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The Young Bucks Say Wrestling Fans Know They Need An Alternative

September 21, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Young Bucks AEW Double or Nothing Jackson

TalkSport has released their full interview with the Young Bucks, which expands on statements reported on yesterday. In it, they talk about being an alternative to WWE, Vince McMahon counter-programming NXT against them and more. Here are highlights:

On Vince McMahon and WWE moving NXT head-to-head against AEW: Nick: “Ah man [laughs]. We all knew in AEW, we all knew they [WWE] were going to make that exact move, it was just a matter of what channel they were going to choose. So we were prepared for them to do this because it’s Vince McMahon. He’s done this for years and years! He’s tried to kill territories his whole career so what he’s trying to do is kill us from the start. But, you know what? I feel like it’s not going to happen this time around because wrestling fans need this and wrestling fans know that they need this. If it’s 20 years since we had a real, true alternative, I feel fans finally understand that and they know that and feel the momentum. I feel like we’re ready for it.”

Matt: “I really think it will bring more attention to us and it’s going to make their product better, our product better because they’re competing head-to-head with us and they have to put on a better show.”

On if they watched Wednesday’s episode of NXT: Nick: “I watched some of it. Matt and I, we have a lot of friends there. Candice LeRae, we have a history with so I was happy for her. She was in the first match in the four-way and she did great, so I was happy for her. It was a fun show, but in 10 weeks from now, those fans might get tired. It happened with IMPACT. It took a while, but some of those shows at the Universal studios…[laughs] – those crowds were dead. It’s definitely possible that this happens to this NXT audience because it’s the same formula.”

On names like CM Punk or unhappy WWE superstars being connected to rumors of going to AEW: Nick: “Yeah, that’s definitely true [everyone gets linked]. It’s hard to say because like you said, everyone is linked [to us]. If there is anyone that’s unhappy anywhere else it’s like ‘oh, well they’re going to AEW’ [laughs]. The reality is we already have a full roster, completely. And we’re only going to have one show a week. The roster we have now is what we want and what we wanted. For us to utilise each talent as much as we can, I feel like we have enough people. Never say never though for someone who is a huge superstar. I guess you can make room for a big, big name. For now though, I feel like we have a complete roster.”

Matt: “Whenever you hear or see things on Twitter it’s like man, I used to read everything and it got to a point somewhere along the line just recently, within the year probably, where I was like ‘You know what, it’s impossible to navigate all of this and take it all in’. You can’t defend yourself because there is just going to be five more stories that pop up about you. If I tried to clear up every single headline I would just be on my phone all day long fighting a fight that is unwinnable.”

On their experience as producers and bookers: Nick: “I feel like Matt and I have been preparing ourselves for what we’re doing now for the past three years with producing and directing Being The Elite our YouTube series – and booking it, because it intertwined with Ring of Honor storylines and New Japan storylines. So we actually, for the last three years, we’ve had experience booking things, producing things, directing things, filming things; a lot of stuff we didn’t know about we were doing it and preparing ourselves for what we have now. So the transition was a little easier for Matt and I because of that. But still, it’s a completely new territory doing these massive live events. The challenge has been fun, it’s probably been the most rewarding of my whole career.”

Matt: “It’s fun, and kind of weird, when a guy like Keith Mitchell [former WCCW, WCW, TNA producer], who has probably directed and produced… what is he, only under Vince McMahon as the most wrestling shows ever in his career?”

Nick: “Probably second, or third behind Kevin Dunn.”

Matt: “Right, Kevin Dunn. For Keith Mithcell to come up to us and say ‘how do we want to go about this and how do we want to do that’ – I almost feel like the young guy who is behind the desk and all these older people are working for me and I’m like ‘Wow, this just doesn’t feel right!’ And at first it didn’t. But now, now that we’ve done it a few times, I feel like ‘Wow, I am pretty good at this. I’m made for this.’ Like Nick said, we’ve been doing this so long. We basically booked PWG for years with Super Dragon so the Mount Rushmore stuff was us, the Candice LeRae and Joe Ryan story, that was us. We knew how to write long story arcs. Then we did the Adam Cole joining Bullet Club story and the Marty Scurll joining Bullet Club story. We directed and produced and we literally got in the ring and mapped out the scene for the cameramen.

So we were slowly learning how to do these things without realizing that it was actually going to benefit us one day and here we are. As far as writing and creating stories, I love it, man. It’s a blast. I think all the daily struggles, the e-mails and the conference calls – that’s the tough part for me. It’s the adjustment like ‘man, I used to have a lot more free time and now this job is literally a 24/7 job’.”

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