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Thunder Rosa Says She’s Been Contacted By WWE But Not AEW

September 18, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Thunder Rosa

In an interview with Fightful, Thunder Rosa revealed that she’s been contacted about working for WWE but hasn’t been approached by AEW. Here are highlights:

On why she chose to work with WOW: “Well, really, because it’s something completely different than what is on TV, right now. You don’t have women’s wrestling shows, like, all women’s wrestling shows, playing on TV. I feel like that WOW has a great, gives a great platform, a great opportunity for us as performers and wrestlers to show the world that, you know, we’re just as great of athletes as anybody else in this business.”

On WWE and AEW: “I was [contacted by WWE], but not on what I was expecting. AEW, I have not been contacted by them. I have been contacted by other companies. Right now, I’m staying as independent as possible. I’m honestly really happy right now, with what I’m doing.”

On creating Serpentine for WOW season two: “David McLane decided it would be best to create a character that belongs to Women of Wrestling. I feel more comfortable in my new character than when I was Kobra Moon. WOW allows me, as a performer, to really develop a character.”

On if she has plans to be in a tag team in WOW: “It’s been singles, mostly. I can’t really talk about the future, because I don’t really know. They allow me to do a lot of things, which is really awesome, because I was not able to do a lot of that previously, in Lucha Underground.”

On Mexican women in wrestling: “We have a disadvantage in the business, and yeah, people will take advantage of you. They don’t either give you opportunities you think you deserve, or they don’t give you a push. It’s important that as we of people of color, and I’m a citizen, and I’m really proud of being a citizen, that we’re treated with respect, and we’re treated right.”

On the women of WOW: “There’s no stopping us. What we stand for is that, we’re superheroes. Women on this roster are superheroes in many different aspects.”

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