyone off in the back. he’s everybit as good in the ring as Rollins and is always very entertaining. – *_%

I truly believe that Dolph has what it takes, he just hasn’t been given the opportunity yet. It’ll come. Seth IS great in the ring, and he has a lot of hype around him, but I have to agree that in watching him rise in NXT, it’s become pretty boring. Maybe it’s the gimmick that he’s trying to stretch and only comes off as Punk-lite. I don’t know, but he needs a charismatic injection, soon.

Candice Michelle. Funny Amy is up against her, and Amy was JUST in the news for her laptop being stolen so she released the nudes. Odd lol.

Anyway, on to the point of Cody Rhodes, he’s sustained success so far in his career with a couple IC title reigns and tag team title reigns with various wrestlers, and might again with Damien. But, when it comes to breaking out, Cody might not fit the description of a “McMahon superstar”, but neither did CM Punk. And Punk held the WWE title for almost a year now, not saying if/when the choice is made to crown Cody he would but it’s something to think about. Even a World Heavyweight title reign for Rhodes would be a thing to get behind. Not only is he relatively young, but he seems to have been around a long time despite debuting back in 2007, he has good pedigree with his dad being a big name in the business, and he’s been champion before. I think Cody could very well be the next John Cena with a more defined gimmick, and I’m not talking about being “dashing” and coming out and looking in a mirror, or having baggers ere well wearing a mask. – RJ

I chose Amy simply because of the story of her nudes being out there, actually. As far as Cody, I totally see him as a future player in the WWE. Not only is it in his blood, he oozes natural charisma and has been able to take any gimmick given to him and make it unique and entertaining. I don’t disagree with him as the future, I simply feel that in the WWE mold, Dolph fits it better.

TNA presents Turning Point 2012, the follow-up to Bound For Glory, from the world famous Impact Zone at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida!

You could argue that the card has had a stronger build than the company’s signature event, as Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy have had another month to develop their main event feud. Plus, Aces and Eights has two unmasked members (Devon and Doc), and both are competing on the card.

We also get what is sure to be a classic as AJ Styles, Bobby Roode and James Storm go to war over the right to be named No. 1 Contender. The stakes are even higher for the loser of the fall, as he won’t get another world title opportunity before Bound For Glory 2013.

Television Championship – No Disqualification
Samoa Joe (champion) vs. Magnus

Woah, a television title match with build! Joe has been motivated for all of 2012, and Magnus is a star in the making for TNA. Which leads me to the biggest problem with this match—picking a winner.

Joe has more to do with the TV title, but Magnus is ready to carry the gold. Much like Bound For Glory, Joe can go over but Magnus can still be kept strong. Maybe Joe wins with the Muscle Buster because Magnus keeps escaping his submission attempts. I do want to see Magnus unseat Joe, but I want him to do it in an Impact Wrestling main event, not a PPV undercard match.

Winner: Samoa Joe (still TV champion)

Doc vs. Joseph Park
Doc? You had how many weeks to come up with a name and you’re going with Doc? I don’t care what Doc stands for, I still would have preferred Isaiah Cash. But the former Luke Gallows isn’t the real story of this match, Joseph Park is. Park is on the brink of making us forget about Abyss for good—and I say we keep it that way!

Park will have all of the fan support, but Doc is going to have some back-up with him. That’s all Doc will need to come out ahead in this match.

Winner: Doc

Tara & Jesse vs. Eric Young & ODB
Let’s see…three people I don’t care about and Tara. Best case scenario is Eric T Jesse take a walk and head to the great outdoors—for good. That leaves Tara and ODB, a pair easily capable of putting on a good match. Worst case scenario is a crapfest full of crappy spots and crappy comedy.

I’ll tell ya what, TNA. Keep this thing short and we’ll call it all even, okay?

Winner: Tara & Jesse

X-Division Championship
Rob Van Dam (champion) vs. Joey Ryan

No offense to Joey Ryan, but the fact that he’s at the front of the line for an X-Division title shot is pretty telling about the state of the division. However, most of the best challengers (namely Kenny King and Christian York) are faces, so a heel champion does make the most sense. Just not yet. This could easily span another PPV or more.

Winner: Rob Van Dam (still X-Division champion)

Devon vs Kurt Angle
Remind me again why Bully Ray isn’t getting another crack at Devon here? I love “old man Angle” and all, but this isn’t what the fans want to see, TNA! This has clusterfuck written all over it, and I totally expect to see involvement from Bully Ray, Sting (if he’s still living), Joseph Park, Doc, Aces & Eights members and who knows who else.

Basically, I don’t see a winner coming out of this match.

Winner: No one (no contest)

World Tag Team Championship
Chavo Guerrero Jr & Hernandez vs. Christopher Daniels & Kazarian

A great wrestling tag team versus Los Stereotypicos. Who do you think goes over? The Eddie Guerrero Tribute Band, what’s who!

But take nothing away from the match itself, it should be highly entertaining. But the finish won’t be pleasing—to me, at least.

Winners: Chavo & Hernandez (still Tag Team champions)

#1 Contender’s Match
Bobby Roode vs. James Storm vs. AJ Styles
The loser of the fall won’t get a World Championship match until (at least) Bound For Glory 2013

Now this will be a great match! I am very excited about this one, and I think it will deliver. We didn’t need Storm and AJ at odds on Impact Wrestling, but it’s paint-by-numbers booking on a show where I have been asking them to keep it simple. So I can live with that.

The bigger story is the loser—who won’t get a world title shot for almost a year. I’m going with Storm—to lose the fall.

Winner: Bobby Roode (pins James Storm)

World Championship – Ladder Match
Jeff Hardy (champion) vs. Austin Aries

I’d just like to point this out: Austin Aries…still a TNA main eventer! He faces Jeff Hardy once again, and I expect him to lose once again. The redemption story is completed for Jeff Hardy, and we need to get a few PPV title defenses in before Hardy loses as part of the Aces & Eights storyline.

Again, this will be a great match regardless of the finish. I suspect that finish will see Jeff Hardy hoisting the championship belt(s) up high.

Winner: Jeff Hardy (and still TNA World Champion)

Want to hear an audio preview of the PPV? Listen to this week’s Greg DeMarco Show, where Greg DeMarco, Patrick O’Dowd and Andy Critchell breakdown the No Surrender card!

You Decide: Will you be purchasing the PPV this weekend?

I must concede that I know next to nothing about the Senate race of Connecticut other than the fact that Linda is, and has ran for it numerous times. Nor am I WWE’s financial adviser, telling them to spend their money in certain ways. I am, however, a fan of their product and agree with numerous people when I say that this Senate race didn’t exactly do anything to help. Many mark the Senate as the reason for the PG change in the product of the WWE, and although it may be true, I don’t find the end of her race to be the end of that idea, either. Similar to Gavin Napier’s thoughts, I can see the positive effect of the PG Era, business wise. Moreover, the WWE has a built-in fanbase that will stick with them for years on end, and perhaps when these younger fans that they are feeding off of get older, then we’ll get a bit more mature content. For what it’s worth, we were once these kids, weren’t we? Sure, we had our beloved Attitude Era, but I can’t help but feel that changes such as Wellness, banning head chairshots, special care for concussions, and yes even the PG Era has brought a lot of positivity to the product and to the health of the wrestlers.

Back to the Senate race. Linda has lost, and I hear rumblings of her continuing to go at it. I also hear that her campaign wasn’t the nicest one out there, and did a lot of mudslinging. I’ve seen enough political campaigns to last me a lifetime (or at least 4 years), so I did not look to see the angle she used, but it has GOT to be tough to be the wife of Vince McMahon, the promoter of the largest wrestling organization in the world, and prove that you’re worthy of a Senate seat. I don’t know when the WWE will alter its direction to a more mature content, but I can assume, and my assumptions point to a 5-10 year mark, when those screaming kids, with their toothless grins are in their late teen years, with pimples fading and libidos raging, come to fruition and demand something more.

You Decide: Did the Senate race of Linda McMahon kill the WWE?

Episode 422: August 09, 2012

We start the show with Bully Ray and his Twittah Machine making a claim that James Storm is running the Aces and Eights. The promos were average, but continued to set a bit of intrigue behind Aces and Eights.

The wrestling wasn’t all that great this week, although the AJ vs Angle match was pretty solid. Although right now, Aces and Eights have a pretty solid storyline going, they seemed to have been too present on this week’s episode, and with a PPV to sell that weekend, they may have wanted to minimize that. Not to say they didn’t sell the upcoming PPV, but nearly every segment after a commercial had something to do with them.

Other Notes:
– RVD is still every bit as boring as he was in the WWE.
– Is that really Bischoff’s kid? He sucks…
– Robbie E has lasted much longer than he should have…does he disappear between this time and now?
– The Contract signing was like most.

I was going to review the PPV, too, but had trouble….getting a copy. I’ll have it next week.

You Decide: With the PPV being the next thing I watch, what do I have to look forward to?

On the 10/29 episode of RAW, we saw Mick Foley attempt to continue the storyline with CM Punk by proposing a Survivor Series match. I was on board immediately, as the members of said match all had a beef, and it harkened the days of the past when multiple storylines were combined for this November PPV. I believe the only thing I complained about was the execution in which the members were announced, as if they were handpicked for a specific reason, having nothing to do with the current feud they were a part of. At any rate, it was a great set up for a PPV that was still weeks away.

Another storyline that took off on Monday was Dolph shoehorning himself into the idiotic and TNA-lite (who ever thought that’d be said) affair angle. Although the storyline itself is craptastic and makes no sense, whatsoever, I thought it would be the perfect way for Dolph to escalate himself into the main event scene. Having a match with Cena in which he looked great, even though we know who would win, would have been great for Dolph. It could have very well cemented him as someone to be taken seriously, and that Money in the Bank briefcase would suddenly hold more weight.


For whatever reason, Vince McMahon feared that there was a lack of interest and changed the card for the upcoming PPV. So instead of a Punk led team going head to head with a Foley led team, including Ryback, we have Ryback and Punk removed and put into a Triple Threat with…John Cena. Now I am well aware that having Dolph become the new captain of the team is, in a sense, a main event slot, but as I said, he’s a part of a team. I sorely wanted Dolph to stand on his own, and I think a match with Cena at a PPV would do just that. Instead, we have more of the same + Ryback. Admittedly, I’m not claiming that the PPV will be bad, I simply don’t see the reason for the change. Logically, CM Punk will not lose, otherwise they would have had this as the main event a while ago. The tag match was so that the title didn’t have to be on the line – and there’s not a damned thing wrong with that. This seems like a move to keep things stable, yet there wasn’t much of a change to happen if we went the original route, and I dare say that the matches would have been better.

You Decide: Did Vince McMahon effectively destroy the Survivor Series card with his decision?

Sassy Stephie joins the Greg DeMarco Show!

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This week:
Special Guest Sassy Stephie joins The Voice of Choice Bruce Wirt in a special opening segment!

Plus Greg, Patrick and Andy Critchell preview TNA Turning Point!

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Why did I not know about this chick prior to today? Should have kept recapping NXT…

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And this week’s Versus Battle of the Bang—(Eve Torres vs. Brooke Tessmacher)—You Make the Call!

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