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This Week’s Being the Elite Goes Behind the Scenes of Brodie Lee Tribute Episode

January 4, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Being the Elite Eddie Kingston

This week’s Being the Elite is online, going behind the scenes of last week’s Brodie Lee tribute episode of AEW Dynamite. You can see the full video and a recap below:

* The episode picks up with Matt Jackson talking about heading out for the Brodie Lee tribute show, which he calls the hardest show he’s ever had to be part of. He says wrestling is the farthest thing from his mind but he does want to honor Brodie and doesn’t know any other way to do it. He says it’s not just another wrestling loop and he’ll remember it forever.

* We then get a montage of the crew at Daily’s Place preparing for the show and talent and crew backstage showing each other support. Miro is seen at one point letting Brodie Lee Jr. give him a shot with a kendo stick across the back.

* We then go to the stage where the talent gathered at the start of the show, along with some footage from the event itself.

* Eddie Kingston is backstage and gives the locker room a speech, saying:

“We did that tonight, we made that man proud. So this doesn’t end tonight. This does not end tonight. As long as this company’s around, or if I’m around and all the rest of you will be here, we’re going to do that every time. And we’re going to make him proud, and we’re going to make proud of everyone we’ve ever f**king lost. Because that’s our art; that’s what we do. Don’t forget tonight, use this. Take this energy. Yeah, it’s negative now. But make it positive. And tell everyone you love them. Don’t be like our fathers. It took my old man 55 f**king years to say he loves me. I love each and every one of you. You understand that? Because you put your bodies on the line. I love all of you.

“Listen, we’re going to get past this together. We’re gonna be stronger than anything. Tonight showed it, how strong we are. We fought through tears and we fought through everything. We put on probably the greatest tribute show I’ve ever seen in my life. And we’re gonna carry it. Let’s carry it, and let’s do it.”

* We get the ending of the show where Tony Khan presents Brodie Jr. with the TNT Championship for life and his boots are left in the ring, then cut to the Dark Order backstage. Hangman comes up and asks if he can join them, and then we go to the title sequence.

* Private Party are backstage talking as Allie approaches looking for Brandon Cutler, but they haven’t seen him so she walks off. Matt Hardy then walks in and berates them for their loss last week, but says they’re focusing on the positive in their win a couple of weeks ago. He asks what their grandmother thought of the win and says that when he started, the man who mentored him and Jeff took 60% of their booking price. He’d never do it to them, but they do owe him something. He proposes a 30% cut and the two quietly discuss it, then suggest 15%. He says he can probably do that and talks about making them kings, but they aren’t happy about having to pay. Matt says it’s show business and not friends business, and tells them to think about it.

* Trent is winning a chess game when Luchasaurus comes in wearing an outfit to make him look like Beth Harmon from The Queen’s Gambit. Lucha beats Trent and leaves.

* Ivelisse, Diamante and Santana see Alex Abrahantes playing a mini-synthesizer parodying “Piano Man” into a Dark Order pitch song. They confront him and he tries to say he was singing “Law & Order,” not Dark Order, and manages to get away by saying “Is that Ricky Martin?”

* Kip Sabian approaches Leva Bates and asks again if she let him win, and she says that she didn’t let him win. He frantically asks them to tell everyone that she didn’t let him win, and says she’s walking away before she punches him in the face.

* Vickie Guerrero is backstage angry that she’s having to wait so long to get her hair and makeup done and throws a fit, getting her head caught in her bib. Brian Pillman Jr. comes in and assumes she’s a nun because she’s wearing the bib like a habit, and quickly exits which makes Vickie pissed. She then gets an idea for a costume, and she and Nyla do a slow walk as evil nuns To Be Continues.

* John SIlver defended the BTE title against Marko Stunt in a contest to spin kick a cap off a water bottle. Silver wins, but Guevara says that this was a screwjob.

* AEW music director Mikey Ruckus thanks the Bucks for letting him debut his music video “Ghosttown” on the show. Matt Hardy stars in the video, and Matt gets an intro where he talks bout how iconic he is and how he found Mikey Ruckus and put his own touch on it. He says the video was edited, shot, produced, and directed by Rebecca.

* We then get the video for “Ghosttown,” which is a metal track and closes out this week’s BTE.

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