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The Wrestling Bazaar: NWA/TNA Weekly PPV #14

March 30, 2011 | Posted by Nick Bazar
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The Wrestling Bazaar: NWA/TNA Weekly PPV #14  

October 2, 2002- The Asylum in Nashville, Tennessee

Oh, you didn’t know? BG James and Syxx Pac make their way to the ring to start the show. They came here to take care of business, but James wants to talk a little “smickity-smickity-smizak” first. They have been there and done that, but in TNA, it’s a new time and day. Jeff Jarrett and Brian Lawler are no strangers to rump-rangers- they are in for a shipwreck. In the NWA, everyone talks about The Truth. They say he is the future of pro wrestling- if that’s the future, the future is grim. James doesn’t want Ron Killings to forget who the past and the present are. Syxx says Low-Ki is getting a shot at Killings tonight; a shot they should be getting. The point is these two crackers want a piece of the Suntan Superman…

With that, NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ron Killings comes out. James and Syxx aren’t coming for anybody. The truth is, they want Killings’ championship, not Killings. Killings “relieved” himself on the foundation James and Syxx built- he is the future. He only gives opportunities to those who are like him; not those who have a silver spoon dangling from their cracker asses. Syxx has had it with the race card crap. The only thing that will be dangling from Truth’s ass is Syxx’s foot…

Jeff Jarrett’s music hits and he has something to add. There is something missing from this picture- where is the third member of Team Derelict? There is supposed to be a 6-man tag tonight. Is Scott Hall dealing with his “personal demons” again? James thinks Jarrett has no business talking about Hall when he isn’t there to smack the words out of his mouth. On top of that, who is Jarrett to judge? The only thing Jarrett is judging is how Hall messed up the card tonight. Instead, we will have a handicap match tonight: James and Syxx against Jarrett, Killings and these two boys…Elix Skipper and Brian Lawler enter the ring and attack James and Syxx from behind. James and Syxx eventually get the upper hand, tossing both out of the ring.

At ringside, Mike Tenay and Don West run down the card featuring all three titles on the line.

Match One: Amazing Red vs. Shark Boy
I think it’s company policy for Tenay to say the words “cult favorite” every time Shark is in a match. Suspiciously, we get a shot of a fan in full Shark uniform as he says it. As Red and Shark do the typical opening match wristlock standoffs, Elix Skipper joins the commentary booth. He wants to know why he was taken out of the main event tonight…wait a second, since when? Apparently, it will be a straight-up tag match. Meanwhile, Shark gains an advantage off a hangman’s noose neckbreaker and begins working the leg as Mortimer Plumtree looks on behind the curtain like a Peeping Tom. His fascination with these little guys is starting to get creepy. Pretty cool spot as Shark press slams Red over the top rope and follows up with a plancha. Red tops it with a somersault flip over the top but goes down to a top rope vertical suplex soon after. Shark hits the Dead Sea Drop but is late to make the cover- woah, selling? He tries for a second DSD but Red counters into an inverted DDT. Red finishes it after an Infra Red and standing corkscrew shooting star.
Winner: Amazing Red in 7:00
Rating: ** (Shark had a few fans, but the crowd was mostly dead for that. If you’ve seen this match once, you’ve seen it a million times. At least Red finally got a win.)

Post-match, Elix Skipper attacks Amazing Red. Security comes in but Skipper takes them out…until Don Harris steps in.

We get a video package on Ron Killings recent feud with Jerry Lynn and the X-Division guys.

In the back, Goldilocks is with Low-Ki. He heard Syxx Pac loud and clear. As far as Killings is concerned, he has despised the X-Division since day one because it has taken the attention away from his title reign. Tonight, Ki will prove that it is not the size of the fighter, but the size of the fight he will bring.

The Maximos’ music hits for a tag team match, but Ron Killings comes out angrily. What the hell is Low-Ki smoking? Killings gave Ki a title shot because he felt sorry for him. Ki, get your punk ass out here right now! Unscheduled madness! Shit just got real…

Match Two: NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Ron Killings© vs. Low Ki
Killings is on Ki as he slides into the ring but the crowd is solidly behind Ki. Ki gets his kicks in soon enough, the last one of which sends Killings to the outside. Killings regains control by sending Ki crashing into the barricade. Ki tries to use his athleticism to come back, but Killings ends up side kicking him off the barricade and into the crowd. They brawl through the crowd with Ki taking over near the cage dancers. Good aggression here from both guys, I like it. Killings throws Ki into the front of the entrance stage and rams a production cart into his chest. Back in the ring, Killings is in full control and comfortable enough to taunt. Meanwhile, Mortimer Plumtree is back for more snooping. Killings slows things down with a couple of leg and shoulder stretches, grounding Ki and his kicks. Back up, they trade chops but Killings gets a little too funky with a dance and falls to a rolling Ki kick. Killings is able to get back on offense with an inverted Russian legsweep and goes back to the stretches that we were working for him before. Killings regains his confidence and tries to steal a page from Ki’s book with a 450 Splash. No water in the pool! Ki takes advantage of the opening with a springboard head kick, but he is late to make the cover. Killings catches Ki in midair after a second springboard, but Ki transitions nicely into a Tarantula in the ropes. Ki tries for a Ki Crusher but his injured ribs don’t allow him to lift Killings. Instead, Killings sets him up for a Muscle Buster that gets him a very close three count. Killings wants to finish it with the Consequence, but Ki blocks it and applies the Dragon Sleeper! Killings fights it off and heads to the top, but Ki perches him there with a head kick. Killings quickly regroups and comes off the middle rope with a sitout facebuster Tenay calls the True Conviction for the win.
Winner: Ron Killings in 13:00 to retain the NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Rating: ***1/4 ( Great action and aggression throughout from both guys, with some nice psychology thrown in. Killings clearly has much better chemistry with Ki than he does with Lynn. It also didn’t hurt that we had clear face/heel roles for once.)

Post-match, Ron Killings grabs a microphone, but a man in a white sweatshirt and mask attacks him from behind.

Match Three: The Maximos vs. Jorge Estrada/Jimmy Yang
Tenay calls this a qualifying bout for a tag team championship match next week. The Elvises dominate early against the smaller Jose, even though Yang whiffs on two dropkicks back-to-back. Things even up when Joel gets in there, hitting a nice overhead throw. Mortimer Plumtree sure is earning his paycheck tonight as he is watching from the stage again. Nice spot as the Maximos sandwich Yang with dropkicks. They follow up with a combination basement dropkick/sitout powerbomb for two. Come to think of it, this match is basically a less fluid, clunkier version of the Machine Guns vs. GenMe. As Estrada waits for the hot tag, Sonny Siaki appears on the entrance stage with a smile on his face. Yang and Joel eventually make the hot tags to their partners and Estrada unloads on Jose. We get a nearfall off an Estrada springboard moonsault. He tries to follow up with a big top rope legdrop, but Jose moves out of the way. Things breakdown as Yang assists Estrada on a sunset flip with a springboard dive onto Jose. Jose answers with a nice bridging German suplex on Estrada as Yang and Joel battle on the outside. Meanwhile, Siaki hops onto the apron and asks for a tag. Naturally, Estrada falls for it, only to have Siaki hop off. The Maximos take advantage of the distraction and hit the Maximo Explosion (a DDT off the shoulders of the partner) for the win.
Winner: The Maximos in 9:00
Rating: ** (You can find much better versions of this type of match elsewhere. This just had missed spots all over the place, and many of the ones that landed were sloppy. Yang, in particular, looked lethargic, and Estrada looked like a complete idiot for trusting Siaki. Just end that damn feud already!)

In the back, Goldilocks catches up with Sonny Siaki. Before he can say anything, Jerry Lynn attacks him from behind. AJ Styles steps in and holds Lynn in place as Siaki beats on him. They stuff him in a production case to end the segment.

Match Four: Sonny Siaki vs. David Young
I saw a guy who looked identical to Young the other day. Hell, it might have been him, but I didn’t tell anyone because…well because no one would care. He gets off to a hot start here but not even the wrestling fans at the Asylum care. Sensing this, Young busts out a springboard moonsault to the outside. Someone needs to tell him that after three X-Division type matches before this, no one’s gonna pop for that. Siaki takes control after a Goldust-like drop down uppercut. Siaki looks to finish it with a Money Clip, but Young counters into his signature Spinebuster. Instead of going for the pin, he goes to the top for a moonsault and misses. Siaki hits the Money Clip and it’s over.
Winner: Sonny Siaki in 6:00
Rating: *1/2 (Young is an underrated guy, but he picked the wrong promotion to try and stand out in with high risk offense. When the three matches before you had dives and flips, your dives and flips aren’t going to look as impressive. )

We get a video package on the NWA Tag Team Championship Tables match from last week. It has some ridiculous ominous music behind it to make it seem like some epic marathon of a match. Nice try.

In the back, Goldilocks is with Ron Harris and an unnamed guy with a boomerang and mustache. Harris has a bounty on Chris Harris and James Storm- tonight, he collects it with Mr. Boomerang. Harris doesn’t want his brother Don to forget about their pact from last week. In a hilarious bit, he tells the camera man to stop moving the camera so much, he’s “tired of that MTV shit!”

Match Five: NWA Tag Team Championship- Chris Harris/James Storm© vs. Ron Harris/Ashley Hudson
Okay, so his name wasn’t Mr. Boomerang. Hudson comes out with an Australian flag prompting a good old fashion “U S A” chant. Harris and Storm have no trouble dominating Hudson in the early going. That continues with Ron, as they take him out with a missile dropkick and high crossbody. Things turn around when Hudson interrupts a pin and Ron sneaks in a big clothesline. Ron shows some good energy with a series of back-to-back clotheslines between opposite corners on Storm. Hudson messes things up for his team by missing a mid-rope kneedrop, allowing Storm to make the tag to Harris. Harris takes out both singlehandedly, getting a nearfall off a Catatonic on Hudson. Ron accidently big boots Hudson and Harris takes advantage with a cover for the win.
Winner: Chris Harris/James Storm in 7:00 to retain the NWA Tag Team Championship
Rating: * (Harris and Storm remain undefeated. Formula stuff that wasn’t all to exciting, but you could tell Harris and Storm were perfecting it.)

Post-match, Ron Harris attacks Ashley Hudson, Chris Harris and James Storm with a chair. Security comes out and Don Harris lays out his brother with a right hand.

In the back, Jerry Lynn is still shaken up from the attack.

Match Six: X-Division Championship: Ladder Match- Jerry Lynn© vs. AJ Styles
Styles goes straight for the injured neck at the bell, snapping it off the top rope. He introduces a ladder in the opening minute, sandwiching Lynn with a springboard splash. With the ladder halfway in and halfway out of the ring, Lynn dropkicks his half into Styles on the outside. I’m not sure it hit, but a nice idea. Lynn tries to take advantage by climbing for the belt right away, but Styles regroups and stops it. Styles goes for a tornado DDT off the ladder set up in the corner, but Lynn blocks it and tries for a suplex. Styles blocks that and climbs, only to be sunset flip powerbombed off. Styles regains control with strikes and…you’ve got to be kidding me. Mortimer Plumtree is back! Way to drive home a point. Cool spot as Styles hits a fireman’s carry takeover onto the ladder resting on the middle rope. He follows up with a springboard moonsault onto Lynn on the ladder. That gets a “Holy shit” chant. Styles climbs and is knocked off by Lynn as Sonny Siaki makes an appearance on the ramp. Lynn continues by running the ladder into Styles in the corner and climbing. Styles heads to the top and jumps off with a kick, sending Lynn to the mat. Instead of climbing, Styles takes the ladder and bridges it between the apron and the barricade. It doesn’t quite work out for Styles as he ends up being suplexed onto it by Lynn. Back inside, Lynn tries to climb but Styles pushes the ladder over, and we have a ref bump. Styles grabs a ladder and tries to kick it into Lynn’s face. In one fluid motion, Lynn ducks, drops the chair and legdrops Styles face into it. Nice! Styles is busted open and Lynn attacks it with fists. Lynn climbs and reaches for the belt, but Styles tries to powerbomb him off. Lynn turns it into a rana off the ladder and both men are down. Lynn climbs again but Styles gives him a backdrop suplex off. Both men stagger up the ladder and trade blows up top. Lynn capitalizes with a suplex off the top and begins to climb again. At the same time, Styles climbs the turnbuckle. They both jump off and collide in mid-air, Mission Impossible II style. Siaki distracts Lynn, and Lynn jumps off the top onto him. Styles follows with a springboard somersault onto Lynn on the outside. Back inside, Styles climbs the ladder and retrieves the belt to end it.
Winner: AJ Styles in 17:00 to win the X-Division Championship

Post-match, Jerry Lynn attacks Sonny Siaki on the entrance stage. AJ Styles makes the save and double teams with Siaki on Lynn. They take it back to the ring where the rest of the X-Division slides in to help Lynn…
Bob Armstrong comes out and takes possession of the X-Division Championship. This isn’t going to work this way. Armstrong demands a rematch for next week- another ladder match. Styles will walk into that one as a challenger though, as Armstrong gives the championship back to Lynn.

Winner: Jerry Lynn (??) in 17:00 to retain the X-Division Championship
Rating: ***3/4 (Damn good match with a stupid ass ending. They give Lynn the belt back because Siaki interfered…in a Ladder match? Sure, they would eventually top themselves by ending a cage match with a disqualification, but TNA started out real early with these bad habits. The match itself is a forgotten gem though.)

Back to ringside as Don West has some hard selling to get off his chest. Next week:
– Jerry Lynn vs. AJ Styles in ANOTHER Ladder Match for the X-Division championship
– Chris Rock will be in the house filming a movie
– Low-Ki vs. Tony Mamaluke vs. Kid Kash vs. Ace Steel
– NWA Tag Team Championship: Chris Harris/James Storm vs. The Maximos

Before our main event, BG James has something to say. In honor of Scott Hall, “Hey yo.” Pay backs are a bitch, and tonight, Jeff Jarrett is James’ bitch. Syxx warns Lawler that if he keeps treating April like a bitch, he’ll keep banging her behind his back.

Match Seven: Brian Lawler/Jeff Jarrett vs. BG James/Syxx Pac
Bell rings as Lawler runs after Syxx on the ramp. He eats a James forearm instead as Syxx goes after Jarrett. James and Lawler quickly make their way into the crowd as Syxx and Jarrett brawl at ringside. Jarrett and Syxx make it back to the ring where Jarrett takes control with a dropkick. James and Syxx get a few shots in, but Lawler and Jarrett eventually settle in a beatdown of James. I must say, Lawler looks very happy for someone who just found out his girlfriend has been cheating on him. He connects with a bulldog but James avoids the second and makes the tag to Syxx. Syxx unloads on both Jarrett and Lawler, hitting the Bronco Buster on Jarrett and an awkward looking X-Factor on Lawler. He makes the cover on Lawler, but the ref is distracted on the outside. Meanwhile, Elix Skipper runs in and hits Syxx with his own X-Factor and places Lawler over him. The ref comes back just in time but Syxx kicks out. James takes out Skipper as Jarrett locks in a sleeper on Syxx. Syxx eventually fights it off but ends up being crotched on the top rope. Syxx comes back with a double clothesline on Jarrett and Lawler and makes the tag to James who takes them both out with rights. Finish comes after a James pumphandle slam on Lawler.
Winner: Syxx Pac/BG James in 10:00
Rating: *3/4 (Below average tag team match with way too many things going on at once. Have I mentioned how overdone the crowd brawling in TNA has already become? )

Post-match, Jeff Jarrett, Brian Lawler and Elix Skipper attack BG James and Syxx Pac. Amazing Red runs in and gets clotheslined by Skipper. The Maximos run in and hit the Spanish Fly on Skipper. James is about to hit a pumphandle slam on Skipper but Jarrett whacks him with a chair over the head. Ron Killings joins Jarrett, Lawler and Skipper and this is officially a clusterfuck. The heels stand tall to end the show.

The 411: TNA sure loves those massive 57-man brawls huh? It’s amazing how in almost nine years, their approach to booking a wrestling show hasn’t changed. It seems that no amount of negative reviews and bad press will ever change their mentality. This show perfectly sums up TNA’s entire existence- good matches with ridiculous booking. It was the same story then, it’s the same story now and will likely be the same story until it closes. Who approves having a Ladder match end in a disqualification? Who approves three Ladder matches in the span of one month? Who approves crowd brawling at least twice an episode? Who approves the constant interference that ends in gigantic brawls that settle absolutely nothing? As a stand-alone show, this was pretty good, and that’s what I’ll base my score on. However, when you consider this show has been used and re-used for nine years, it’s a little pathetic.
Final Score:  6.9   [ Average ]  legend

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