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Tiffany Stratton Says She Proved Herself By Facing Becky Lynch

September 22, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
WWE NXT - Tiffany Stratton vs Becky Lynch Image Credit: WWE

In a recent interview with The Masked Man Show, Tiffany Stratton shared her thoughts on her recent work with Becky Lynch and what it means for her as a growing talent (via Fightful). Stratton also provided some insight on the fight with Lynch where she lost the NXT Women’s Title to the veteran. You can find a few highlights from Stratton and listen to the complete podcast below.

On her perspective after having a bout with Becky Lynch: “It’s been a crazy two weeks. I had the match with Becky on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday, I was on the live events, and back to work on Tuesday for TV. I definitely feel like I’ve learned so much within the past two or three weeks. I feel I’ve grown as a wrestler, as a performer, at a very fast pace. Not just throughout the two years, but within the last months. I thank Becky for that. Just having that match with Becky, I feel like I proved to everybody and to myself that I can hang with one of the greatest of all time.”

On her personal experience from the match: “The ratings things very much caught me off guard. In the match, I definitely feel like the crowd was so electric. They were there for everything. I really never experienced that in NXT. I’ve experienced that on the PLEs, but for it to be a Tuesday night and to have the crowd be that electric was so amazing. There was a moment in the match where we were both lying on the ground and they were chanting ‘NXT, NXT’ and I thought it was amazing. I got goosebumps. That part in the match was the most surprising part for me.”