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The Young Bucks Reflect On How Much They’ve Changed In Latest Being The Elite (Recap)

April 5, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Being the Elite

The latest episode of Being the Elite is online, as the Young Bucks continue to deal with Don Callis trying to bring them back to their old selves. You can see the video below, along with a recap:

* The episode starts with Matt Hardy and his clients as Hardy talks about how when he first formed the Hardy Family Office, he predicted he would destroy the Dark Order. He says that he massacred 5 and Bunny says she took Tay Conti “down the rabbit hole.” The Blade talks about kicking John Silver’s shoulder’s ass, and Hardy goes on from there. He says the Dark Order’s days are numbered, as they committed blasphemy by helping Hangman Page. He says the HFO will be the E-N-D for the Dark Order.


* Meanwhile, the Dark Order is together and they talk about how they got attacked by the HFO. Hangman is listening in as they talk about the HFO’s actions against him. Alex Reynolds says he heard from John, and his shoulder is okay. He also says that John is pregnant. 5 comes in and celebrating because he can get his d**k reattached as long as he keeps it on ice. No one is very enthused about that. Stu then notices that Tay is hanging out with them and the group says she’s always been there. Angered by their insinuation that he’s always been there, he throws 5’s member at Evil Uno. 10 then stomps on it and 5 is traumatized, doing an extended Darth Vader yell.

* Karl Anderson then warns the camera that they’ll be talking about genitalia for a few minutes before Kenny Omega comes in to celebrate their win. They go to chill with Doc Gallows, who tries to play cool but has actually gone blind. Anderson notes that Gallows was gone for an hour after they won and accuses Gallows of masturbating until he went blind. Anderson is pissed and walks off, sayIng they’re going to start losing again and Gallows tries to get them to go party as he stumbles blindly around and falls over.

* We see behind-the-scenes clips and footage from and last week’s Arcade Anarchy match in which the Best Friends beat Kip Sabian and Miro thanks to help from the returning Kris Statlander & Trent.
* We then see Don Callis slapping Matt Jackson to get a reaction from him and Matt grabbing Callis but then not doing anything. Callis says Matt is pathetic and questions if there’s anything inside him at all before walking off. Backstage, Matt’s jaw is hurting and he tells Nick they need to walk and talk. We then cut to the Bucks coming out to back up Jon Moxley against Omega and the Good Brothers.

* We then see Matt and Nick prepping in front of mirrors separately and see clips of the two from previous years talking about their ROH Tag Team Title wins and more. They both turn and walk away from the mirror as the video fades to black.

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