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The Wrestling 5&1 09.09.12: AJ Lee vs. Stacy Keibler!

September 9, 2012 | Posted by Tony Acero

Looks like you’re stuck with me for one more week! Greg is currently stuck under a bleacher, reporting about stuff, but he’ll be back next week for his 100th column!! Big boy pants, here we come! Anyways, great response last week, most of which I addressed. Thanks for welcoming me, most of you!


Future Versus Updates:
* Brooke Tessmacher has two wins, two away from a return engagement with the Hall of Bang…
* Candice Michelle has two wins, and will continue her own journey…
* Tiffany will receive a new opportunity at the Hall as soon as the opportunity is available…

* AJ didn’t win last week, but it’s another Tony takeover, so I’m keeping her in!! Greg will return with the HOB updates and all that jazz. .

This Week:



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Last week in The Wrestling 5&1…

So many IWCers have the hots for AJ bacuase she reminds them of that cute chick in high school or who shops at the comic book shop who was nice to them, but, no way was she gonna come close to touching their winky.

Posted By: Ollie by Golly (Guest)

AJ reminds me of the girls I have allowed to touch my winky. Simply put, I have a type and she adheres to it. Have more faith in the males of the IWC, we’re not all basement dwelling fatties.

Man, no one is entitled to their own opinion over here. I should have voted for Ms. Lee, but I will chose Layla any day of the week over a lot of the divas, because I like darker skinned women, and even though AJ is Puerto Rican, Layla is british, so she wins.
Seriously you retards, let people have their own ideas of what beautiful is, it’s really not fair at all that people are criticized for their opinion. As a matter of fact,it down right sucks, and those that do are nothing but big republican suckas.

Posted By: Mr. Magnanimous (Guest)

While I wouldn’t say your argument was all the way linear, you went way off the deep end with the Republican dig. This is an example of how NOT to get people to side with your – or care, for that matter.

Layla. Not even close. If you voted for AJ and you’re over the age of 16 you should be ashamed of yourself. Layla is a real actual live woman. AJ looks like a teenager with bad eyebrows and no form.

Posted By: Walt (Guest

I’m so ashamed…so, ashmed.

God this website is starting to suck, I posted at least 5 comments yesterday which weren’t vulgar or anything like that including one on this column and none of them got posted. Why should I even bother wasting my energy posting a comment when the guys at 411 will reject my comment because I’m not trolling enough. I’m sure the moderators won’t post this which is fine because I’m posting this for the moderators not the commenters but if it does go through then I finally managed to get one comment to go through on a Saturday post, even though it’s Sunday.

Posted By: Guest#1083 (Guest)

Hey yo, I want to first defend 411 and the moderators, as they are not denying you the right to post; the system is. For whatever reason, we’re having issues with comments being posted then deleted, but I assure you that we’re working on it. If you ever need or want a comment seen to the point of having to post one such as this, feel free to e-mail the writer. If it’s me, I’ll gladly address it in the column.

HHH segment = Giant ego stroke. Raw may as well be the HHH show.

When he’s not on screen they should be saying “Where’s Triple H?”

Posted By: Poochie (Guest)

Haha. Your name is Poochie. I do think it was a bit of an ego stroke, but I don’t think they take it so far as to what you suggest. Ha…Poochie. Such a funny word to me…

I definitely believe Sandow could be WHC/WWE title material in the future. I love how he’s being built. A true classic heel. He’s had squash matches, but they’ve been distinctive, and haven’t been ONLY squash matches. His character really does have legs too, because you can find people like him in real life.

I don’t see them releasing Cameron since that same thing (sans bribing) happened to a # of other wrestlers. I do however think that if they did fire her, that would open the door for a (possibly needed) heel turn for Clay, and time for Naomi to actually wrestle. She’s better than the majority of the roster right now.

As far as HHH, that was a massive ego stroking damage control situation. They didn’t like what happened at Summerslam, so they created a faux-HHH Appreciation night. And what better place to do that in than Milwaulkee, which ate it up like lames, even though they were apathetic as hell for the rest of the show (which is both good & bad). Never seen a more pathetic crowd in my life, even when there were good/interesting segments happening.

Posted By: SS87

SS, I agree on Sandow. I can see it, and they’re testing it over on Smackdown, it seems. The importance of matches that aren’t all squashes is so true and point well taken. I kind of agree on Cam in that they won’t release her. It appears she is just getting a suspension. And finally, Trips pulling the trigger on the tears was most definitely damage control.

Of course, a world champion still has to be larger than life but you don’t have to be large to be larger than life.

I’m tired of hearing about the Nash comments, too. The man knows how to keep his name in the news but we don’t have to keep falling for it. He was in the Kliq with HBK for Pete’s sake. Of course, he doesn’t really believe that a champion has to be huge.

I think it was equal parts the need to say something “controversial” and believing in his own hype.

Give this column to Acero permanently, this was excellent stuff compared to the usual drivel we’ve become accustomed to. He’s really shown up what a useless fat turd DeMarco is.

More Sarah ‘Minx’ Jones pics. Find out where she is and take some photos of it.

Posted By: Captain Uganda (Guest)

Well slap me round and call me Shirley… In all seriousness, I appreciate the compliments, but I assure you that DeMarco is neither useless nor a fat turd. He’s a handsome man with a big penis (according to rumors).

I miss Greg. Please come back soon so that my Saturday can start properly.

Posted By: TheRealTom (Guest)

We decided to have me cover one more week just to piss you off, specifically.

AJ Lee is a PAINFULLY cute GIRL. Layla El is a DEVASTATINGLY hot WOMAN. Both have that “it factor”, but in VERY differing ways. If they switched gimmicks for one night, BOTH would look ridiculous. Layla would look retarded skipping to the ring trying to look “cutsey”, and AJ could NOT pull off the femme fatale on her BEST day. Putting such different women against one another does an injustice to both of them.

Posted By: CottonMouthWolf (Guest)

Holy adjectival post, Batman! Although, you bring up a good point…that being that they’re both super hot.

God, I miss Eddie. I’m man enough to admit a tear was shed watching the video.

Posted By: Paul in Canada (Guest

You and me both, man. Hold me?

A champion doesn’t have to be “larger than life”; Vinnie Mac may have had his affection for the massive body builders, but in the aggregate that hasn’t really been the case.

The only “test” that a top champion, regardless of the promotion, has to pass is if things got real ugly, would “our champion” be able to hold their own and ‘stand tall’.

Size does a good job of providing an answer, but Bret Hart’s technical ability and the sheer flair of Shawn Michaels answered that question, too. Flair was the “dirtiest player in the game”, Austin was the “toughest dude on the planet”, Angle’s “the best wrestler on the planet” and AJ Styles is “the heart and soul” of his promotion.

The list goes on and on, but for every successful champion who failed the sheer size test, they all came to the table with defining characteristics that legitimized them for their audiences.

Austin Aires, simply put, doesn’t have that legitimacy, and frankly I don’t think he ever will. He’s been TNA Champion for a short while now and the championship is no longer the focus of any of the programming and Aires’ heat has fizzled.

The man thinks he’s a world beater, but he’s not

He will go down as the greatest X-Division champion in TNA history, while also going down as one of the worst TNA World Heavyweight champions as well.

Posted By: scipio2009 (Guest)

I still don’t watch TNA (although, I’m working onit), so I’ll just take your word for it and let you be the Matt Striker of the week.

5 Sandow… is a great sports entertainer… he has tons of life left!

4 HHH is a master stroker… lol… but he has an intelligent 6-7 years left in him to push, and wrestle at big shows.

3 Professional wrestling has ONE world title. Think if there was only ONE UFC title… wouldn’t GSP, Anderson Silva and Jon Jones all be viable champions? Insert weight classes and it makes more sense (ie cruiser weight) however you have to treat them equally. Importance to belts makes belts more important… I hope the WWE does throw in a light weight championship. It’ll freshen up and make the product better.

2 He’s actually sensible… I am sure Taker will call Brock to the cell…
1 Cameron will be fine, the WWE will just need to sit her down and read her some (stupidity) horror stories from the past to smarten her up.

Posted By: Bobbay (Guest)

Good point on the fact that there’s only ONE big title, as the WWE or TNA don’t have weight classes. The addition of a LW Championship or even a CW Championship will only be as viable and alive as they allow and write it to be. I have little faith in the W’s ability to do so.

Mr. Acero:

That Triple H segment wasn’t merely an ego stroke — that was a full-on masturbatory display, ending in a massive bukkake on the entire WWE Universe.

I know what they were going for, but that was way over the top. “Thank you…for letting me play the game” is the 2012 version of “I love you, pop”. I mean, FUCK.

Posted By: Nick M. (Guest)

Mr. M: I thought it was just the rain splattering on my face. Go fig. Yeah, it was a bit too over the top and left me rolling my eyes.

Kaitlyn is the future of the Divas division.

Posted By: Guest#1034 (Guest)

Silly guest…

1. Alex got off scott free rom his DUI tanks to a police mistake. He was fine and not punished in any way.

2. The live crowd was cheering for Triple H as loud as ever. Just because you don’t like him, you can’t speak for the mass audiences. In other words – bitchy smarks like yoursef.

3. JBL was being a fan. That is something you should try. Instead of attempting to be Mr. Know it all, enjoy the show.

4. Predictably, you answered all positive reader comments and insulted those ou disagreed with. Keep up the good name of Assero!

5. Don’t you have NXT to review or your triple threat column nobody reads?

Posted By: Usual Blunders (Guest)

I smell haterade… 1) Alex may not have been let go due to a police mistake, but the mistake wasn’t that he wasn’t drinking, ergo he still made the mistake of doing so. 2) The live crowd did cheer for Triple H, and that’s great, but I was not the only one who felt that this was a bit too much, considering what they were going for. And I never said I didn’t like him, I simply didn’t like the segment. In other words, my column, my opinion. 3) I don’t attempt to be Mr. Know it all, I simply am. 4) Predictably, I will insult you as well; and Assero is probably one of the weakest insults thrown my way – keep in mind, it was created by Michael Ornelas, an idiot in his own right. 5) Yes, I have both an NXT Review and a Triple Threat column to do, as well as Rs and a Hip Hop Column. Just because you don’t like me, don’t speak for the mass audiences. In other words:

This week, wrestling fans went into a huge flurry as one of the most groundbreaking news stories came out of the works from those pesky TMZ folk! A picture that shocked the world was posted, and wrestling as we know it was turned upside down! It made people question their motives behind watching. It created an entire bedlam of outcries! It…wait, it was Triple H cutting his hair?! What, a 20 minute RAW promo wasn’t enough?!

Ok, so Triple H cut his hair and no, no one really made a big deal about it but me just now. It did, however, get me thinking about other wrestlers who have cut their hair, and where they went afterwards. The list is bigger than you may think, with Kevin Nash, The Big Show, Kane, Molly Holly, Serena, Kurt Angle, The Undertaker (x’s 2), Christian, Test, Edge, CM Punk and even Mr. McMahon all being on the list. Rather than break down each guy, I figure I’d choose a couple and see if the hair cut was a catalyst for something huge, or if it was just a necessity due to old age.

The Big Show
The Big Show felt the blade of the bald Kurt Angle in 2004 after – get this – getting shot with a tranq dart. A returning Big Show was set to face Kurt Angle (who he previously chokeslammed off a high ledge) at No Mercy, and a few shows before the PPV, Angle brought out the dart gun and dropped the big man, then proceeded to shave his head.

The bald head of The Big Show added a more menacing look to him, actually, and it really made impersonating Hulk Hogan much easier. Since 2004, The Big Show has won a few tag team titles with The Miz and Jericho – both teams being pretty entertaining in their own right, and has even snagged the IC Title and even the World Title. In this case, the loss of hair was a gain in stature.

Kurt Angle
Speaking of Kurt Angle, he probably had one of the more entertaining hair loss moments, particularly what followed it. Judgment Day of 2002 was the day that The Undertaker beat Hulk Hogan for the Undisputed Champion in a match that had one too many weightlifting belt shots, but aside from that there was a hell of a match between a long haired Edge and a balding Kurt Angle. In a 15 minute affair, Edge and Kurt proved why they were so vital to the awesomeness of Smackdown that year, and the few that followed. Of course, Angle lost and had his head shaved by Edge. Shortly after, he’d wear a wig in some of the hilarity that is sorely missed in wrestling, of course this led to a feud with Hogan, but eventually he went full on bald and it was another instance where it helped the character becoming more menacing, somehow drawing a focus on the intensity of his eyes.

Of course, Angle would go on to have more amazing matches before leaving the WWE for reasons we are all aware of. His time in TNA has been more positive than negative, but his time outside the ring has become more asinine than any fan would want. Perhaps the sun has beamed a bit too strong in recent years, because the man is certifiable. From bald bad ass to senile wrestler, Kurt’s star sure has fallen.

The Undertaker
More to towards the hair style that Triple H will now apparently be donning for the foreseeable future, The Undertaker opted to go shorter than people could ever imagine possible. While both Kurt and Big Show only helped to speed up time, The Undertaker and Triple H share a bond, that their hair was essentially part of their character. For the longest time, The Undertaker was the Deadman for as long as anyone could remember until May of 2000, when he came riding down the ramp on a motorcycle to Fred “I Flip Off Cams Cuz I’m Cool” Durst and his band, Limp Bizkit. As the American Bad Ass, The Undertaker was arguably much more successful. He went heel, eventually, and become pretty visceral. His match with Brock Lesnar immediately sticks out, but one cannot forget the bloody mess he left Ric Flair at Wrestlemania X8.

Since then, The Undertaker has grown his hair out, become the deadman again, then more recently shaved it all off – save for a minute Mohawk. One cannot truly gauge the success of The Undertaker, he’s too gargantuan of a name. I will say, however, that each time he cut his hair, it was a huge deal.

Triple H
And so we get to Triple H, who looks like an evil corporate comic book character more than anything. While I am not sure of the plans between him and Brock, it does seem like it’s going to be a while before we see Triple H on TV again, and if this means anything; it’s that he’s taking his suit a bit more seriously. I don’t know his motives, and really don’t care, so long as he doesn’t take up 20 more minutes of my life to tell me why his haircut is so important.

You Decide: Does something as drastic as a haircut add or detract from a character?

The short answer to the question posed above is “everything,” but since elaboration is necessary, allow me to do so. There has been a steady downfall of quality on the commentary from of WWE for years now, but it has become more and more apparent the past few weeks. Holes have been left due to storyline reasons, and we have ended up getting wrestlers playing musical chairs next to Michael Cole, almost as if they’re testing everyone out. One week, Josh Mathews gets treated like a Ryback treat, and we get Cole by himself. Another week, we get King getting Punked (see what I did there?) and Cole by himself once again, until The Miz came down to help out. The issue that arises here is that it just exposes the WWE all the more. It’s obvious that Cole can’t handle it by himself; and he shouldn’t have to.

Prior to NXT Season 3, Cole never really bothered me. He was serviceable and was the antithesis of the falling quality of Jerry Lawler. After NXT, however, he was a grating voice that became bigger than he should have been, and it still shows up from time to time. The King is just a caricature now, and he is neither exciting nor deplorable. Cole picks and chooses (or, rather, is chosen to) when to be an idiot. Booker wasn’t liked enough that they made him GM, and Josh Mathews is just so-so. The commentary booth is hurting, and the biggest problem is that they have numerous solutions in their own backyard.

You Decide: If you could decide who commentated which show, what would the teams look like?

The topic of women’s wrestling came up this week on The Greg DeMarco Show and it really got me thinking about it, particularly what Su Yung had to say about it all. If you didn’t hear the show, basically she said that the women trained just like the men, they went through the same rigorous steps to get to the level they wanted to be at, and do the same drills and the like. Her having been in the developmental system of the WWE had me believing in her completely. Unfortunately this only served to make the situation of women’s wrestling all the more bothersome. We are to assume that the ladies pictured above all go through the same training that the men do so either a) they simply aren’t getting the chance to show that they have talent or b) they just can’t grasp the concept, regardless of training. I know that sounds harsh, but some of the ladies in the WWE were hired for looks first, wrestling second. This leads us to the topic of eye candy, and whether it’s all that ladies are here for in the wrestling world.

Sure, these ladies all around the world are pretty, but a vast majority of them are fans first, meaning that actually want to wrestle. Talking to the girls on the indy scene brings about a hunger that you see in some males, all trying to reach the pinnacle of the business. It’s refreshing to see. There was a time in the WWE when “risqué” was the norm, and ladies were scantily clad and willing to show next to nothing. They were exploited far more than they are now. This isn’t a complaint, it’s a mention of the past and how in a post PG era, eye candy made sense and was very welcomed. Now, we have ratings and issues that just don’t allow this type of behavior. It’s because of this that we’re stuck with mild and tame, which means they have to rely on the wrestling aspect of a female’s career. WWE just isn’t doing that. A lack of focus and a seemingly strong sense of apathy has taken over the Divas division, and it’s almost as if they’re ok with it.

You Decide: Is there a way to fix the Divas division? Do you care?

TNA No Surrender PPV Preview
By Greg DeMarco

TNA presents their annual PPV event No Surrender this Sunday. Catch it on PPV or hit up the live recap here at 411Mania! TNA has put together a solid card, albeit at the eleventh hour. Considering TNA’s superior storytelling ability, they could really benefit from having 6-8 weeks between pay-per-view events. However, the card is finally set, so let’s have a look!

Rob Van Dam vs. Magnus
For a match that was set-up during Thursday’s Impact Wrestling, this match actually has me excited. Rob Van Dam isn’t the same performer that he was 15 years ago (a point made by Magnus himself), but he can still deliver a good match. And the best word to describe Magnus right now is motivated. He’s young and he’s proving he’s ready for a big push from the company.

I expect this match to exceed expectations and become a showcase for Magnus and his new character. “Now, this is just me talking…” but I expect a Magnus win.

Prediction: Magnus

Knockouts Championship

Bound For Glory Series Semifinal
James Storm vs. Bully Ray

For finishing first in the “regular season” of the Bound For Glory Series, James Storm earned the right to select his opponent. He picked Bully Ray, a big of a surprise to me. I’d have picked Jeff Hardy if I were him. Let Bully and Samoa Joe tear each other apart, then pick up the scraps in the finals.

Bully Ray has evolved into an experienced ring general, and I expect that he will carry this match through the final moment. Unfortunately for him, that moment will see Ray falling to a Last Call Superkick.

Prediction: James Storm

Bound For Glory Series Semifinal
Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy

With Hardy forcing Joe to submit on Impact Wrestling, this match will have extra push behind it. The Series (and the preceding world tag team title run with Magnus) has seemingly reenergized Joe, and TNA appears to be willing to push him again. Jeff Hardy is always in contention for a big push, as he still accounts for a large percentage of the company’s merchandise sales.

I have already selected James Storm as one finalist in the BFG Series, but given TNA’s booking, that doesn’t exactly make a win by either guy a necessity. But TNA has been very consistent in the Series this year, and Joe and Storm have lived at or near the top of the list. They were the final two in the opening gauntlet, and Storm called Joe out on Open Fight Night. This Series comes full circle at No Surrender.

Prediction: Samoa Joe

Bound For Glory Series Finals
James Storm vs. Samoa Joe

Joe and Storm have both led the Series. In fact, this series has been about two major issues: James Storm’s elevation to the top of the company’s face pecking order and Samoa Joe’s return to relevance. Mission accomplished on both fronts.

Barring an injury to either man during their semifinal match, I expect this match to rock the Impact Zone. Joe and Storm have had great matches together in the past, and this one will be memorable. And even though Bobby Roode isn’t the TNA World Champion, I still see his former partner ending the match with his hand raised. Unless Roode decides to reappear during this match, that is.

Prediction: James Storm

TNA World Champion Austin Aries vs. The Big Guy from Aces & Eights
This reminds me of Hulk Hogan facing a man with no name at Starrcade. Except both of these men are in their prime. I would pencil in Luke Gallows as the man wrestling Austin Aries at No Surrender, making this the highest profile match of his career, by far. And I think he delivers on the big stage.

Austin Aries has been gold in TNA this year, but this entire Aces & Eights storyline tells me why Aries beat Bobby Roode at Destination X. Because Aces & Eights needs to steal the World Championship from a face champion, and not James Storm. And that’s exactly what happens after No Surrender. Aries (and/or Hulk Hogan) will eventually be goaded into putting the World Championship on the line, and it will be lost-either to a legit Aces & Eights member or to Bobby Roode impersonating an Aces & Eights member. That process starts here. (Leading to Storm vs. the champion at Bound For Glory).

Prediction: The Big Guy from Aces & Eights

TNA has put together what looks to be a good card on paper. The main event has tons of potential—for both good and bad. Tara vs. Tessmacher looks to be the only match on the card that could disappoint, and here’s hoping that it won’t. Since so many people love to compare TNA to the WWE, how does this card compare to Night of Champions? I think this is the card, and it’s cheaper too!

Buy or No Buy: Buy

You Decide: Is this a good card? Did it receive a proper build? Will you order this PPV?

Recent reports claim that there is a huge program planned for Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. Apparently, the reason behind them tagging together is that there will eventually be a break up, leading to a feud and finally a match at Wrestlemania 29. They are also trying to give Rey a bit more time to just chill by having Sin Cara do the brunt of the work. I could be a pessimist and claim that Rey will most likely get injured before Mania, but realistically the plan isn’t all that bad. It gives Sin Cara some much needed practice in the ring, and a mentor of sorts to help him strengthen his skills and adapt more to the WWE’s style. It also gives Rey something to do, because since his returns he has sort of been floundering.

For whatever reason, the WWE really wants to break a record of most fans wearing a mask in an arena. I don’t know if there’s some sort of prize or something, but whatever. If it gives us a good program, then so be it. I think a match between these two has the potential to be something spectacular, but I’m not sure if Rey is up to i. He looks just a bit out of shape. Then again, we have about 5 months until Wrestlemania, so he has plenty of time to get in shape. The motives are odd, but I still proclaim that this may very well blow us away.

You Decide:Are you interested in a Rey Mysterio/Sin Cara feud?

DeMarcette Su Yung and AAPW’s Heath Hatton join the program!

The Greg DeMarco Show with Greg DeMarco and Patrick O’Dowd, presented by 411Mania.com/Wrestling, aired Monday night at 11:00 PM eastern and streams all weekend at VOCNation.com.

This week:
Andy Critchell fills in for Patrick as we cover WWE RAW, talk women in wrestling with Tony Acero, and get old school with Justin Freemyer.

Special guest Heath Hatton joins the show courtesy of All American Pro Wrestling. Heath talks about his career and his upcoming NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship match against Adam Pearce! Plus, hear Heath recount a story about cropping his own photo onto a wrestling poster just to prove to his friends that he was, in fact, a pro wrestler!

Su Yung returns to the program to spread some DeMarcette love, and elicits high pitched laughter from the entire crew. Then she makes a surprise second appearance to lend her perspective to our women in wrestling discussion.

Greg, Andy and Tony discuss women in wrestling, along with DeMarcette Su Yung, analyzing this division of product and its future in a great extended discussion.

Check out the VOCNation.com stream this weekend for our exclusive Chikara King of Trios preview with Chikara broadcaster Leonard F. Chikarason!

Listen to the entire show here:

About The Greg DeMarco Show:
Discussing current events in professional wrestling—including WWE RAW, Smackdown, TNA Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor and many US independent promotions and regularly featuring guests from Ring of Honor, Chikara, Extreme Reunion and countless other promotions, Greg DeMarco and Patrick O’Dowd present opinionated analysis on the wrestling world that remains rooted in a love, passion and respect for the industry. The show is presented live each week nby 411Mania at http://www.411wrestling.com/wrestling and streams worldwide each weekend via Bruce Wirt’s Voice of Choice Nation at http://www.vocnation.com. You can reach the show via e-mail at [email protected], Facebook by searching for “Greg DeMarco Show” or Twitter @gregdemarcoshow.

Here’s The Big Show’s last night as a man with hair on his head.

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