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Tiffany Stratton On How She Has Adjusted To Her Success So Far

May 24, 2024 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Tiffany Stratton WWE Elimination Chamber Image Credit: WWE

In an interview with Fightful, Tiffany Stratton spoke about how quickly she has achieved success in WWE and how she has adjusted to changes. Stratton is now on the Smackdown roster and has already wrestled on a PPV title match. Here are highlights:

On how quickly her career has advanced: “Honestly I think it was the perfect timing, to be honest. But I did feel like everything happened so fast for me. I feel like, at times, it was a little too fast. But I adjusted well. So I’m really just thankful to be here and to be called up and be here at Mania.”

On the easiest thing to learn: “I would say taking the bumps. I just understood how to take a flat back or take a flip bump. Obviously that’s just because of my gymnastics background. The physical part really came natural for me.”

On the most difficult thing to learn: “I really didn’t understand in-ring psychology. Now I’m starting to understand it and storytelling is the major part of wrestling. That’s my biggest weakness, I would say, is storytelling and in-ring psychology.”

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