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The Wrestling 6&2 1.26.13: Eve and Stacy Kiebler and the VERSUS Royal Rumble!

January 26, 2013 | Posted by Tony Acero

The Royal Rumble is truly the #2 PPV in the WWE. I’ve got it ordered, some beers on deck, and a few friends are coming over to watch the show! It’s one of the few PPV’s that people will watch who haven’t really watched the WWE in years, simply because of the excitement that comes with the match. We’ve got previews for you guys, among other things! Let’s get to it!

Oh, and we’re actually a 6&2 this week…enjoy!


The Versus Royal Rumble
With Tony Acero

Eleven weeks long, the Versus Royal Rumble features the women who have come so close to the Hall of Bang—three time winners Mickie James (who did it twice), Stacy Keibler, Gail Kim, Lita and Christy Hemme. It also features two former hall members in Brooke Tessmacher and Taryn Terrell. Add in twenty three more women from the WWE, TNA, NXT, the indies, overseas, old school ladies and more!

The results are in, and two more women were eliminated in the tenth week of The Versus Royal Rumble!

Looks like the end result is Eve vs Stacy, and it’s up to you guys who gets in the Hall. Stacy has been on the bottom (giggity) of the list since the incarnation of the contest. Will she be able to survive the looks of former Diva, Eve?

It’s your call, as you choose the final girl to eliminate. That’s right, you are NOT voting for winner, you are voting for someone to get eliminated. Next week, a winner will be crowned!

At stake? Oh nothing, just a spot in the 411Mania Wrestling 5&1 Hall of Bang!

So who will win? We’ll get there, but first we need to eliminate the final beautiful lady. Here is the remaining field, and you can vote below. Vote for GIRL YOU WANT TO ELIMINATE, and vote often. You can vote once every 12 hours, and voting closes Tuesday night.

Ladies, gentlemen, and readers…


The poll expires Tuesday night, and you can vote once every 12 hours. Now get voting!

Last week in The Wrestling 5&1…

Was I the only one who skipped everything to check out the Kelly Kelly pics, only to be disappointed? Give us some booty shots please.

Also, fuck all……Take all the roids you want Lance, you still kick ass. And if you never met her, then you can’t call her your girlfriend no matter how many times you blow a load on your computer. – Woo in my Woooo

For you, my good man:

Super Bowl XLVII: The Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart of Football?
With Greg DeMarco

There are times where professional wrestling can be unfairly compared to “real” sports, and there are times when wrestling pretends to be a “real” sport. But Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh in Super Bowl XLVII causes such an easy wrestling comparison.

Brothers in the world of wrestling offer ready-made storyline devices—be it as a tag team or as enemies. There are times when the dynamic works with brilliance, and there are times when it falls flat.

Jim Harbaugh, 49, played in a Rose Bowl, as a Heisman Trophy Finalist and played in the NFL for 14 seasons. In two seasons as The San Francisco 49ers head coach, he’s amassed a 27-4-1 record and made it to two NFC championship games—and now one Super Bowl.

John Harbaugh, 50, played his college ball at Miami. Not that Miami, but the one in Ohio. Harbaugh’s NFL career stared as a coach in 1998, and landed his first head coaching position in 2008. In five years as the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, he has amassed a 54-26 records. He hasn’t only made it to the playoffs in each year, he’s won a playoff game in each of his five years. He’s made it to two AFC championship games—and now one Super Bowl.

It’s important for a wrestling fan to look at these facts because it sets the stage for the Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh match-up coming in two weeks. There hasn’t been a match-up in wrestling between two brothers of this caliber in the industry’s history. And only one has come close.

Bret Hart and Owen Hart were forever linked by their famous lineage and by their battles in the ring. They were a tag team, but they didn’t start out as one. In fact, Owen long lived in Bret’s shadow. And that shadow fueled their feud, which is one of wrestling’s most underrated.

The match above is from the Raw before WrestleMania 11, after Bret and Owen had their legendary 1994 matches at WrestleMania 10 and SummerSlam. It, along with their feud, is largely underappreciated in the history of wrestling. (Bret and Owen also had a series of “Marathon Matches,” the precursor to the Iron Man Match of today. One—filmed in “fancam” format—is included below.)

Bret vs. Owen set the bar high for brother vs. brother feuds, and no others have really come close

Matt Hardy defeated Jeff Hardy in an Extreme Rules match at WrestleMania 25, and the only real pleasing aspect of the match (and feud) was the more popular brother—at the time—was victorious.

The match and feud largely underwhelmed, failing to live up to the hype it generated when fantasy booked by many message board fans years prior. Rick and Scott Steiner had several matches against each other, but Scott was already established as the dominant force in the family.

Along with legit brother vs. brother feuds comes storyline brother vs. brother feuds. Bubba/Bully Ray and Devon never got a quality feud going, and Edge and Christian had their greatest feud taken from them with Edge’s retirement—and at that time, they weren’t even termed as brothers.

Over the next two weeks, we will be flooded with Jim Harbaugh vs. John Harbaugh, John Harbaugh vs. Jim Harbaugh, Mom and Pop Harbaugh, and every other potential family combination. When it gets old, remember that, as a wrestling fan, there is one more angle to look at: will the “match” live up to the hype? Will Jim vs. John live up to Bret vs. Owen?

You Decide: Will Jim-John be as good as Bret-Owen?

Royal Rumble Predictions: Greg DeMarco

United States Championship (YouTube PreShow Match)
Antonio Cesaro (champion) vs. The Miz

Antonio Cesaro is the best utility player on the roster. The great thing is, whatever they give him—including victory or defeat—he comes up smelling like roses. I think he has an amazing future ahead of him. At the Royal Rumble he finds himself on the preshow against a man who the WWE is putting a lot of stock in as a face. But The Miz doesn’t need the United States Championship. Good thing for the WWE they’ve already established Cesaro’s prescribed way out.

Winner: The Miz (count out)

WWE Tag Team Championship
Team Hell No (champions) vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

Team Hell No has seen a meteoric rise since being paired together in a temporary situation. Sometimes you throw spaghetti at the wall and it does indeed stick—Team Hell No got over.

Yeah, well they’re going to need a WrestleMania match, and it might as well be against each other. Thus, they lose here.

Winners (and NEW WWE Tag Team Champions): Rhodes Scholars

World Heavyweight Championship – Last Man Standing Match
Alberto Del Rio (champion) vs The Big Show

Alberto Del Rio’s face turn has been a surprise in that it’s actually working. I know, right?!?! His opponent, The Big Show, is one of the most underappreciated talents in all of the WWE. But Big Show is on the decline and will be retiring sooner rather than later. In fact, I could see him retiring at WrestleMania 30.

For this match it means we have no reason to think Del Rio will lose, despite the repeat stipulation. I think he heads to WrestleMania as champion, finding himself in the ring with Randy Orton and Sheamus—two faces that have some serious heel tendencies. And lurking at ringside (if he isn’t in he ring wearing a referee’s shirt) will be Dolph Ziggler, briefcase and all.

That is, if he doesn’t cash in at the Rumble…

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

WWE Championship
CM Punk (champion) vs The Rock

The electricity created by The Rock is simply amazing. The heat generated by CM Punk is simply amazing. This match? Likely simply amazing.

The but the finish will define the match. I want to pick CM Punk to walk out champion. I want to see The Shield, Brad Maddox, Paul Heyman and CM Punk reveal that it was a master plan all along—they’re all Paul Heyman guys and it’s all about the WWE Champion holding his gold. It would make for a great story headed into WrestleMania 29. And John Cena vs. The Rock doesn’t need the title to matter.

But I just can’t bring myself to picking that way.

Winner (and NEW WWE Champion): The Rock

The Royal Rumble Match

Thus Royal Rumble can really go any which way. The obvious choice is John Cena. Much like The Rock, he doesn’t need the win to make their match happen at WrestleMania. But I believe Vince McMahon might want it that way.

Randy Orton or Sheamus could win and set-up their title-match at WrestleMania. With a face World Heavyweight Champion in Alberto Del Rio, a heel could really get a great rub by winning—someone like Wade Barrett. Dolph Ziggler winning and heading to WrestleMania with a guaranteed title shot AND a Money in the Bank briefcase is a great story. Ryback—the new “IT” guy—could continue his rise by winning.

But we can’t kid ourselves. It’s Cena.

Most Eliminations: Ryback
Ironman: no one will really stand out

Winner: John Cena

Buy or No Buy
The Royal Rumble can easily be a one match show. This is a two match show. CM Punk vs. The Rock and the Royal Rumble match. Big Show-Alberto Del Rio will entertain. The tag title match will be great. Even the Pre Show will be a good time. Plus, it’s the kick off to the Road to WrestleMania.

Buy/No Buy: Buy. This is an easy buy. IT’S THE ROYAL RUMBLE!

Royal Rumble Predictions: Tony Acero

United States Championship (YouTube PreShow Match)
Antonio Cesaro (champion) vs. The Miz

I don’t foresee Cesaro losing the belt, considering he’s doing a good job with it. The face turn of The Miz has been relatively lackluster since its incarnation, and it’s not about to change here. I think they’re going to continue trying to make him a face, but they won’t give him a title to do so. I’d be quite interested to see how they handle each other in the ring, though.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

WWE Tag Team Championship
Team Hell No (champions) vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

I thought about Greg’s scenario, where the tag team split up and go head to head at Mania, but I don’t think they’re going to go that route. I feel Kane and Bryan will stick together for a little longer, and maybe even still be a team come Mania. I do feel, however, that both Sandow and Rhodes could use the belts and still extend this program, OR go head to head with another team. With that being said, I am not sure they’ll allow them the titles this time around. Somethin in my gut (such as the ease in which they lost on RAW a week or so back) tells me that Sandow and Rhodes will not be winning.

Winners: Team Hell No

World Heavyweight Championship | Last Man Standing Match
Alberto Del Rio (champion) vs The Big Show

Although their last LMS match had a lot going for it, I feel this is simply a way to keep Show looking strong. I don’t think they want to give Del Rio a clean win in a regular match, which means this will go down as another hard fought victory for our Mexican superstar, Del Rio. I don’t foresee any shenanigans, and feel that Del Rio will win…

Unless! Dolph decides to cash in, and if he does, it will be after Del Rio is beat up so badly – yet wins – and Dolph is there to Zig Zag him to hell. Truth be told, however, I don’t see it happening so I’m calling Del Rio keeping his title.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

WWE Championship
CM Punk (champion) vs The Rock

I’m so freaking excited about this match. Seriously, this and the Rumble is what I’m paying for, and I have a huge feeling I won’t be disappointed. Monday really left some things in the air that may fall into place this Sunday, particularly The Shield’s role in the match – if any. The Rock and Punk have done alright on the mic, much better than Cena and Rock ever did, and there’s an intensity that just didn’t exist between Cena and Rock. I foresee The Rock winning the title, which worries me about The Shield. Perhaps we’ll get the reveal that they’re with Punk, they’ll be banned, and it’ll be a one-upmanship with The Rock, culminating with a Rock Bottom and a win for The Rock.

Winner (and NEW WWE Champion): The Rock

The Royal Rumble Match

I don’t think I know one wrestling fan that doesn’t turn into a 12 year old during the Rumble. Everything is out the window and we just enjoy the damn thing. I cannot wait for it to go down; for the comebacks, the shock eliminations, the huge returns, the one-off old guys, the random exchanges, etc. Really, the only negative aspect I can see about this match is the fact that I really feel John Cena is going to win and I just…don’t….want it.

Most Eliminations: Ryback

Ironman: Dolph Ziggler

Winner: John Cena

Buy or No Buy
Yeah, they have really focused on Rock and Punk, and so have I. The entire John Cena aspect of the show can kiss my ass, but it’s not enough to deter me from ordering.

Buy/No Buy: Buy. A definite Buy, since I already made the purchase. I’ll be having a few friends over for The Rumble, which is surprising, considering I really thought I was the only one who existed in the nearby area. I’m looking forward to it, and I hope you are, too.

Royal Rumble Predictions: Jericho Ricardi

United States Championship (YouTube PreShow Match)
Antonio Cesaro (champion) vs The Miz

Fresh off of his loss to Randy Orton on this past week’s RAW, Antonio Cesaro rolls into the Royal Rumble with all the momentum that going 100+ days as U.S. Champion will bring you. No American can defeat him for the title, he claims, and so far no American has. …okay, I can’t parrot the WWE company line any more. It’s stupid the way they job out their secondary champions, to the point where statements like the one above, so often thrown out by Michael Cole, completely lose whatever power they have. When you realize how frequently Cesaro loses “non-title matches”, it’s hard not to feel bad for the guy. It’s up-and-down booking that makes little sense when they make Cesaro look so good some weeks. Then they wonder why he isn’t catching on with fans. They did the same thing to Kofi Kingston. During the Attitude Era, would The Rock or Triple H have caught on during their star-making Intercontinental Title reigns if they had frequently lost non-title matches? Remember what a big deal it was when Raven lost to Goldberg and gave up the U.S. Championship? We can’t get moments like that in the modern climate. In any case, Cesaro wins this one, defeating Miz (whose own recent secondary title reign was derailed when he was squashed by Ryback in a non-title match).

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

WWE Tag Team Championship
Team Hell No (champions) vs Team Rhodes Scholars

The Rhodes Scholars are on a roll, and are probably the most interesting tag team in WWE right now. Both heelish and fun to watch, they are sort of WWE’s version of Daniels and Kaz. When the team formed up I thought Cody Rhodes was the guy to watch, but now I’m thinking Damien Sandow is going to be the breakout star of the two in the future. He’s got all the tools and that “it” factor, while Cody’s time may have passed. In any case, I feel like Team Hell No has run its course and it’s time for Daniel Bryan and Kane to get back into singles competition (after perhaps a Wrestlemania rematch with the Scholars).

Winners: Rhodes Scholars

World Heavyweight Championship – Last Man Standing Match
Alberto Del Rio (champion) vs The Big Show

Alberto Del Rio has been great as a face so far. Legend has it that he was a face for most of his career before showing up in WWE, so them turning him heel right out of the gate may well have been a blunder on the level of Scott Steiner: Babyface. On the bright side, we didn’t have to deal with any ADR pose-offs. Hopefully Del Rio retains here because he’s got a lot of momentum right now. Going on to face Sheamus and Orton in a triple threat for the World title at Wrestlemania – and surviving – would do wonders for ADR going forward.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

WWE Championship
CM Punk (champion) vs The Rock

This match should be off the charts, easily surpassing the Cena/Rock confrontation last year from a match quality standpoint. The question is, do they want CM Punk’s historic title reign to end at the hands of a guy who is already well established (and no longer active) or someone else who could make more use of the “rub”? This is the same question I asked before the Undertaker’s last four Wrestlemania matches against HBK and HHH. At this point the smart choice may be to leave the title on CM Punk. If The Rock loses, it’ll be because his Wrestlemania opponent (Brock?) interfered. Punk already set the record for the modern era, so an extra 60 days added onto his title reign wouldn’t make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things. That said, I suspect that The Rock will be walking out with the title to pop the ratings. Plus, I’m picking a heel to win The Rumble, so…

Winner, and NEWWWW champion: The Rock

The Royal Rumble Match
This Rumble is wide-open as to who the winner will be. In some years, we’ve had a champion more or less set in stone for Wrestlemania (for instance, 2000) which made predicting a Rumble winner a lot simpler. In this case, we’ve also got a WWE Title clash between The Rock and CM Punk that seems to be completely up in the air. It would help on predicting if we knew which title the Rumble winner would be challenging for, since the previous two Rumble winners only went on to curtain-jerk at Wrestlemania. On that note, they really need to unify the two world titles. With the brand split null and void for a while now, having two world titles makes about as much sense as having the San Francisco 49’s be the “NFL Champions” and the Baltimore Ravens be the “World Champions” and just calling it a day. It might just be wishful thinking, but I’m hoping for Dolph Ziggler to pull off the win here, then unify the titles at Wrestlemania when he cashes in on the World champion after their match and goes on to defeat The Rock for the WWE title in the main event. This seems increasingly unlikely given that Ziggler has been forced to start the match. Considering how WWE seems to have little faith in him or inclination to ever unify the world titles, chances are high that my out-on-a-limb predictions will amount to very little.

Most Eliminations: Ryback
Ironman: Dolph Ziggler

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Buy or No Buy
This has been one of the more poorly-built Rumbles in recent memory. It seems like they’re selling the show on The Rock Vs. CM Punk, with the Rumble basically revolving around John Cena, and letting things go from there. A show of this magnitude shouldn’t be on autopilot when there are so many possibilities for what they could do going forward. I’d like to see something earth-shattering, like the return of Brock (having him do something significant would help) or the reveal of who is behind The Shield (perhaps they’ll kill two birds with one stone). We shall see.

Buy/No Buy: Buy. Despite that I have little faith in WWE to do anything particularly creative or interesting, there’s no way I’ll miss The Rock Vs. CM Punk.

Find more of Jericho’s work at www.coronajumper.com. Check out part 1 of Jericho’s look back at every Royal Rumble, here!

Typically, John Cena promos are interlaced with humor a 10 year old would laugh at, then spliced into it are some serious points that he’s trying to get across. He tends to have a focal point, but dance around it before going stoic and facing the hard camera. Almost all of his promos are the same, and have little semblance of creativity, but nothing – NOTHING – prepared me for what we got Monday night. This thing was bad. For those that have tried to rid the thought of the promo from your mind, I give you this:

Now, as I said, this shouldn’t have really shocked any of us, as it was very Cena-esque, but there was something different. Cena went out there and made one of the largest allusionary stretches ever. I wrote the following in the Rs

Thus, we get to this week, where just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, John Cena cuts a promo of McGillicutty levels. This was a Ridiculous promo in every sense of the word. From making a little child feel uncomfortable, to referring to himself as Skidmark_187, to essentially using a fat man as a scapegoat of we IWC people, to hitting on a mom (possibly a grandma) with yoga jokes, alllll to say that he’s going to win the Royal Rumble. This was garbage in every sense of the word, and came off soooooo awkward. I can’t say enough bad things about this and truly the ONLY moment worthy of even a chuckle was Darren Young claiming that Ain’t Nobody Got Time For This….and seriously….no one had time for it.

My thoughts haven’t changed, but they did lead to a question. Who writes this shit? I know, I know, I’ve harped on the writers on numerous occasions, but the reality of it is that shit like this really makes me question the seriousness in which they take their jobs because this was lacking any semblance of cohesiveness, any actual humor, and any….point. I’ve heard some thoughts that perhaps Cena is trying something new – saying things that he knows will upset the shit out of us while still being face – a new kind of heel, but I don’t want to give them that much credit. I can’t imagine a circle of writers looking over this script with John Cena and okaying it, but that’s what happened.

WWE is the company that had Triple H screw a dead chick, had a live hatching on a PPV, had a senior citizen give birth to a hand and have said hand come back years later, so this shouldn’t be so upsetting, and yet it is. I often wonder how, on the same how, you can have some solid interaction and humor right alongside something like this and it only leads me to one conclusion, one of the people sitting around that table needs to go…

You Decide: Who is to blame for John Cena’s promo?

Monday Night saw a minute attempt towards a storyline with the Divas title. After Eve’s departure, we were left with Kaitlyn as champion, and although I’ve asked this question for months, it’s never more prevalent than now. So Kaitlyn’s the champion….what next? She had a match (if we can call it that) with Alicia Fox while Tamina watched in the backstage area. Remember when Tamina and AJ had a small program that turned into nothingness? I feel that’s where we’re heading with Tamina and Kaitlyn. The bigger issue is the fact that I don’t think one person gives a damn about any of this. If there was ever a time where a complete overhaul of a division was necessary, it’s now. I truly wish there was a powerhouse of some sort to come in and tear shit up, but not even in the developmental leagues is there a big girl looking to crush shit. Paige has been considered the favorite to save us all from the doldrums that is the Divas Division, but even if she does come in, what’s the story? Who will care? I think something drastic, like a debut of numerous women need to happen, or a stronger sense of story that we can latch onto and care about.

You Decide: How would you fix the Divas Division?

Royal Rumble Preview and DeMarcette Scarlett Bordeaux!

Presented by 411Mania.com and WrestlingSmash.com, The Greg DeMarco Show with Greg DeMarco and Patrick O’Dowd airs each Tuesday night at 10 PM. Listen live, join our “Snake Pit” chat room and call in at 310-807-5103. Each week the show features some of the best guests in the wrestling business, plus insightful analysis on the current product, entertaining hijinks & shenanigans and more!

This week:
DeMarcette “The Perfect Ten” Scarlett Bordeaux returns to the show! How is she developing in OVW? How was she treated at this past week’s CZW event? What exciting things lie ahead? Could she be any hotter? (Okay, we didn’t ask that last question—even if everyone will be wondering it!) We also talk to Scarlett about working at Tilted Kilt, testing her menu knowledge. Plus, Scarlett makes a huge announcement about a new role for her in a brand new promotion. Want to know what it is? Listen in…

Less than a week away, Greg and Patrick are joined by Andy Critchell to preview the Royal Rumble! Who will win the WWE Championship Match between champion CM Punk and The Rock? Who should win? Who will win the Royal Rumble? Who should win? The Road to WrestleMania begins on The Greg DeMarco Show!

Plus, the trio reacted to the newest “developments” in the ongoing saga that is TNA’s Aces and Eights. Was Taz the right move? What will the group do moving forward? And they took a break from wrestling to lay it all on the line in discussing the Manti Te’o situation and make some early Super Bowl XLVII predictions.

In hour number three got an answer to an age old question—will Terra Calaway and Tony Acero finally appear on the show together? Plus, This Week in Wrestling History with Justin Freemyer!

Listen here!

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About The Greg DeMarco Show:
Greg DeMarco isn’t just a must-read wrestling analyst (via http://www.411wrestling.com and http://www.bleacherreport.com) with a copious amount of sound bites on his show. Greg brings several years of experience within the wrestling business—as well as eight years of stand-up and improvisational comedy experience—to the masses each week.

He’s joined each week by best friend “The Wrestling Realist” Patrick O’Dowd. Not just another sidekick, Patrick balances hard-hitting commentary with an innate ability to provoke Greg in ways that very few can. These two best friends collaborate to provide the most entertaining wrestling program on the planet, and do so while breaking down the product in ways that no one else can.

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This Sunday, the WWE presents the 25th Royal Rumble…on pay per view! That’s because we can’t ignore this Royal Rumble: 1988—the first. Relive it again, for the first time!

The 1988 Royal Rumble (logo to the right) took place at the Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario. The event was held on the USA Network and drew an 8.2 rating, the highest cable rating for any wrestling program up to that date.

The Royal Rumble didn’t technically “main event” the card, as it wasn’t the last match. In the final match, The Islanders defeated perennial jobbers The Young Stallions in a best 2-out-of-3 falls match. The Royal Rumble was the “semi-main event,” preceded by The Jumping Bomb Angels win over The Glamour Girls in another best 2-out-of-3 falls match. The opener featured a disqualification victory for Ricky Steamboat over Rick Rude.

So when you watch this weekend’s Royal Rumble match on pay-per-view, remember that the event that now serves as many fan’s favorite of the year started as a live television special.

Hit up the ‘Mania on the TWITTER (so Ashish will like me, okay?)


And 1 Model of the Week
with Tony Acero

As an added bonus, let’s check out a couple more photos of the lovely finalists! One of these ladies will be in the Hall of Bang come next week!

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Plenty to talk about in the comments!
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Do we need new writers?
How can we fix the Divas Division?
And don’t forget about the Versus Royal Rumble—PICK 3 TO ELIMINATE!

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