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The Wrestling 6 & 1 2.25.12: Christy Hemme Versus Lillian Garcia

February 25, 2012 | Posted by Greg De Marco

Lots to talk about this week, but first, troll time!

i wuv buggy. tell her hi for me.
Posted By: TheSurge

“Hello my little scumbugg!! :)” Seriously, that was her response.

Sure things will change without Russo. The negatives are well documented and demonized, but let’s not forget the good. … He tends to book for a more of the talent than most bookers. He has historically pushed some talent that was ignored for established stars too. … IIRC he was also head booker during TNA’s 2009 season that had their highest ratings until recently. During Hogan and Bishoff’s tenure those ratings dropped until getting back to about the same level in recent months. … He was also head booker when the KO’s division was at their best. … Like most people he is a mixed bag and his worst is more memorable than his best. A new team will also be a mixed bag of good and bad. The only question is if it is a profitable mix.
Posted By: Guest#2495

Come on DeMarco, Bischoff and Hogan doesn’t have half as much power as you and the rest of the dirt sheet writers implies. Especially Hogan.
Posted By: Guest#2714

See, I think you’re wrong. Of course we don’t know for sure. Only those who are there trulky know. But all reports seem to concur: Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan have a “final say” or “veto power.” And that’s some serious power right there. Weeks of hard work? Gone. Just because Hogan says so.

I admit I hate New Yorkers. I hate how the city operates and I don’t like NJ too much either. The city is so damn crowded and frustrating and busy I don’t understand how people can live there.
Posted By: Guest#5636

Right, but can you attend WrestleMania there? That’s what really matters.

Also, little known fact: I was born on Long Island. I moved to Virginia when I was young and spent my formative years there. But I am a New Yorker.

I love your thought process for WM weekend 2013. That might the time for me to finally make it one.
Posted By: Mark

It’s going to be one insane weekend.

With seven hot women in the Hall and some such as Mickie James on the sidelines because they’ve had a lot of chances the competition is not at the level it once was. So I think you should increase the number of wins it takes to make the Hall. … I think Storm has the most potential but I think Aires is more likely to reach his potential if that makes sense.
Posted By: gpjunk

I might change it up once #8 gets in. I feel the need to freshen it up a bit. We’ll see. What you said about Storm & Aries does make sense. And I agree with it.

christy has a better rack but to me stacy is one of the hottest natural beauties i’ve ever seen in wrestling aside from miss elizabeth.
Posted By: mikecheck

If I could round up some good pics of Liz, she’d be in the competition. But that’s not very easy.

“And I can’t help but wonder if all of that energy is simply misdirected. Maybe this is just another case of “we don’t really know anything” coming out of me”
That’s odd to hear you say. You don’t ever admit to not knowing something, even the many, many…many times you clearly don’t know anything. (Undertaker vs. Wade Barret as a FACT last year, and your excuse for how you weren’t really wrong even when you were wrong about it as just 1 single example) … Maybe you are maturing with your writing and as a human being, though most likely not. Trash doesn’t usually change.
Posted By: Guest#7162

Really? Because I’ve admitted it plenty. And the “we don’t really know anything” I am referring to is “we” as the internet. How we don’t really know anything about what happens backstage, and the fact that most of the “news” that gets reported is speculation. I’ve expressed that opinion many times.

I also believe Zack Ryder deserves to be on the Mania card. He should challenge Swagger for the US title. After all the b.s. and stretcher jobs Ryder has done in the last 6 weeks, he deserves to be on the Mania card.
Posted By: Guest#9075

It’s so hard to speculate on his placement. In kayfabe terms, he should be out longer than Wade Barrett.

Happy Birthday Greg, Great column
Posted By: Still Guest#8287

Not sure what the question was, but okay…YES. And thank you for the birthday wishes!

While thepossible card is looking like it has a lot more potential than last year’s Wrestlemania I definitely think the event could do with a MitB Ladder Match or at the very least something comparable. Weak card aside last year’s WM felt somewhat empty without an MitB Ladder Match.
Posted By: Guest#4355

I’ll share this opinion later in the column, but I think this will be a special ‘Mania.

Buggy had a tryout in Fresno??? Shit, I was there and remember hearing what I thought was divas music happening when I first got there and got some beers, I bet that was the match I missed.
Posted By: Guest#9607

Tryouts are before the doors even open, while some production is still being tested and kinks are being worked out. They’re different from (and more important than) dark matches.

I agree, get the Knockout’s Tag Titles off Gail & Madison & let Sarita/Rosita & Tara/Brooke Feud over them. … For Wrestlemania I’d like to see: Swagger VS Ryder for the US Title. …
Posted By: SilentOx

Good stuff, good sir! Christy did in fact block Stacy, in a surprise win. It’s amazing that the Knockouts have a better tag team division than the men.

Aries is far better than Storm, but I don’t know if TNA will let Aries thrive. After all, similar management to those who thought not much of Jericho in WCW
Posted By: Guest#1804

Dave Lagana has worked with Aries in the past, so hopefully that will help A-Double.

Stop stalking Buggy Nova or I’ll burn your house down. It’s unhealthy.
Posted By: I want to be Buggy’s tampon

You’ll get over it.

Storm has a great gimmick like a Hank Williams Cowboy and should be getting a Stone Cold style booking. However, this super kick has got to stop.
Posted By: Guest#5064

I am fine with the superkick, but he does need some “Austin” type moments. Just over the top silliness mixed with a dose of brutality.

Posted By: NolanDyin

That’s some service right there.

I mean, who the fuck is Tiffany? I can’t remember a single thing she’s ever done on TV
Posted By: Sir Robin

Well, you see, Tiffany served as the General Manager…wait, you can Google her yourself!

Honestly, i dont understand the uproar over taker going up against hhh. I dint find anyone complaining about not giving rub to young guys wen flair was retired by shawn and then shawn was retired by taker. Hypocrism? :/
Posted By: HBK

Hypocrites on the internet?!?! Say it ain’t so! I am fine with the match.

I find your lack of Lita in the Hall of Bang disturbing.
Posted By: MBD

Unfortunately for Lita, too many voters found her face disturbing.

BTW, buggy holding a birthday sign for you, does not mean that she will “honk on your bobo”. Sorry, Champ, I’m sure she values your friendship though…
Posted By: Guest#6157

Wow, way to “burst the bubble.” You really taught me a lesson there.

Christy is like that chick you meet at a Motley Crue concert who invites you to an after hours spot in some random guys basement…you drink yourself silly and sometime around 5am, she pushes you into an unoccupied bathroom and gives you a hand/blow job…then leaves without saying goodbye, never to be seen again.
Definitely Christy….
Posted By: Frisco Kid

I don’t know who you are, but if I ever open up a website I want you to write for it. Seriously, e-mail me. I have a great track record, just look at Wes Kirk!

Honestly, A Double doesn’t need the X Division title anymore. He should get the TV Title and, as per rules changes by TNA, should be forced to defend it every week on TV. Of course, being A Double, he’ll find loopholes to get out of his matches, like fake injuries or putting into place a 10 minute time limit on all defenses, and then he’ll win the matches he’s absolutely forced to wrestle in or intentionally go to a time limit finish. You get three mid-to-uppermidcard guys like AJ Styles, Doug Williams, and Matt Morgan to chase him and suddenly you have a belt that’s worth something. … Also, being that it’s a TV Title he should refuse to defend it on PPVs. This gives you an out so he can lose occasionally (avoiding a scenario where no one on the roster looks like they can beat him) and build up contenders to his belt.
Posted By: Guest#8143

Great ideas all around, honestly. Especially using PPV to push the TV angle. TNA already does that anyway! I am not kidding, PPV pushing the TV angle works for the title. That’s good stuff.

think you’re a bit off on Storm. He’s been feuding with and getting the better of Kurt Angle and even beat him to gain a shot at AAO. Having some very good matches with him as well. He’s been working hard and having great matches including the double header he worked in London a few weeks back. Plus he knocked off Bully Ray this past week on Impact to become number 1 contender and is set to face his former best friend and teammate at Lockdown in his hometown to say the least.
Posted By: Michael

I felt like the matches with Angle went down in quality each time. And the match with Bully Ray on Impact was all Bully Ray (although that was just bad booking). And he just doesn’t appear to be in great shape. His best asset is cutting a promo, and TNA is taking that away from him for some reason.

The about Russo is that I remember how things were late ’09. There was the same kind of general agreement that TNA was getting its act together and heading the right direction that we have now. And Russo had the book. Then Dixie signed Hogan and Bischoff, and everything went to hell in a handbasket. I’ll give this new team a chance, see what they can do. But I’ll be hoping that Bischoff’s influence is minimal at best, he worries me more than Russo. No matter what anyone says, it was Bischoff who made the key decisions that led to WCW’s demise.
Posted By: the ghost of Buddy Rogers

Yes, yes, yes. You did an amazing job picking PPV matches. Go you. As for Russo, I think the guy is getting a bad rap from Hogan & Bischoff. They are the problem, not the booking by Russo.

Now take your rightful place in the Hall of Bang, Ms. Kiebler.
Posted By: Candy Bottocks

Yeah…‘bout that.

Personally, with the tag division being so shallow, i would’ve held off on the title switch till the March PPV, giving another team some time to get going and re-starting Morgan vs. Crimson. Aires is on a monster role, the Knockouts keep plugging along, Kazarian is finally getting a shot, and Robbie E got some time on the show.(I think Robbie E, and by-proxy the Rob-N-Rob schtick, is perfect for the TV title; all he needs are folks to feud with, not named EY. RVD seems to be on his way out; RVD putting Robbie over wouldn’t be half bad.)
Posted By: scipio2009

Good stuff this week, and not just this portion, either. It was all good. But I agree about the TV title, I would love to see RVD in there. I thought the tag straps should have changed hands in London, honestly. I know they’d get a face reaction, but they’re getting one anyway.

Can I vote for Buggy in the HoB instead?
Posted By: Mr. Magnanimous

Of course you can.

Christy Hemme, World’s Hottest Ring Announcer of all Time!
Posted By: cerebral_paulzie

I guess I know your vote for this week!

Aries is downright awesome in his role and would succeed in any division they put him in, provided that he KEEPS WINNING. The fact that Aries rarely tangles with anybody outside of his division hurts him as the viewers don’t know if he can overcome size. Being King of the midgets is nothing to be proud of.
Posted By: Guest#3977

That’s where I’d like to see the weight limit removed for him. Maybe he asks for it. Or let him tangle with AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian.

Now…news time!

Well, you get six this week!

Known Matches

Main Event
The Rock vs. John Cena

Hell in a Cell
The Undertaker vs. Triple H

WWE Championship
CM Punk (champion) vs. Chris Jericho

World Heavyweight Championship
Daniel Bryan (champion) vs. Sheamus


Celebrity Match
The Big Show vs. Shaquille O’Neal
Intercontinental Championship
Cody Rhodes (champion) vs. The Big Show

Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger vs. Mick Foley & Santino Marella

GM vs. GM – Total Control on the Line
Mark Henry, Alberto Del Rio & Christian vs. Ezekiel Jackson, ??? & ???

Randy Orton vs. Kane (or vs. The Miz?)

Divas Championship
Beth Phoenix (champion) vs. Kharma

Pre-Show World Tag Team Championship Match
Primo & Epico (champions) vs. R-Truth & Kofi Kingston

Analysis: Lots of movement this week. So much that this is now the lead story. Punk-Jericho confirmed. Bryan-Sheamus is confirmed. And HHH-‘Taker is confirmed. We have the intriguing possibility of Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show. But I don’t see Shaquille O’Neal out of the equation yet. ESPN reported that he was wrestling, and the WWE refuted it. Well of course they did! They haven’t built anything yet. R-Truth and Kofi Kingston got a win over the tag champs. I took Money in the Bank off of the list until it’s announced, as the rumor mill is leaning towards the GM vs. GM angle replacing MITB, and what we’re seeing on TV sort of confirms it.

But let’s take a look at things right now. Cena-Rock. HHH-Taker. Bryan-Sheamus. Punk-Jericho. Kharma-Beth. This ‘Mania has potential. This one will easily surpass 26 & 27. Hell, it could be one of the best ever. Regardless of if it makes it to #1, I think I will make one prediction now:

WrestleMania 28 will be something special.

You Decide: What do you think of WrestleMania 28 thus far?

Over the past month, there have been three terrible injuries in the world of wrestling, and all three could have been avoided…


Jesse Sorensen

Wade Barrett

I was very vocal in the February 16 Impact Wrestling TV Report about the spots used on an Impact that was filmed a mere 24 hours after Sorensen’s injury happened on pay-per-view. They included an Asai Moonsault to the floor by Shannon Moore—almost the same exact spot that injured Sorensen). RAW followed this on Monday with the Big Show tossing Dolph Ziggler onto a group of wrestlers right in front of the commentary booth. Dolph hit the table hard, suffering a reported jaw injury. But it was Wade Barrett who got the worst of it, and in looking at that video he immediately knew it. Both of those spots followed R-Truth’s dive to the floor from the February 6 RAW, where The Miz missed the catch and allowed Truth to take the fall 100% on his own back.

The worst part of all of this is the injuries suffered by Sorensen and Barrett. TNA and WWE have big plans for both guys, and Barrett really seemed primed to have a break out year. He’s suffered a dislocated elbow that will likely cost him a WrestleMania payday. Barrett has all the tools to be a huge star, and I am confident that he will fulfill his potential. Sorensen, on the other hand, is looking at a lengthy recovery after breaking his C1 vertebrae.

The most salient point about each spot is that none of those spots would be remembered if an injury hadn’t occurred. They’re routine spots that are really used in transition—none were going to factor into the finish of a match. So were they worth it? Are these spots really worth it?

I was immediately vocal on Facebook and Twitter after the battle royal spot. One dissenting opinion made what might be viewed as a good point: “I disagree with your point however, wrestlers have been playing dive and catch for years. Just a bad month. It happens.”

Wrestlers also hit each other with unprotected chairshots for years. They unnecessarily and blatantly bladed for years. Promoters folded up their canvas without properly washing it for years. But concussions, terrible scarring and staph infections have taught us to make better choices in recent years. Why dismiss this as a “bad month” when it should be seen as part of a learning process. None of those spots would be remembered if no one was injured. None. Tremendous risks are being taken for no reason whatsoever. And it needs to stop.

What’s it gonna take?

You Decide: Am I overacting? Should we learn from these experiences? Are the spots unnecessary?

The latest episode of The Greg DeMarco Show WITH Greg DeMarco & Patrick O’Dowd, presented by 411Mania.com/Wrestling, aired on February 21, as Greg & Patrick welcomed NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce!

Adam Pearce joined the show to provide an update on his “One Last Ride” tour, his current physical condition, the legacy of the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship, his role in wrestling history, his upcoming tour stops and his recent change of heart about tag team partner Colt Cabana! Adam also talks candidly about a recent elementary school appearance and life after wrestling.

ECWA Heavyweight Champion “The Greek God” Papadon returned to the show to discuss his upcoming title defenses against John Silver (March 3) and Aden Chambers (March 10), as well as some early smack talk for the ECWA Super 8! The Candyland Princess Buggy Nova provided perspective on her most recent WWE tryout, her MMA training, Freakshow Wrestling and to debut her new commercial for the Voice of Choice Nation!

Click here to listen to the program, or listen here:

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Who has more potential?

That was the question I asked last week, and I got some great responses. Now it’s time for my answer. And while I think it’s a very close battle, I do think there is a chance to call a winner. That man?

Austin Aries.

Austin Aries is 33 years old, and has been in the wrestling business for twelve years. Outside of his TNA experience, he is one of the most well-traveled independent wrestlers of all time, and the only man to hold the ROH World Championship twice. His current stint in TNA is his third, as he wrestled as Austin Aries in is first dance with the company (aligned with—Shocker!—Roderick Strong and Alex Shelley) and as The Austin Starr in his second stint. He never held a championship and competed primarily in the X-Division. He returned in the X-Division Showcase, defeating Low Ki, Zema Ion & Jack Evans to earn a TNA contract at 2011’s Destination X. While the show was supposed to reignite the X-Division—it merely served to reignite the career of Austin Aries. Before his TNA appearances, Aries teased retirement. He’s been a commercial actor in the past, and also voiced his displeasure at not making it onto the cast of WWE Tough Enough. He’s been cast aside on more than one occasion by more than one company, even being released and called a “locker room cancer” by Ring of Honor. Yet here he is, 100% responsible for making the X-Division relevant again, and one of the top 5 heels in TNA—possibly all of wrestling

Conversely, James storm is 34 years old and is essentially a TNA Original. He’s been with the company since 2002, having legendary tag team runs as a member of both America’s Most Wanted and Beer Money. He’s held world tag team championships in TNA eleven times, and even has one TNA World Heavyweight Championship to his credit. He’s poised to break out in a feud with Bobby Roode that will culminate at Lockdown. Yet he’s not above Aries?


While James Storm is a great promo guy, I think Aries matches up with him. On top of that, I think Aries is a better wrestler. Storm is a better storyteller. But overall, I just think there’s more there with Austin Aries.

Will Aries get a main event push? Or will he squander his potential away with his attitude? Well, thanks to a Tweet sent Thursday night, it looks like we’ll find out.

“I guess “I’m done” is code for “I’m booking myself in another PPV main event”. Yet the X-Division champ can’t sniff a main event… #Shocker”

It would appear that this was a kayfabed Tweet, except for the fact that it was deleted. It’s not on Aries’s Twitter anymore. That concerns be for the fact that Sting vs. Austin Aries would be a great feud for Lockdown. It would be promo heavy, but it would put Austin Aries into the upper echelon—where he belongs.

In fact, TNA has a great potential feud right under their noses. Austin Aries vs. James Storm. The Greg DeMarco Feud. Book it Lagana!

You Decide: Does Austin Aries have a higher ceiling than James Storm?

When Ring of Honor announced a “Rise & Prove” tag team tournament for their February 17 event in Cincinnati, I was among those that saw it as an attempt to fill the card on the cheap with locally based talent that would wrestle for less and not require any travel or accommodations. Some, like our own Ari Berenstein, pondered the possibility of this being the “new look” Ring of Honor house show—one with half of a ROH roster and half of a local roster.

However, it was that same Ari Berenstein who made the great points about the need to build new stars, in the same article. He wasn’t contradicting himself, he was presenting both sides of the argument. And both sides made a damn good argument of their own!

So was the purpose of the “Rise & Prove” tournament to fill space on the card for less money? Or was it to build new talent? Well, my gut instinct is that it was born out of the former, but the end result just might be the latter.

When the four teams were announced, one immediately stuck out to me: TMDK of Mikey Nicholls and Shane Haste. The talented Australian duo has wrestled all over the world, including their native land, various European countries, the United States and Japan. They are the perfect combination of great storytellers and great in-ring talents. They both fit the mold of an ROH roster member; yet they both provide what the roster is lacking.

I personally had the chance to work with Nicholls when he competed in several matches for NWA Rising Phoenix Wrestling. You might remember that I served as the promotion’s ring announcer, backstage interviewer, commentator, website writer, production team member, staff, etc., etc., etc. We all realized—from his very first appearance—that Nicholls was golden as a heel, and had a bright future in the business. He’s actually the fifth member of the RPW roster to wrestle for Ring of Honor, joining The Young Bucks, TJ Perkins and The Hawaiian Lion. I also saw Haste work on an NWA Pro Wrestling show in Phoenix, and event that I worked to film for local distribution. Despite being in a tag team match featuring four wrestlers unknown to the local crowd, Haste’s team (the faces) pulled off a victory that had all 1000 fans on their feet. It was easily the best match of the night.

So yeah, in my opinion, those guys are the real deal. But don’t take my word for it, take a look for yourself:

Will they wrestle ROH World Tag Team Champions The Briscoes in a one-and-done situation? Only time will tell. My hope is that they are added to the roster, and that this “Rise & Prove” tournament served a greater purpose. By the looks of things, they’ve already stood toe-to-toe with the Briscoes, and they definitely look like they belong.

Some have commented that it made Haste & Nicholls look bad. I disagree. They obviously knew better than to get involved with the champs, and judging by Jim Cornette’s reaction, they were right. And looking at those smirks at the very end, TMDK feels like they are already in the Briscoes’ heads. Done right, we could have a great new team on our hands in Ring of Honor.

You Decide: Can you buy-in to the Aussies as a full time team in ROH?

It’s time for an update on The DeMarcettes. Have a look at their upcoming schedules!

2/25 – Crystal City, TX – South Texas Pro Wrestling
2/26 – Brownsville, TX – NWA: Lone Star
3/3 – Seguin, TX – Texas Wrestling Federation
3/9 – Cypress, TX – NWA: Lone Star
3/17 – San Antonio, TX – Branded Outlaw Entertainment
3/18 – San Antonio, TX – Anarchy Championship Wrestling
3/23 – Hondo, TX – South Texas Pro Wrestling

Be sure to catch Barbi’s third appearance on The Greg DeMarco Show this coming week!

2/25 – Los Angeles, CA – MEXPW
2/25 – Burbank, CA – Freakshow Wrestling
3/11 – Las Vegas, NV – Future Stars of Wrestling
3/25 – San Diego, CA – Pro Wrestling Massive

2/24 – Binghamton, NY – 2CW Girls Grand Prix (vs. Rachel Summerlyn)
3/3 – Baltimore, MD – Ring of Honor (TV Taping)
3/4 – New York, NY – Ring of Honor (10th Anniversary iPPV)
3/10 – Memphis, TN – Memphis Ladies Wrestling
3/24 – IndyGurlz vs. Sienna Duvall
3/30 & 3/31 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Ring of Honor Showdown in the Sun (iPPV)

2/25 – Burbank, CA – Freakshow Wrestling (vs. Amanda the Bloodthirsty Vixen)
2/26 – Stockton, CA – Pro Wrestling Bushido (vs. Savanah Riley vs. Kural Hime)

Last Week: Stacy Keibler was unable to overcome the fiery redhead, and thus the graphic below remains unchanged…

This Week: Christy Hemme goes for win #2 against a fellow ring announcer!

Can Christy make it two straight?

Or does Lilian Garcia get her first win?


Christy Hemme vs. Lilian Garcia. Take your pick!
Stay tuned as next week as I’ll reveal the winner!

Ultimo Dragon defends all kinds of gold against Rey Mysterio at World War 3 in Norfolk, Virginia on November 24, 1996.

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This week we look back at a favorite of many, Layla!

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Alright, time to take that comments section and run with it. Contribute to the discussion. Vote in Versus, talk Aries-Storn. Talk WrestleMania. Just talk! And vote. Don’t forget to vote.

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