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The Wrestling 5&1 01.05.12: Candice Michelle and the VERSUS Royal Rumble!

January 5, 2013 | Posted by Tony Acero

Candice Michelle is your “& 1” Model of the Week, the Vs Battle Royal continues, Royal Rumble predictions are talked about, talk about John Cena leaving, and more!!

The Royal Rumble is upon us and I am an excited boy. Greg is an excited man. This here be the column where we are excited together. #bromance

But first…
The Versus Royal Rumble
With Greg DeMarco

Eleven weeks long, the Versus Royal Rumble features the women who have come so close to the Hall of Bang—three time winners Mickie James (who did it twice), Stacy Keibler, Gail Kim, Lita and Christy Hemme. It also features two former hall members in Brooke Tessmacher and Taryn Terrell. Add in twenty three more women from the WWE, TNA, NXT, the indies, overseas, old school ladies and more!

The results are in, and three more women were eliminated in the seventh week of The Versus Royal Rumble!

Actually, four women were eliminated, as Madison Rayne, both Bella Twins and Rosa Mendes were tossed over the top rope and to the floor in the Versus Royal Rumble!

Now it’s back to you—the reader—to pick three more women to eliminate. That’s right, you are NOT voting for winner, you are voting for someone to get eliminated. Three to be exact. We’ll narrow the field over the next eleven weeks until we get to the final two. At that point, a winner will be crowned!

At stake? Oh nothing, just a spot in the 411Mania Wrestling 5&1 Hall of Bang!

So who will win? We’ll get there, but first we need to eliminate three more of these beautiful ladies. Here is the remaining field, and you can vote below. Vote for the three you want to send home, and vote often. You can vote once every 12 hours, and voting closes Tuesday night.

Ladies, gentlemen, and readers…


The poll expires Tuesday night, and you can vote once every 12 hours. Now get voting!

Last week in The Wrestling 5&1…

You guys tore up the comment section with such good conversation! I truly couldn’t add much to the conversation, so check back next week for responses!

John Cena has always been a crowd divider. Although the IWC is moreso part of the detractors than the fans, there are even some of us that find him serviceable and accept who and what he is. I’ve long since been known as one of the guys in the other camp. While I don’t chant “Cena Sucks” when I go to live shows, I want to. Little known fact, however, is that the moment John Cena came on the scene, I was an immediate fan. His numerous colorful outfit and the sales pitch that he was a wrestler’s wrestler, a man so devoted to the sport that he practically never wore the same trunks twice. He was a dude looking for respect, and even went so far as to be shunned by The Undertaker to get it. Shortly after, he began his Thuganomics trend and was still a favorite of mine, this time in a heel manner. Around Wrestlemania XX, things took a sharp turn for the worst.

John Cena, the character, became milquetoast, and was relegated to the lowest common denominator of a wrestler. He took over the scene and became the placeholder for The Rock’s and Stone Cold’s of the new millennium. Unfortunately for us, there would be no equal for years and since. Today, we have the same John Cena that from roughly eight years ago, when he dropped the throwback jersey’s for solid colors and self-branded baseball caps. His character has not changed, his position on the card has not changed, and his affiliation has not changed. He is bland, boring, juvenile at times, and overly serious at other times. There are a few shining moments in the post-thug years, but they are few and far between. Although I can see that he is the ultimate face of the WWE, I find myself questioning weekly why people hate him so. I don’t recall this type of disdain for Hogan when he was in his heyday (even I wasn’t a fan of his, but I never “disliked” the guy). I don’t remember large outcries over Rock and Stone Cold while they were chopping it up (boos and “Rocky Sucks” nothwithstanding, as I am talking about The Rock’s prominence, not his rise). Why would they let someone so equally hated and adored be in the position he is in? Why wouldn’t they want the divide a bit more towards the loved side? Or even this question: In ten years, will we talk about Cena like we swoon over The Rock and Stone Cold or will he be that dude we hated?

I don’t want Cena injured

I would never – and I am not now – wish(ing) injury or harm on anyone except the dude who bought the last six pack of Dew at the corner liquor store. I am not saying that John Cena needs to get injured, but this seems to be the only time he takes time off, and when he takes time off, opportunities open. We’ve seen it on more than one occasion. What John Cena is, is a fallback, an excuse, a failsafe. He is the forever #1 Contender, yet they continue to try and assuade us into believing that he needs things like the MITB briefcase. He’s a crutch for the main event picture, which is only really altered when Cena gets hurt. Then we get to the main event picture, where for half of 2012, it had very little to do with the WWE Championship – AND if the title was involved, Cena was more often than not.

Cena is stale. He is predictable. He is the boring. He brought a program that was impossible to make bad with The Rock, and made it “just ok.” He’s in a position right now where he can build stars, or he can break them, and never have I seen someone to so much damage in so little time to so many wrestlers’ characters. I don’t want him fired, I don’t want him injured. What I want is an extended leave of absence. Give the writing team and the WWE six months without Cena and see what they can come up with. I can damn near guarantee new stars, fresh feuds, and most importantly, a sense of urgency which could only create compelling storylines. Cena isn’t the only issue I have with the WWE, but he is one of the biggest. Next week, I’ll have another.

You Decide: Can the WWE survive six months without John Cena?

Do you smell it? It’s in the air. It’s that quality of pollution that only a wrestling fan could love. The buzz is slowly starting, like a dying vibrator (you know what I’m talking about, ladies) and the sizzle of the pan is barely starting to pop. We won’t call it “Wrestlemania Season” quite yet, but I’ll be damned if a promo for the upcoming Rumble isn’t getting me all kinds of excited. January through April, these are the years where we at the IWC feel a little bit better about the product. It’s a year where even a Khali promo may be nodded politely at instead of frowned upon We’re nearing the Rumble, folks, and I’m fucking excited. With one look in the future ball, we all have predictions of winners, losers, entrants, and surprises. I’ll be the first to tell you that I am no good at attempting to figure out just what will happen. Not because I am unaware of simple logic and critical thinking, but there is always a part of me that is either far too eager as a fan or far too lazy as a writer to try and put into words just where the WWE is going in the next few months. Even so, I have a column to write, right?

Will John Cena win the Royal Rumble?

I’m about 87% sure that he will, and this goes back to my complaints about Cena. I won’t harp on it too much here, because they can change their mind (assuming their mind is set), but suffice to say, Cena is almost a shoe-in regarding what’s going on in the future. If the plan is for Rock and Cena to go at it again on the big stage, then there are predictions that The Rock will win the title from CM Punk, Cena will win the Rumble, and challenge The Rock at Mania, and boom; Main Event set. I don’t really think Cena needs a win to make this challenge, however. I can see it as a request for a rematch and go from there. I don’t see the need to give a potential star making opportunity in the Rumble win going to a man who undoubtedly doesn’t need it (similar to the briefcase he won in 2012). What say you?

Will The Rock win the WWE Championship?

I am more sure about this decision than any other prediction I’ll make here. We’ll go with 94.5%. Do I agree with it? I’m kind of torn. On one hand, I don’t think a loss for Punk will hurt him in the slightest. He has held the belt for over a year and has done a great job near the tail end to stress the importance of that. I feel that regardless of who he loses it to, he’ll be able to survive well beyond it and continue to entertain. So the question remains, is The Rock the man I want to see take it from him. Look, I love The Rock. I think he’s amazing, and will most likely be a dude that is forever loved by a majority of us fans, internet or otherwise. What I don’t like, however, is a man that is gone for a long time, comes back for a number of shows, then wins the big one. No, I’m not bitter about him leaving and no, I don’t find that the title “deserves better,” but there is something that doesn’t make me feel too right about it. I think what bothers me the most is that if/when The Rock wins, the belt will be used more as a crutch to help book Rock vs. Cena II rather than something that is looked at as the ultimate prize. Even after writing this, I’m still torn.

Will Dolph Ziggler Cash in at the Royal Rumble?

I’ll throw the number 50% out there just to be safe. I can see it happening, and I can see it not happening. Either way, I think I’ll be fine with it. I feel they’re going with a heel Show vs a new Face Del Rio, and Dolph could just as easily cash in on some Royal Rumble hijinks (maybe Del Rio hits Show with a car?). But if he doesn’t, then perhaps it will happen at a bigger PPV, or he’ll have his own moment some time later. With The Rock winning the WWE title, and Cena winning the Rumble, Dolph may very well be overshadowed. But, with Mania build coming shortly after the Rumble (presumably), he may be lost in the shadows anyways. So do we have Dolph cash in at the Rumble, or do we wait for him to get his own time to shine?

Any other predictions for the Royal Rumble you want me to talk about? I have a couple more I’m saving for next week, but feel free to suggest some, no matter how outlandish.

You Decide: What do you predict for the Royal Rumble?

Dolph Ziggler has been in a minor feud with John Cena for some time now, but it feels like we’re right on the cusp of Dolph’s rise to the top of the card. Like John Cena said, he’s been here for eight years and I think that we’ve waited long enough. In most cases, I would say that a feud with John Cena would mean that Dolph isn’t going anywhere, but with a briefcase in hand, a bodyguard by his side, and the gloriously hot AJ on his arm, I think this is the beginning of the rise of Dolph. One thing I find interesting is that a lot of Dolph’s focus has been on RAW for a while now, and the briefcase screams Smackdown. I know, I know, the brand extension is dead, but I am curious to see how the transition unfolds. I’ve noticed the continuous mentions of the World Heavyweight Title, letting both The Big Show and the fans know that Dolph is very much aware of what he holds, but I wonder how they’ll get to that. Will it be a surprise or something a bit more planned out? Either way, I’m excited for Dolph, and I can only hope that you are too.

You Decide: Will 2013 be the year of Perfection?

Match of the Year
Austin Aries challenges Bobby Roode for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

TNA Destination X PPV
with Greg DeMarco

We’ve reached that time of the year where people lobby and vote for their favorites of the year. Well, here is my vote, and it’s for the best match of the year. For me, the match of the year is more than just the bell to bell action—although that plays the biggest part. But it’s also the story behind the match, and this was all about the Rise of Austin Aries, and if TNA would really put the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist.

And we all know what happened.

Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode, my vote for Match of the Year.

Coming in second place? Something a little more recent…

And from the biggest card of the year…#3!

This week on The Greg DeMarco Show, Greg and Patrick were joined by Tony Acero as they took a look back at 2012 and forward to 2013. Who had a great year? Who didn’t? What are we most looking forward to in 2013? Bold predictions? You know we’ll have ‘em!

Former WWE/NXT Diva and popular DeMarcette Su Yung (Sonia in FCW) returned to the show to look ahead to her own 2013, including January 11th’s Shine Wrestling iPPV event! Su always delivers a great interview, and she kicked off 2013 in similar fashion! Among the topics Su discussed, she gave a great “In Your face!” comment for the other DeMarcettes, and proclaimed that The Greg DeMarco Show was basically the best show ever created. Ever.

Following up on her surprising revelation at the end of 2012, DeMarcette Terra Calaway joined the show in a way never heard before. Terra talked about her recent challenges, how she’s overcoming them. Terra also discussed her plans to help others, and has lots of exciting bookings to discuss! You will never look a Terra Calaway the same again, as her strength and bravery are unmatched on the program.

January 1 is always an exciting day as we tend to reflect on the year gone by and look forward to the future with great anticipation. This week’s GDMS is sure to be the same, so tune in and don’t miss it!

Listen here!

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And 1 Model of the Week
with Greg DeMarco

This week, feast your eyes on the most recent addition to the Hall of Bang, Candice Michelle!

Get reading!

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Plenty to talk about in the comments!
Can we survive without John Cena?
Royal Rumble predictions?
Looking back, did John Cena own The Rock?
And don’t forget about the Versus Royal Rumble—PICK 3 TO ELIMINATE!

Until next time…

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