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Thunder Rosa On Working With Rey Mysterio In Lucha Underground, Becky Lynch’s Rise To Stardom With WWE

September 19, 2020 | Posted by Blake Lovell
WWE Becky Lynch WrestleMania 35

In an interview with Sportskeeda, Thunder Rosa discussed working with Rey Mysterio in Lucha Underground, Becky Lynch’s rise in WWE, and much more. You can read her comments below.

Thunder Rosa on working with Rey Mysterio in Lucha Underground: “It was just an honor to share a locker room with Rey Mysterio. I remember the first time I met him I didn’t know who he was because he didn’t have his mask on. He was like ‘Hi, my name is Oscar.’ And I was like ‘Hi, I’m Melissa, nice to meet you.’ And then kept asking around and it was like ‘Oh, that was Rey Mysterio.’ But really accessible with all of us and he was always like if you had a question or needed feedback, he would be open to do it. Tremendous matches with a lot of the talent there and for me, just to be able to be on the apron and watch him put matches together with Ricochet and Pentagon – it was a dream come true.”

On Becky Lynch’s rise as a superstar in WWE: “She’s been on the grind for years and years. How her character was portrayed – it was perfect for her. Because at one point it was cartoonish, but like the one she was doing after she broke her nose was more real. It’s always like that sense of reality – once you see blood and stuff like that – it makes you look tougher. That took her to the next level after that incident. Being a woman in the business is really hard because she got pregnant and she was on top of her career. And that’s what happens sometimes – we have to sacrifice with motherhood or being a wife or being a woman just in general. I’m really happy for her that she’s having her kid and she wants to experience what motherhood is.”

If using any of the above quotes, please credit Sportskeeda with an h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.